Southeast Asian Witchcrafts And Sorcery

As our lives are modernized by the swift advancement of digital technology, our mindset has since led us to put aside beliefs and superstitions which account for little to no sense. This phenomenon suffices to justify the increasing number of religiously unaffiliated individuals or the “nones” of whom lack stance in religious beliefs, or simply call for no association with any religious groups. While religion is deemed a somewhat important facet of human life, this community has largely overtaken the size of US majority religion. Many counterparts see the need to condemn their disbelief towards the holly divine notwithstanding their entitlement to decide on their intended path. As a matter of fact, many of whom are intensely religiously-minded turned out to be one of the most venomous beings alive. What is the point of having supreme faith when one is still depraved by heart?

Be that as it may, there are still those who value the practices of worshipping and most especially superstitions. 

Superstitions simply put, refers to the blind convictions of supernatural forces with complete disregardment of science and evidence. As a matter of fact, superstitious beliefs vary across cultures thus a hitch in pinpointing a specific definition, but the entire conception indicates accepting and bowing to unwritten rules in which are passed down as heirlooms within a particular cultural group. 

To put this into perspective, a fairly popular belief withheld by the Chinese community for many decades emphasizing how the 14th floor of buildings should be labelled with 13A instead due to the number’s intonation in mandarin resembling that of “death”. The indian community on the other hand, strongly believes in the evil forces an eclipse would bring, they are thereby conditioned to stay indoors everytime amidst an eclipse to prevent any bad matters from arising. 

While most superstitions being not evidently sensible, are perfectly neutral to be upheld because it brings no harm whether or not it is applied in quotidian life; rather, it sporadically helps us stay out of trouble.  Having said that, there exist multiple, if not abundant old wives’ tales that prevail with evil intent, one of which being witchcrafts or sorceries. 

Black Magic As A Widely Practiced Phenomenon Across Southeast Asia, Especially Thailand 

Apart from being globally recognized as one of the finest tourism sites for holding a plethora of awe-inspiring beaches and mouth-watering delicacies, little did the majority realize that Southeast Asia is in fact an active practitioner of the sorceries for various motives whether it is for personal gain or violation of others, all of which usually comes with a price. 


Suppose you seek pleasure in watching documentaries with regards to magics and rituals, Thailand’s endeavors should not be unfamiliar to your ears. They are pre-eminent in this precise subject matter, from communicating with the deceased to formulating love potions to attract prospective spouses, many even foreigners travel all the way to these places of worship to get their goals materialized through voodoo means. Though not scientifically explained, they are said to function.

Kuman Thong

Black magic babies of which are literally made from legitimate roasted human fetuses covered in gold leaves and are, later on, cast magic spells on. This particular voodoo is deemed a mainstream belief and is believed to protect people and households from potential threats. While their motives are seemingly virtuous, wait until you uncover the steps of building kuman thongs from scratch. 

It is mandatory for the process to be done before dawn in a graveyard where deceased human fetuses (illegally aborted) are roasted over the fire and applied gold leaves on, hence sometimes nicknamed Thailand’s Golden Ghost Boy.

People invite these babies to reside in their homes or workplaces who are believed to be welcoming fortunes and assisting people on financial terms. Nonetheless, as mentioned beforehand, it comes with a price. While it brings in a great amount of fortune for the betterment of your demands, you hold full responsibility in taking care of it as though it is your biological child. We apprehend best how children resort to throwing tantrums and rebellious acts when their needs are not fulfilled, imagine the same conception happening on a ghost, what are the odds? 

To take care of one, you are to provide him with fundamental provisions like food and drinks that he can survive on each day. They are known to be sweet tooth as well so you may need to take note of that. Aside from that, the fact that he is still a child explains a lot about his playfulness, hence toys are considered essentiality. Bear in mind to also allocate adequate attention to him by acknowledging his presence and talking to him. If these procedures are not done well, chances are that you will be tricked into a trap you wished to never be struck upon. 

Many of whom had experienced “raising” a kuman thong claimed to not wanting any sort of engagements with them for the rest of their lives anymore. So, do you?

Mae Nak

While the said ritual appeared awfully atrocious, there are relatively righteous worships that do not involve the expense of others. One good example being the Mae Nak shrine which is highly frequented by locals and tourists for harmless motives and has since dubbed the nation’s most known ghost. 

In accordance with Thai folklore, Mae Nak was a pregnant lady when she was alive residing in Phra Kanong Canal (central Bangkok) with her beloved husband of whom was drafted into the military, having her leading a lonesome life. Unfortunately, her childbirth was unsuccessful sacrificing both her life and that of her unborn child. Years later, their spirits were seen haunting the husband upon return and lasted throughout his life. Today in the Wat Mahabut temple complex is where Nak is frequently visited by pregnant mothers wishing for easy labors, men who wished to avoid being drafted for the military, those attempting to strike lottery numbers, and so on. Interestingly, many of whom requested Nak for favors claimed her to be efficacious in delivering lucks and fortunes.

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