The Ropen Sightings

The Ropen Sightings

This article will be taking a look at the Ropen sightings that tribes in New Guinea have reported seeing. Did these Pterosaurs-type creatures manage to avoid extinction?

Let’s take a closer look…

The Lost World

This mysterious volcanic area in New Guinea is often referred to as ‘The Lost World’. Apparently, the island has a long history of unveiling new species of animal.

Expert cryptozoologists believe that this area is home to a dangerous, winged creature, who’s first recorded sighting was made in the 16th century.

More recently, a American fighter pilot named Duane Hodgekinson reported seeing a strange creature in 1944. He was flying over a clearing in the area when he witnessed what he called a ‘pterodactyl’ taking off into flight.

His witness statement was met with ridicule from his superiors…and the public.

The Lost World

But this sighting seemed to trigger many other strange encounters, and since the end of the Second World War, there have been more than a dozen sightings of what local tribes have named ‘The Demon Flyer’ or ‘Ropen’.

It is typically described as having a leather-like skin without any feathers, with a large crested head and over-sized teeth.

Certain reports also point to the fact that it’s wingspan is well over 25 feet and it emits a ghostly bio-luminescent light from it’s body.

The Ropen Sightings

Cryptozoologists firmly believe that if any dinosaurs were to have survived extinction…flying reptiles would be the ones to have done so.

The Pterosaur fossils found over the years point to the fact that this fascinating dinosaur managed to evolve from a small airborne animal, into much larger, fearful animals.

Some experts even believe that the Pterosaur was still evolving when the dinosaurs were thought to have been wiped out!

The Ropen

Cryptozoologists frequently point out that this winged beast managed to survive all three of the major periods of dinosaur reign on the planet…so they could well have survived extinction…hiding out in the remote areas of New Guinea.

However, there is no indication from the fossil record that points to them having any sort of light or energy beaming out of their body.

A famous local report from 1986 suggests that a man was killed by the Ropen near a former military base.

He was snatched off the ground, carried into the air, and then dropped about 40 feet to the ground. The heavily injured man was then picked back up by the creature…and eaten in a nearby tree…in front of his terrified fellow villagers.

Now it’s over to you…

Do you believe that this airborne form of dinosaur somehow managed to avoid extinction, and is hiding out in New Guinea?

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