Hell Hound Dogs – The Portent of Death

Hell Hound Dogs

The legend of the hell hound dogs stems from the British Isles folklore. Centuries ago the British used to refer to these demonic creatures as the Black Dogs of Hell.

These phantom dogs are thought to be a portent of death which appear at crossroads, in strong storms, places of execution and deserted country paths.

The animal is said to be a lot larger than normal domestic dogs and has bright red glowing eyes…

The Black Dogs of Hell

Most of the hell hound dogs that have been encountered over the years are reported to have been malevolent. There are however two black dogs located in Somerset and Connecticut that are said to be completely benevolent.

Nearly every county in England has a report of Black Dogs linked to it along with Scotland, Wales, Ireland and the Channel Isles. There are also scattered reports of them in Western Europe countries and South America.

Folklore And The Hell Hound Dogs

Folklore And The Hell Hound DogsThe Black Dogs of Scotland are often thought to be guardians of something priceless. One such dog is the guardian of the standing stone near Murthley in Perthshire.

Legend has it that deep below this standing stone lies ancient Celtic treasures hidden from man many centuries ago.

The Scots also believe that Black Dogs guard the farmer’s fields at night. They can be found near gates or stiles quietly protecting the field behind them. If anyone dares to take on one of these dogs and raise their voice it means certain death will follow…

The Names of The Hell Hounds

The image below lists the names of the various hell hound dogs the world over:

Names of Black Dogs

Famous Sightings

On 14th February, 1945, George Walton’s death was blamed on a Black Dog that had been following him for weeks before. George had complained to many friends of a strange black hound haunting him around every corner.

Black Dog Ghost
Black Dog Ghost

On one of these occasions Walton tried convincing people that the dog had actually managed to morph into a headless black woman. Strangely enough Walton’s sister passed away just weeks after his passing.

The castle that stands in Warwick is said to be haunted by a large black dog. Legend has it that an old woman that worked at the castle named Moll Bloxham liked to make a bit of money on the side.

She used to steal from the castle’s stores and sell on butter and milk to the locals of Warwick. It wasn’t long until the Earl of Warwick discovered what she was doing and banned her from the kitchen areas.

Moll was absolutely furious and vowed to put some sort of curse on the castle and all those within it. She died not long after and apparently returned as the Black Dog to terrorize the castle’s residents.

Priests were called into the castle to perform various exorcisms on the demon but it turned out to be a lot harder than they judged. Finally, after months and months they succeeded as a huge black dog was spotted leaping from Caesar’s Tower into the river below.

Newgate Prison has it’s very own Black Dog that is thought to be the spirit of a scholar imprisoned there in 1596. This scholar was sent down for demonic witchcraft but he met a very grisly end.

As he was waiting in the prison to stand trial the other starving inmates ripped him to shreds and ate him alive. For centuries after the Black Dog of this scholar was said to appear before every execution carried out at the prison.

Hell Hound Dogs

History tells us that there is very little you can do if you cross the path of a Black Dog – you’re pretty much dead! 

There are some vague Christian theories on ways of warding off the creature like wearing a cross or keeping a picture of a saint on you. Other superstitions include having a coffin nail in one of your pockets, carrying something made out of iron and sprinkling fresh water over your footprints as you walk.

Of course it’s always a good idea to stay away from crossroads and dark fields at night…

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  1. I live in the United States and in the past 10 years there are increasing reports of devil dogs or hellhounds in different parts of the Southwest. The descriptions say they have piercing red eyed, are very large and extremely fast.

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