Montauk Time Travel Projects

I first came across the Montauk time travel projects when doing some research into the Philadelphia Experiment several years ago. The idea of mind control and time travel interested me but the idea that some of these experiments still take place interests me even more…

The Military Experiments

The second World War brought with it a selection of secretive experiments and projects aimed at creating new weaponry and giving the US a military edge over it’s enemies.

The most famous of these projects was the Manhattan Project which led to the creation of the nuclear bomb and the war with Japan ending ( abruptly! ).

But the remainder of the experiments seemed to have been brushed under the carpets – but not all believe they are completely over.


The town of Montauk is on Long Island’s eastern end in New York. It is here that the more unsuccessful projects took place with chilling conclusions.

There are unconfirmed reports of experiments in mind control, time travel, psychotronics, and the creation of black holes at Montauk. There was apparently a tall Airforce radar station which had a complex of experiment chambers built below it.

It’s quite frightening to think of these experiments taking place so close to one of the most popular cities in the world.

How did they get away with it?

How did they manage to cover up the outcome of these experiments for so long?

The story of the Montauk time travel projects actually started in Philadelphia in 1943

The Philadelphia Experiment

The Philadelphia Experiment was actually known as the Rainbow Project. It was set up by the United States Military so that they could try and create a vessel that would seem invisible on enemies radars.

The experiment centered around a test on the ship USS Eldridge which was situated on the Philadelphia Naval Yard.

Now what happened to the ship is still pretty much up for grabs but lets just say that legend has it that it managed a time shift of sorts. The ship was hammered with electromagnetic energy until it actually became invisible to radar.

The problem was they went to far – the ship completely disappeared out of sight!

Apparently the ship materialized in Norfolk, Virginia but only stayed there for a handful of seconds before returning to Philadelphia.

There was a mass panic when the ship returned but only for a few seconds – everything looked fine!

When they boarded the ship they were confronted with horrors they never expected. Some of the crew had been fused with the metallic ship during the teleportation and the remainder seemed completely insane.

The government and the military were so shocked by the results they decided to close down the Philadelphia Experiment immediately. They decided to use the remainder of the money on the Manhattan Project (and we all know how that turned out!).

The Next Generation

But the next generation of hungry military scientists did not want to let go of this strange new world they had discovered – there was much more out there and they new it!

Congress would not allow it and rightly so – the horror of the Philadelphia Experiment was just to much to take. So these brilliant scientific minds went over the heads of congress…

They went about creating a military installation somewhere out of the public eye – Long Island. Here stood was a recently decommissioned radar station that the army had no use for any longer.

Montauk was a well known location but at the same time it was not heavily populated – it was also very close to New York.

The Montauk Project went through some construction and did not open up properly until the beginning of the 1960’s. Legend has it that by the 1970’s there were astonishing experiments taking place at the facility.

Mind Control

The facility was soon awash with numerous projects involving mind control experimentation. They searched the whole country picking up young males who demonstrated psychic abilities.

These young men were drafted in to the Montauk Project against their will in some cases. There were reports of some of them being kidnapped from their homes!

There was a special chair built within the facility that the young men were sat in. As they sat there they were bombarded with energy waves causing the chair to enhance their psychic powers.

As this procedure was taking place the men concentrated on particular objects to make them materialize. During this process the scientists were thought to have some sort of control over the subject’s mind.

There was one young man in particular who excelled at this particular technique…

Duncan Cameron

Mr Cameron was so effective in these experiments the scientists in charge started up a new project – one that involved not just physical space, but also time.

Worm holes were being created on a daily basis and many of the workers inside the facility began to fear for their safety – things were seriously getting out of control!

The actual base itself was growing at a vast rate to the point where parts of it could be found under the town center. This means the Montauk time travel projects were starting to endanger the lives of the civilians living above the facility – something had to give…

The Philadelphia Experiment 1983

The final straw came when certain senior scientists hatched a plan to travel 40 years back in time to meet up with their predecessors aboard the USS Eldridge.

The plan HAD to be stopped before something to big to handle was created. Some rogue scientists met with Duncan Cameron and convinced him to concentrate on some sort of beast during the experiment.

Legend has it that he actually materialized a Yeti-like beast that created havoc within the facility. It went from lab to lab destroying every piece of time travel equipment closing all of the available worm holes.

When the final piece of equipment was destroyed the beast disappeared along with the final worm hole – the Montauk time travel projects were officially over.

Closing Down

The whole facility was closed down and the scientists were ‘dealt with’ by the military. We don’t really know what ‘dealt with’ means but many go along with either sworn to secrecy, brainwashed or shot!

The Montauk Project site still stands these days but has been turned into an official state park. But one question remains…..

Why does the military still own the property underneath the surface of this park?

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