The Lost Island Of Atlantis – 6 Most Sought-After Theories

Imagine a city so advanced and adequately sturdy to overcome countless hardships throughout their civilization suddenly disappear out of nowhere to which are left not properly explained

Atlantis, which held such an advanced civilization, is a legendary island allegedly sunk beneath unknown waves. God knows whether it vanished in the air or it even existed in the first place. Either way, it has kept the universe questioning ever since; mysterious and inaccessible.

Many experts have come up with their own respective theories responding to the absence of Atlantis and we handpicked a few prominent ones. 

1) Atlantis Was Destroyed By Natural Disasters That Are Uncalled For

I believe this is the most strongly stanned theory of which many believed this very continent had sunken in conjunction with natural disasters. Former US Congressman Ignatius Donnelly published a book dedicated entirely to this civilization Atlantis : The Antediluvian World had unprecedentedly sunken due to a huge flood. Many facets of his book were concluded by experts to be rather misleading; one of which being his assumption claiming that the Atlantic Ocean was merely 100 feet deep or less. Having said that, many have unearthed the truth whereby this very ocean is approximately 5 miles deep. 

2) Atlantis Was Precisely An Ancient Greek City Abolished by A Volcanic Explosion

Drawing back to the 1600BC where a gigantic volcanic explosion eventuated in the midst of multiple cities including those situated by the coast. Scientists and experts are convinced that Plato was indicating this very city in a fairly utopian manner. In addition to that, Plato onced referred to the divine’s rage as the contributing factor to the demolished Atlantis, perhaps this was the real meaning behind his insinuation. 

3) Atlantis Was Inundated By The Mysterious Bermuda Triangle

Many writers followed by the above Donelly have since widened their respective theories on the whereabouts of Atlantis. Amongst the pack of whom is named Charles Berlitz, an author who has written a plethora of paranormal-based books, who claimed Atlantis as a legitimate continent situated by the Bahamas have unfortunately fallen into the trap of the infamous Bermuda Triangle where a number of land and air transports had reported disappeared under unknown conditions. 

4) Atlantis Was In Point Of Fact, Antarctica 

One pretty convincing theory out of tens or hundreds being Atlantis as a rather benign version of current Antarctica, at least how it was stated by the book of Charles Hapgood Earth’s Shifting Crust, featuring Albert Einstein’s preface. In accordance to his book, the earth’s crust shifted approximately 12,000 years ago, thus taking over the continent that is now Antarctica from a locale relatively up north than how it is in the present day. Additionally, it was also mentioned within the book that Atlantis, who initially held groundbreaking civilization encountered an impromptu alteration to its current glacial location thus foredoomed the livelihood of the original inhabitants dubbed the Atlanteans. Not only that, this originally glorious city was buried underneath layers of ice. 

5) Atlantis Was A Mere Replicated Story Inspired By The Actual Black Sea Flood 

This very theory doubts the authenticity of Atlantis’ existence and presumed it as retelling inspired by a real-life historical event: the rupturing of the Bosporus by the Mediterranean Sea and the Black Sea flood. This massive flooding event had swallowed many flourishing civilizations with hundred-foot seawater within a fairly short time frame (possibly less than a year). While inhabitants of the region have been torn apart, some began circulating fabricated tales of the flood, and this was probably what contributed to Plato’s account of the lost city of Atlantis. 

6) Atlantis Is A Complete Fiction

A handful of historians and scientists have pinpointed that Atlantis was in point of fact, made up. They added that this particular Greek philosopher invented the lost kingdom of Atlantis to illustrate an idealised civilization, and the story behind it was a cautionary tale of caution where the Holy Divines punish human’s haughtiness. Beyond Plato’s texts, there exists no other dialogues or evidence by the advanced oceanography along with ocean-floor mapping validating the existence of such a sunken civilization underneath the water. 

Suppose you seek pleasure in discovering and deciphering conspiracy theories notwithstanding the facts that prove them otherwise, the last mentioned theory is indeed the reality. 

Cold Hard Facts

The sole answer to whether it had factually sunken or existed is downright no, applicable to both hypotheses. Science-backed evidence proved that this very island was merely an invention by philosopher Plato around 360 BCE to visualize the dangers of the very aggressive imperialism. As a matter of fact, it was an antithesis for the idealized Athens prior to Plato’s time; thereby the ancient Athens was noted as somewhat resembling Plato’s conception of the exemplary state. 

According to Plato, Atlantis was bigger than Libya and Asia merged, and its location situated within the Atlantic Ocean somewhere outside of Gibraltar. The landmass of this illustrated island is sufficiently humongous that if it actually existed somewhere beneath the water of the Atlantic, it would most certainly be made visible through sonar maps of the ocean floor. 

Bottom Line 

These are the mere 6 most discussed theories revolving around the ancient city of Atlantis, and there are many more yet to be uncovered. Whether or not it has been proven to be a complete fictional illustration for Plato himself, it is definitely one dimension intriguing the hearts and minds of many conspiracy-enthusiasts. Care to share with us your viewpoints?

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