Gloria Ramirez the Toxic Lady

Gloria Ramirez the Toxic Lady

In this article we will be taking a closer look at the extremely strange case of Gloria Ramirez the toxic lady. Her death is a mystery, with many theories surrounding it, but why did the attending hospital staff get so ill when close to her?

Let’s take a closer look…

The Gloria Ramirez Mystery

Gloria Ramirez was rushed into the General Hospital in Riverside, California, on the evening of the 19th of February, 1994. She was diagnosed with having late stage cervical cancer which had brought on a case of Bradycardia.

She immediately went under treatment that would stabilize her heart, but none of it seemed to work.

Her main attending nurse was called Susan Kane, who noted that there was a strange smell of ammonia coming from Gloria’s arm every time she drew blood. As she handed the blood tests over to her colleague, Dr. Julia Gorchynski, she collapsed in a heap.

Gorchynski then took over duties with Gloria as Susan was carried out of the hospital room.

Gorchynski decided to examine the blood at Gloria’s bedside, and was shocked to find that it had strange particles floating around in it. Without warning, she also started to feel a little shaky, and fainted moments later.

The Gloria Ramirez Mystery

The on-call respiration therapist, Maureen Welch, took over Gorchynski’s duties and also ended up passing out – with her limbs thrashing about in all directions!

The remaining staff did not want to get too close to Gloria, but they later reported that there was a strange oily, wet, sheen covering her body, and her mouth seemed to produce a garlic-like smell.

Gloria died about thirty minutes later – the official cause of her death was listed as kidney failure related to cancer.

The Gloria Ramirez Toxic Blood

Ever since her death, there have been numerous conspiracy theories floating about regarding what actually happened to her…and why she was so toxic to the hospital workers.

The authorities seemed to blame the whole incident on a build up of DMSO (Dimethyl Sulfoxide) – something Gloria was given to take to handle the pain the cancer was causing.

They believed that a urinary blockage Gloria suffered with, caused the DMSO to build up and turn into the solvent into DMSO2 (Dimethyl Sulfone). This DMSO2 could have possibly turned toxic when the hospital staff started working on her.

But not everyone goes along with this explanation…

Conspiracy theorists point to the fact that this theory had about a one in a million chance of happening – therefore it didn’t!

The Gloria Ramirez Toxic Blood

Dr Gorchynski, Susan Krane, and many other hospital workers who had come in contact with Gloria, all suffered from respiratory problems for at least a fortnight after the incident.

A large majority of ‘believers’ think that Gloria’s symptoms were synonymous with UFO abductees who have been meddled with by extraterrestrials – could this be the reason behind her rapid demise and the toxic effect she gave off?

Gloria Ramirez was just 31 when she died – she was buried in an unmarked grave at Olivewood Memorial Park.

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