Are Aliens Fallen Angels?


Are Aliens Fallen Angels?

When browsing across a rather impressive conspiracy forum board I passed over the question ‘are aliens fallen angels’ several times.

It’s a subject I have heard talked about before but it seems to be drawing more and more interest as the years move on. Why are so many people talking about this subject and why do so many believe in it…


We have now got to the point in our development where it would be ridiculous to dismiss the idea of alien lifeforms existing.

There are thousands of hours worth of UFO video coverage online – granted not all of it is legit but a large majority has yet to be proven fake.

There are reports of symetrical metal being found underneath people’s skin with no scars or evidence of it ever being put there.

How many instances of UFO alien abduction have you come across in a simple Google search? Hundreds of thousands at a guess! If just one percentage of these reports are true then we are onto something – do you really think that every one of them is a liar?

What God Created

Most Christians believe/know that god only created life on earth – he did not venture over to other planets.

If this really is the case then how do you explain UFO encounters and alien activity?

Alien Life Form

People are starting to believe that the bible has answers on the subject of aliens and it could be trying to educate us on what these beings actually are!

When we look at the term alien we are looking at a word that means ‘not of this planet’. Well god is not of this planet so what does that make him/her? Alien?

God only created two races – humans and angels. Therefore if god is indeed alien then so are the angels he created.

During the war of the angels Lucifer attempted to gain the same amount of power as god and he had about a third of the angels behind him. When he failed at this he was cast out of heaven and his followers went with him.

Many of us would believe that Lucifer was cast out to hell but this is not exactly true. The bible informs us that he and his follower angels were cast out to the Third Heaven.

And where do you suppose this Third Heaven is? It’s simply the universe that surrounds our home planet Earth!


The book of Revelation gives us a few hints on how the Antichrist will attempt to conquer the Earth. He will try to convince people of his power by calling upon a fire from the sky.

This fire from the sky is thought to in the form of his army of angels ( aliens ) that will arrive to aid his conquest.

It would be easy for a dictator of any nationality to gain control of our planet once the human race has witnessed them command an alien army. It wouldn’t matter if you believed in the dictator’s vision or not – you would still bow down and follow this extraordinary power!


…are aliens fallen angels?

Well the evidence is all around us but more importantly it’s been there for thousands of years.

What we’ve covered here today is just the tip of the iceberg – more time spent on research will uncover a lot more truths ( try it and see! ).

I will finish this article today with this interesting point…

The frenzy surrounding UFO’s and alien abductions did not gather pace until the latter part of the 1940’s. Do you remember when Israel became a nation? That’s right – the end of the 1940’s.

Israel becoming a nation is the single most significant prophecy that has been fulfilled. For century after century there was no Israel until the late 40’s – fact!

Please leave your opinions on this subject in the comment section below. Thank you for stopping by and reading!

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