Red Rooms On Dark Web – A Myth Or A Reality

Our generation may be most competent with the usage of digital technology for it has been widely incorporated into our quotidian life, and the fact that we were born amidst the era of technology advancement makes surfing the net a task not easily avoidable. With that being said, the internet resembles an iceberg in which only the tip is visible to all, similar conception is applicable to the internet; 10% of it has been surfed by users whereas the other 90% are left only accessible to a few. Some may be oblivious as to how this 90% is being administered in such secrecy that regular browsers (Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Firefox, and suchlike) are not given access to. Additionally, conventional search engines are incapable of uncovering the accurate number of active sites running via this hidden part of the web that lies beneath the surface together with their respective locations, because it is simply too massive for the “spiders to crawl through”.

Deep Web Vs Dark Web

While both terminologies are used interchangeably and are similarly hidden beneath the surface, both are established for different undertakings. 

The deep web notwithstanding its affiliation with its dark counterpart, is mostly legal and safe to be browsed through. Some prominent examples of deep web are pending blog-posts and web pages, online banking pages, portals of an organization or learning institution, public and private databases, so on and so forth. Their presences are made confidential to the majority for various reasons, most of which is to protect the very information and privacy of users, and the contents are completely harmless to be accessed by computers. The deep web thereby should not be too big of a concern. The dark web though, is deemed the complete opposite.

At the darkest of web as you are sufficiently proficient to access through, you may end up viewing the most explicit content you have ever laid your eyes on. Though I have never set foot there myself, credible sources like documentaries, journal articles, novels written by individuals of relevant expertise have claimed this very portion of the web as holding a plethora of hazardous content and activity ranging from the trading of illicit goods like weapons and drugs, to gore and child pornography; things we go out of the way to steer clear of. 

The reason making it a paradise for illegal and illicit endeavors is none other than the anonymity culprits avail themselves of. While it being entirely undiscoverable by conventional browsers, culprits hold ultimate autonomy in carrying out their endeavors without disclosing their real identity. To put this into perspective, those considering a hitmen service will not know who they are liaising with beyond the device, and transactions are to be made through Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. The dark web is, therefore, completely anonymous, making it a hazardous space for regular internet users to come and go.

Red Room 

Though experts are still in the midst of detecting its very existence to issue an explanation, red rooms have since become an elephant of the room whenever it comes to this precise subject matter. Whether it exists or not, it is always intriguing to find out. 

Red rooms are alleged to live streams in which gather those who seek pleasure in sadistic means to witness a live murder, rape, torture, or more. Much worse, those participating in the live stream are given the chance to send in requests in which the extent depends on the amount of money paid. Easily put, the more you pay, the cruel the request you are entitled to contribute, from flaying to beheading, you name it. 

This atrocious thingamabob stemmed from the horror film Videodrome where live torture is broadcasted on television in a red room, literally painted in red. While its presence has yet to be justified by concrete evidence, this darkest portion of the web holds no restrictions for culprits to attempt anything of their intent, what are the odds for it to exist? 

Peter Scully

Let’s say Red Rooms are a downright myth, there is evidence of somewhat similar cases. One monstrosity having the world question humanity whereby an Australian, Peter Scully video-recorded himself raping and violating the impoverished vulnerable in the Philipines (infants and adolescents). He then circulated it amongst a pedophile ring and sold it for up to $10,000 per view on a child pornography site he owned and controlled on the dark web.

The most heart-sickening of videos: Daisy’s Destruction featured an 18-month-old female infant tied from her feet, sexually violated, and walloped by two other older girls. It was nothing but heinous even the highest levels of investigators were left sobbing and terror-stricken. 

Scully is dubbed the world most villainous pedophile ever since.  

ISIS Graphic Content

While contents as illicit as such should not even exist in the first place let alone its circulation within the darkest of webs, there are cases where graphic materials filmed by the depraved ISIS troops being distributed through mainstream networking channels like Whatsapp and Telegram. I personally have set my sights without intents and purposes on such documentations, whether it only lasted for a mere second, I was left aghast at the cruelty being depicted. Victims were beheaded and limbs were amputated by a saw, all of which left us questioning humanity, even writing about it triggers my nausea. 

Bottom Line

Whether or not red rooms factually exist, there are countless similar deeds that account for the same degree of brutality. While most of us are left petrified post coming across information with regards to such matters, there are individuals or sickos who seek pleasure witnessing others screaming and moaning in pain. If you ask me how, I genuinely do not have an answer. As I entreat that we all do not fall in such traps, let us maintain lifetime lawfulness, and if you happened to be one holding such engrossment to atrocity, seek immediate help.

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