Shrine Of Love – Trimurti Shrine, Bangkok

Notwithstanding the number of individuals preaching independence; love and romance never die. Who does not wish for a genuine partner who would go all out to sacrifice just to be able to see that beautiful smile of yours? Many people may have significantly lost hope in quest of love due to what they have experienced beforehand. Having said that, the ocean is relatively more prodigious in size and depth than you could ever visualize where abundant marine species are left undiscovered. You are thereby encouraged to not give up on this very special journey till you cross paths with the right one. 

Rather than sitting there and letting fate do its wonders, many of whom pine with unrequited love have approached Thailand’s Trimurti Shrine, or commonly referred to as the love shrine with their uttermost yearning for true love. Situated by one of Bangkok’s busiest locales – Ratchaprasong junction opposite of Erawan Shrine, we have the very shrine where many love seekers drop by in hope of their dreams to be fulfilled through worship. 

Background & Brief History Of The Trimurti Shrine

In accordance with Hinduism, Trimurti implies the Trinity of Hindu Gods comprises the creator Brahma, the sustainer Vishnu, along with the destroyer Siva : the three most noteworthy gods of the religion. 

The divinity is a gold statue resembling a human physique alongside two heads and four arms. The heads are stacked atop one another whilst the lower part of the head has a total of four faces. 

Established in 1989, the shrine is set on a raised altar surrounded by a four-pillar-supported dome. Worshippers are provided seats in the open area encircling the shrine while they reflect. Curated in an Indian-Thai fused sculpture, the statue replicates the old Ayutthaya (Thailand’s famous ancient ruins).

Similar to any other shrines across the nation, the Trimurti Shrine was formed to respond to people’s prayers revolving around success, prosperity, together with happiness; or goodness in general.

Overtime, the shrine by hook or by crook has obtained a reputation of bestowing merriment in romance. Since then, it has been commonplace amongst local youngsters to associate the shrine with the very divine of love, hence the moniker.

Prayers aside, the shrine sets off a peaceful and serene vibration that just naturally captivates the attention of individuals. 

Valentine’s Night In Bangkok – 2013 

The flow of worshippers was rather small-scale, comprising youthful lovebirds, and lovelorn of all genders and age ranges. This brings back to our foremost statement claiming how love and romance never die. Even individuals in such seniority yearn for a genuine companion to spend the rest of their lives with, hence coming forward to the shrine to quest for their happiness.

Every year during Valentine’s Day, the deck of the Trimurti Shrine never fails to be flooded with beautiful red roses, the very flower type that symbolises love and romance. Not only that, glimmering red candles send forth shadows amidst moonlight while faithful worshippers crowd their way to the shrine. 

18 FEBRUARY 2016 – BANGKOK, THAILAND: People at the Trimurti Shrine in Bangkok after the weekly Thursday night prayer. Every Thursday night, starting just after sunset and peaking at 21.30, hundreds of Bangkok single people, or couples seeking guidance and validation, come to the Trimurti Shrine at the northeast corner of Central World, a large Bangkok shopping mall, to pray to Lord Trimurti, who represents the trinity of Hindu gods – Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. Worshippers normally bring an offering of red flowers, fruits, one red candle and nine incense sticks. It’s believed that Lord Trimurti descends from the heavens at 21.30 on Thursday to listen to people’s prayers. Although most Thais are Buddhists, several Hindu traditions have been incorporated into modern Thai Buddhism, including reverance for Trimurti. PHOTO BY JACK KURTZ

“The God Of Trinity Answered Her Prayers And Thus Met Her Boyfriend Within The Exact Timeframe She Wished For” 

Local thai lady Sai visited the shrine in quest for love and in the present day, she is already happily married with a cute baby boy. 

“She Dropped By At The Shrine Weeks Prior To Meeting Her Husband” 

Local thai lady met her current Korean descent husband merely a few weeks after she worshipped the Trimurti God while commuting in Bangkok’s MRT. It does not stop there, they are both now parents to an adorable son.

Strategic Location

Worshippers kneeled before the Gods of Trinity with their eyes shut, joss sticks tightly held and prayers murmured in such intensity that etches their face. Whether or not their prayers will be answered is quite uncertain; that does not stop them from believing nevertheless. 

The Trimurti Shrine is strategically located within an eye-catching water-feature right in front of the Central World Plaza shopping mall. While the mall ends its operation at 10pm, individuals are more than welcomed to visit the shrine outside. It is claimed by multiple locals whereby Lord Trimurti comes down from heaven on Tuesdays and Thursdays specifically to witness the prayers of worshippers. On top of that, some even added that there are time slots when this phenomenon takes place; which is said to be around 9:30 pm. 

On top of that, it is advised that in order for your wishes to be fulfilled, you may want to present some gifts to the god. Some people typically place provision items like coconut, milk, sugar cane juice, suits, and so on. Though, you are welcomed to offer any items you think are sensible. 

Whenever you are casually passing by the shrine, you will see at least one visitor offering a prayer, some of whom may even be regulars. 

Is It Worth The Visit 

The lovers’ shrine is not remarkably massive or visually pleasing, yet visiting it surely does give you a wholesome experience especially when you wish to see something slightly extraordinary than the country’s mainstream tourist destinations. 

While the majority of the worshippers appeared to be locals, a noticeable number of foreign tourists have come forward from the other side of the globe to quest for their luck in love. 

It is not essential for you to come fully prepared because there exist numerous vendors selling bundled roses and incense you can purchase from. 

Whether or not it is real, it does not hurt to give it go, who knows what result you will be granted? Either way, it is solely for the experience. 

Bottom Line 

If you happened to be visiting this country post-pandemic, do not hesitate to try out your luck in the Lovers’ Shrine because some have said that it was pretty workable.

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