14 Degrees – A Paranormal Documentary

It’s not very often that you manage to locate an ‘indie’ documentary on YouTube that lasts over two hours – when I was first advised to check out 14 Degrees I was more than impressed with it’s run time AND the amount of effort that had been put into it.

It’s uploaded to the Paranormal Massachusetts channel and at the time of writing this, has 1,478,440 views.

There’s a MASSIVE video description underneath the documentary on YouTube that explains the project way better than I ever could. So here we go…

“Embark on a journey of discovery and delve into the fascinating, mysterious and, at times, controversial world of paranormal investigation. Based mainly in New England, New Gravity Media touches base with some of the regions most respected paranormal researchers, mediums, scientists, skeptics, and of course… ghosts. NGM brings you an in depth “behind the scenes” look at the subject that has the world afraid to sleep alone.

Created by Michael J. Baker – Anthony Z. Monti & Joanne Harritos”

Yes I know what you’re all thinking – I said MASSIVE!!!!

Well that was just the first part of the documentary bio, the filmmaker then goes on to give a more in-depth and personal account of his project…

“Thank you all for your views and responses (positive and negative) To help understand what you are watching I thought an explanation might be helpful. This was my first attempt ever at making a film of any kind. It was originally intended to be a 15 minute short film, but after getting dozens of requests for me to follow along on investigations I simply kept filming. I was worried that if I didn’t film everyone I would miss an important piece of footage. The entire process to two years to complete and finally premiered at a National Amusements Theater in Revere, MA. The unusual element in this film is that I didn’t have a story line to follow. I simply recorded over 275 hours of footage across 6000 miles of the northeast and then did my best to assemble it all into a film. I made sure that I did not inject any opinions of my own into this film. All of the interviews and footage you see are straight from the individuals themselves. There was no coaching, no scripts, no staging, no actors, just real investigators expressing themselves in their own words. Could some be lying or incorrect? Absolutely, but if they are, they are representing themselves and that is their own responsibility. I will say I don’t agree with a good portion of the techniques and methods represented here, but again, my opinion wasn’t a part of the film. I hoped to capture a real state of the field at the time from the people that were out there investigating. If you listen carefully to the dialogue of the narration and my statements alone you will see I do not subscribe to any particular view point. While I agree that the film is long and could have used more editing, I must say I was new to the film making process (in 2005) and had a deadline to meet for a promised release date. I agree, the narrator was a bit robotic in the narration at times, but the narration was done for free by a great guy who invested his time for the betterment of the film, so I certainly couldn’t complain. It should be known that the entire film had a zero dollar budget. Every one who participated in the film (even the famous folks) did so free of charge. 14 Degrees may be a bit long, may be a bit dated and may have ideas, concepts and methods that are fodder for countless debates, but I can attest that from a film makers perspective it was made with 100% honesty. Nothing was manipulated or enhanced and there is zero bias toward any methodology, so let the opinions and debates carry on and thanks for watching! – Michael J.Baker”

Unfortunately the first line of the bio above really does ring true – there seem to be a mass of trolls zeroing in on this YouTube video…which is probably to be expected…considering it’s subject matter.

But I really enjoyed it – and I think you will too!

As always, if you enjoy the documentary, please consider visiting the uploaded version on YouTube and Like, Comment, Share or even Subscribe to the channel – let the guys and gals behind this project know that you enjoyed their work!