The Devils Marbles

The Devils Marbles

This article will be covering the strange Australian rock structure known as ‘The Devils Marbles’, and the paranormal and ufology reports that are continually linked to it…

UFO Activity & The Wailing

I recently came across an interesting article written by an anonymous hiker/camper on his experiences at The Devils Marbles.

It was actually this report, that inspired me to cover the subject here on the site!

He claimed that over the years he has camped at the strange location on several occasions, and more often than not, has experienced what can only be described as UFO activity.

That was interesting enough to me – but he also came out with another claim…

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He described hearing an eerie high pitched wailing disturbing either his night sky watching or his sleep.

This twisted wailing sound seemed to be emanating from the South East area of the stone structure, and he labeled it as being ‘organic’ in nature.

The writer of the article was not native to the land, but he was 100% convinced that this sound was not made by an animal, and that it was paranormal.

The Scottish Explorer

The strange stone structure was first ‘discovered’ by a Scottish explorer named John McDouall Stuart in 1860.

Not long after it’s discovery by the white man, a overland telegraph line was routed right past The Devils Marbles location. Unfortunately, the foreman of the project was slaughtered by the local indigenous population.

Typical violence followed – parties of white men visited the area and murdered as many Aboriginal tribe members as they could, in revenge for the killing.

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A couple of years after this violent episode, the first great overland livestock drive passed through the area, led by Ralph and John Milner.

They decided to stop at the stone structure so that their livestock could drink, feed and gather up some new energy.

Within about an hour, the Milners were horrified to see that over half their cattle lay motionless on the ground surrounding the great boulders.

They had apparently fed on the plants surrounding the Marbles, and these plants turned out to be highly poisonous.

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In 1848 tragedy struck the location once again, when a young constable named Maxwell Gilbert was returning to Tennant Creek from the town of Wauchope.

He had a ‘Black Tracker’ in the car with him on his journey, and at about 2 pm, the car suddenly got thrown up in the air for no apparent reason.

Gilbert was killed instantly, but the tracker was thrown clear of any danger when the car crashed back down to earth.

Karlu Karlu

Local tribes in the area (the Alyawarre, Kayteye, Warumunga and Warlpiri people) worship the Marbles and refer to them as the Karlu Karlu.

They are apparently heavily linked to their sacred ‘dreaming stories’ but they keep these tales close to their chest (they are not shared with outsiders).

These tribal people frequently warn visitors not to remove anything from the site – so that they don’t disturb the spirits that rest there.

More Wailing

In 2013, another anonymous visitor to the site (who happened to be a photographer) experienced the paranormal wailing.

He had been visiting the Marbles for about three years, taking photographs of them so that he could record the change in their appearance over time.

devils marbles history

One night, his sleep was disturbed by a terrible wailing noise, that seemed to be coming from all directions around his tent.

He got out with his camera and noticed a black figure – darting in and out of the Marbles at an inhuman speed. Whenever this entity stopped – it would start wailing immediately.

Just as the photographer raised his camera to take a picture, the entity stopped right next to him…and started murmuring.

Enough was enough – the photographer left without snapping a picture…and who could blame him!

If you have any thoughts or opinions on the subject we have covered here, please leave them in the comment section below.

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