The Illuminati – One Of Many Powerful Organizations Who Secretly Controls The World

Presuming you are an all-time enthusiast of conspiracy theories notwithstanding the facts proving them otherwise,  the secret society of the Illuminati must not be unfamiliar to your ears. Do they factually exist or are they a complete scheme? Whether its existence has been backed up by concrete reasonings, it would still be fascinating to learn about its background and the reason why it is placed on the very spectrum of conspired theories

Who Are They And What Are They Thriving For 

The name Illuminati has long been circulating the world and was originally founded by German philosopher Adam Weishaupt back in the 1760s post rebelling against the Catholic faith while granted financial support by the International Bankers. Their greatest motive behind establishment till this very time and day of modern civilization is to achieve a “one world government” where they vanquish all religions and governments in their movement. 

Suppose you perceive this reasoning as too ordinary to precisely satisfy your liking for conspiracy, here is one that packs a punch. It is also mentioned that the Illuminati originates from a reptilian extraterrestrial race of whom interbred with humanity thousands of years ago. They strongly stood with the belief whereby their “center of power” is placed in the lower fourth dimension or some may call it the lower astral, which is too deemed the traditional home to folklore and mythical demons. 

What makes this claim more fascinating is that they affirmed the reason behind most European and American rulers’ perpetual power to govern their nation is due to their belongingness to this very alien breed, and are the Illuminati elites who have been striving for centuries to achieve one-world government. Apart from their obsession to interbreed with one another to conserve their alien genetic structure, they are also mercilessly obsessed with rituals, cold-blooded behaviors, territorialism, together with top-down hierarchical structure or a dictatorship in short.

What Must The Followers Of Illumination Believe In 

Illuminati excludes themselves from labels such as “church”, “religion”, “political group”, “online casino” or “charity organization”; but rather, a group of elites who undertake the mission to prosper the interests of human species in general. There is simply zero necessity for personal worship, morality, or belief. To simplify, the Illuminati does not have a say in their followers’ paths and decisions provided they are relevant with what they preach as “furthering the human species” without imposing moral values of any sort. Most importantly, they condemn the existence of the divine, and rather than finding proofs to support their claim, they focus on working towards ultimate betterment for human livelihood. They too mentioned that there is no essentiality to have God to make ourselves a better person, simply do good for the benefit of our species as human beings, and obtain rewards from any relevant higher power through stewardship. 

What Does Wealth Mean In The Illuminati 

Many say money can never buy happiness, but this elite organization perceives otherwise of which they see those who “vilified” wealth are the same people who have never met it. Therefore their confidence in undervaluing the potential money and abundance can bring to enhance one’s livelihood. The subject matter revolving around money’s good and evil is entirely dependent on the individual who utilizes it. If he uses it for good, it is good; if he uses it for bad, it is bad. Whilst there are platforms like the Illuminati to assist you in achieving abundance, why stick to a life that lacks resources? The public can say anything about billionaires out of jealousy, but they are the ones who hold the utmost capability in donating for hundreds and thousands to the needy but the needy though, may not share equal ability to contribute back. This is what the Illuminati has been aspiring to indoctrinate: freedom, wealth, and prosperity amongst citizens without the need for religions, geographical segregation, or political beliefs of any sort. 

Famous People Who May Actually Be Part Of The Illuminati 

Mark Zuckerberg

Zuckerberg was once required to remove his hoodie in a talk show because it has significantly caught the attention of the hosts and those spectating. As bizarre as it may sound, his facial expressions and body froze after telling the host that he has never taken it off. A peculiar-looking symbol was sewn on the inner part of the garment observed upon removal and petrifying, Zuckerburg’s aura shifted from tense to relaxed; as though removing the hoodie is a weight off his shoulders. That has since left the witnesses horror-stricken. 


If you are a regular of pop culture, dancing to Queen Bey’s single ladies must be one of your favored shenanigans. As a matter of fact, her husband Jay-Z and herself have long been pinpointed by conspiracy theorists as the incumbent king and queen of this very powerful secret society especially the husband’s linkage to the subject since the late 1990s. Their money and fame obtained in the music industry are believed to exceed the pay-off from mere talent; there must be some powerful influence backing them up in the shadows. In addition to that, Beyoncé was spotted making the symbol of a triangle with her hands to which resembled The Eye of Providence. Though some asserted it as a sign of respect paid to her husband, that has not dispelled the public’s doubts; and has left unclarified till today.

Billie Eilish

This fast-rising 19-year-old household name has been observed incorporating multiple symbolism expressing her affiliation with the Illuminati ever since. She took reference and used ladders in her previous Don’t Smile At Me album where she sat atop a ladder; an object representing the distinct levels of freemasonry (an Illuminati associate) implying her journey to the higher rank. If this is not sufficiently convincing, her signature “black tears” represents the “blackening stage” in the Alchemical Process of Transformation: modifying objects to reach perfection. While the public participates in contributing theories of Billie’s relation with the Illuminati, she never seemed to defend herself and yet, continue writing songs about Lucifer and friend burial. What are the odds?

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