Nation-Renowned Haunted Spots – Malaysia Edition

Every nation holds specific unearthly locations where unexplained phenomena are frequently encountered. Till this very present day, there is not one concrete justification supporting the existence of apparitions thereby coming down to one’s individual belief. Whether you believe it or not, there exist multiple supernatural occurrences, not even science can interpret. Today we bring you the exclusives of Malaysia’s popular haunted destinations in which are some of the nation’s most highly-frequented tourist sites, places numerous paranormal experts, or simply, ghostbusters have desired to scrutinize despite having to travel all the way from the opposite side of the globe. 

Kellie’s Castle – Perak

Situated in one of the nation’s most delicacy-rich states, Perak is, too, well-known for the one and only Kellie’s Castle where many have claimed to experience supernatural phenomena during their visit to this very historical site. Owned by Scottish William Kellie Smith, the castle was left abandoned for more than 80 years post his death. Its haunted allegations began circulating the community back in 2000, rather than stopping visitors from coming in, it has since gained a mystifying reputation thereby bringing in more intrigued sightseers. In accordance with those who visited, many sighted Smith’s apparition loitering a balcony which is now named the “Ghostly Cloister Balcony”. He might not have died in the mansion, yet it is said that his spirit remains because his aspiration of building the mansion was nowhere near completed. Other than that, some noticed his 6-year-old daughter wearing a fully white ensemble outfit running around her bedroom. Some other unidentified entities were also seen roaming the corridors of the castle. As yet, the ghostly atmosphere of this historical site is primarily what attracts people to visit. If you are one of those who seek satisfaction in supernatural subject matters, Kellie’s Castle is a must-visit. 

Mimaland – Selangor

Ever wondered how an initially happening theme park could turn into post abandonment? This is what has been faced by Gombak’s Mimaland (Miniature Land) since 1994 due to hazardous security matters. By way of context, this was the foremost theme park ever established in Malaysia housing a plethora of attractions including water parks and rides; basically what an amusement park is in its truest of nature. In the previously mentioned time frame, a Singaporean tourist found fatal on a water slide, followed by a destructive landslide ruining the similar pools where the former incident occurred merely a year later. Paranormal experiences are rarely reported probably because it is not a tourist site itself, but this abandoned spot surely does give off an eerie sensation. A 2020 horror film dedicated to this very theme park Miimaland led to an inexplicable attack of hysteria amongst 3 crews amidst the filming process. 

Amber Court – Genting Highlands 

Originally built as a resort catering to those visiting the hilltop city of entertainment, was later on sold as home units in conjunction with the financial crisis that took place between the 1997 and 1998. Currently occupied mostly by foreign workers and a total of 23 stories are left vacant. What makes the place more spine-chilling is none other than its overgrowing red algae that resembles blood on the buildings’ frontage, together with its significant suicidal and paranormal events. Notwithstanding its sinister outlook, this very attribute has since caught the attention of many intrigued paranormal enthusiasts and experts. If you happen to come across reviews made by past residents of Amber Court on hotel-booking platforms, you will observe a fair share of  supernatural encounterance. Some have seen a headless entity whilst others have heard yowling noises and mysterious knocking on the door. Despite the infamy, Amber Court is still operating just as sturdy and bookings are coming in from curious cats, you may also jump on the bandwagon if you are one of them. 

Karak Highway 

Two of Malaysia’s most renowned tourist sites: Genting Highlands and Cameron Highlands are states you can reach through Karak Highway, also recognized as the nation’s most haunted expressway ever. Its lengthy and meandering nature is what invited some of the most horrifying accidents. You may be wondering as to how petrifying an expressway could possibly be; well, adequately petrifying to be featured in a horror film Karak : Laluan Puaka back in 2011 depicting multiple ghostly phenomena circulating the community. Some have said to sight Pontianak (vicious female ghost) in a driverless yellow Volkswagen which legends claimed to resist the urge to overtake to avoid crossing paths with her again.  A lost young boy has also been reported loitering around the area seeking his mother. This is one of the few cases where your compassion should best be held out against. 

Mona Fandey’s Residence – Kuala Lumpur 

Other than being a paradise to foodies, Southeast Asia is, too, notorious for its practice of sorceries and witchcraft. So weighty that it contributed to one of the deadliest cases shocking this very part of the world – the murder of Malaysian politician Mazlan Idris. Masterminded and conducted by the atrocious duo shaman Mona Pandey and her husband, to which the partial body of the victim was discovered skinned, were ultimately sentenced to death. Having said that, their then-resided house does not exist many supernatural events, it is the grisly murder that gives off the eerie feeling. It is also reported that the paraphernalia from her occult rituals remains unremoved in their house. If you are engrossed to learn more about the bits and pieces, you are more than welcomed to put up the local horror movie Dukun in which was entirely dedicated to the murder. 

Long Story Short 

Whether you are skeptical of a supernatural presence, the experiences of visitors of these 5 haunted sites in Malaysia combined are capable of making you quiver. However, if you seek satisfaction in thrills, gather your companions and visit the ones you can gain legal access to. Bear in mind that it is also of paramount importance to play safe and not to amble down the path of the unknown.

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