Who Was Spring Heeled Jack?

Who Was Spring Heeled Jack?

This article will be covering the mysterious and frightening character who used to stalk the streets of London in the 1800’s.

At the time, many Londoners believed that this ‘entity’ had supernatural powers and he quickly became encased in popular myth.

Who was Spring Heeled Jack?

Let’s take a closer look…

The Legend of Spring Heeled Jack

The first report on Spring Heeled Jack, or “The Terror of London”, apparently came about in 1837 by a Londoner on his way to work.

He was running a little late, so he decided to take a short cut through a grassy area – this location was well known for being a hot spot for crime and muggers.

As he passed the nearby churchyard, a tall figure landed on the ground in front of him – this figure was said to have deep glowing red eyes.

The Legend of Spring Heeled Jack

The man made a run for it, and managed to escape, then quickly alerted the authorities to what he had just encountered.

The legend of Spring Heeled Jack was born – his story swept through the local area within a matter of hours.

The Mystery of Spring Heeled Jack

Reports on this strange entity started pouring in – He was seen leaping tall fences and gates, and even buildings.

Most of these reports referred to the entity as a ‘demon-like’ character, but a handful of reports suggested that ‘Jack’ was human-like, speaking impeccable English.

He was said to have deep red eyes, like glowing balls of fire and clawed hands. He always wore a cloak and a strange helmet.

The Mystery of Spring Heeled Jack

He always seemed to ‘attack’ his victims in the same manner – jumping out of dark street corners or down from high building walls.

Certain witnesses also claim that his breath was more like a mix of blue and white flames, pouring out of his mouth.

Death by Terror

Before long, rumors started emerging that claimed people were now actually dying from their encounters with Jack – through sheer terror and fright!

The police turned up the heat on the case and even went as far as offering a handsome reward to anyone who could provide information on his identity.

This reward seemed to bring about some sort of celebrity status for our supernatural Jack – people began buying newspapers just to find out where he had been spotted…there were even plays written about his exploits!

Strangely, as his celebrity status grew…his public appearances became less and less.

Spring Heeled Jack Theories

By 1905 Jack seemed to have completely disappeared, only to reappear again 65 years later, in 1970. Reports started circulating involving a strange man with red eyes – ambushing and punching men, and groping women.

Several witnesses in the 70’s also claimed to have seen him walk down the sides of walls.

The final ‘incident’ came in February 2012, when a family claimed to have nearly hit a tall man who ran in front of their car, late at night. This man ran straight across the road then somehow managed to jump over a 15-foot wall.

The family described him as having an elongated chin and wearing tight, dark clothes.

Spring Heeled Jack Theories

Most skeptics believe that ‘Jack’ was nothing more than a twisted idea based on a man who attacked slave girls, in the 1800’s. They believe that mass hysteria drove his legend forward after these cowardly actions went public.

Then there are those who firmly believe that Jack is a supernatural being – why else would he have glowing red eyes…and how was he able to scale such heights?

Numerous ufologists believe that Jack was an alien who took a liking to women….considering most of his victims were female.

There are also a few conspiracy theories floating about linking this Jack with the infamous Jack in 1888 – The Ripper.

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