The Harold Holt Conspiracy

The Harold Holt Conspiracy

This article will be taking a look at Australia’s Harold Holt conspiracy – what was behind the disappearance of Australia’s 17th Prime Minister in December, 1967, and why was his body never found?

Let’s take a closer look…

A Short Harold Holt Wiki

Holt was born on the 5th of August 1908 – he was the eldest child in his family (he had two younger brothers). His initial education was spread between three different schools in Sydney and Adelaide (between the years of 1913 to 1919).

He eventually qualified in his studies and moved on to the Wesley College in Melbourne, in 1921.

In 1924 his beloved mother died suddenly and this apparently had a profound effect on the remainder of his life. Those closest to him insisted that the loss started a sense of loneliness within him that he couldn’t shift.

He signed up for the University of Melbourne in 1927 and took a law degree – he managed to graduate in 1930.

Unfortunately the Great Depression got in the way of his plans to work as a Barrister, and he ended up developing an interest in politics instead.

Harold Holt Wiki

When Robert Menzies established the Liberal Party in 1945, Holt became one of the youngest MP’s in Australia. He went on to hold many titles with them – Minister for Air and Civil Aviation, Labour and National Service and Minister for Immigration, to name but a few.

When Menzies eventually retired, he backed Holt to take over the party, which he did (he was successfully elected as leader).

On Australia Day 1966, he was finally sworn in as Australia’s new Prime Minister.

During his short time in power, he managed to attract a fair amount of controversy. He opted to back the Vietnam War and the US president, Lyndon B. Johnson. His public image was also frowned upon by various supporting members of his own party.

The Harold Holt Disappearance

Holt was well known for being a rather strong swimmer, and on the morning of Sunday the 17th of December, 1967, he arrived at Cheviot Beach. He was joined by three friends and two bodyguards.

The area of the beach he chose to swim, was slightly infamous for being quite dangerous with strong natural currents.

He entered the water….and minutes later was dragged under an approaching wave…he never surfaced.

A huge search was carried out by the Police, the Army, Navy divers and the Air Force – his body was never found.

The Harold Holt Disappearance

The investigation was, for some reason, cut short, due to authorities claiming it was a waste of time and money. But the Victorian Police ignored this and managed to compile a 108-page report on the mysterious incident.

This report was eventually used in 2005 when a coroner ruled that Holt had drowned in accidental circumstances.

People closest to Holt at the time, suggested that he was in rather poor health – some claim that he had been collapsing due to vitamin deficiencies. A doctor also came forward and pointed out that the PM had a bad shoulder injury, and was on morphine when he entered the water for a swim.

The Harold Holt Conspiracy Theories

It wasn’t long before the conspiracy theories started emerging…

Many people believe that Holt was in love with another woman – his wife even admitted that he had had extra-marital affairs. Did he fake his own disappearance to be with the real love of his life?

A British Journalist named Anthony Grey threw another theory on the table, and published it in a book in 1983. He suggested that Holt was actually a spy for the People’s Republic of China.

He then went on to claim that Holt was probably picked up by a Chinese submarine, beneath the waves that day.

The Harold Holt Conspiracy Theories

Numerous ufologists have also come forward with suggestions that the PM was snatched by an underwater UFO vessel. However, most people believe that Holt was simply attacked by a shark, and eaten.

Speculation eventually surfaced on Holt’s state of mind when he disappeared – was he depressed and did he take his own life?

His son and his biographer claim this was not the case, and Holt was happy enough when he disappeared.

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