Celebrities You THOUGHT Were Dead

Having a deceased loved one to resurrect may be one of the best things yet a mysteriously spooky event to occur. While you pray with your uttermost will to have them sent back to live to be able to create more beautiful moments before you begin to regret for the rest of your life, having their body arose and eyes opened out of the blue moon from their very coffin is one nightmare you wish to not be struck upon. A similar conception is applicable in the celebrity realm where many alleged dead celebrities were rumored to be discovered in another side of the world, a locale totally different from their place of origin. Are these bona fide instances of resurrection or their deaths a complete fraud? God knows what their precise motives are.

Oftentimes when a celebrity passes on, his or her family members are inclined to issue merely a partial backstory to avoid attention and unwanted exposure; that instantly leaves room for the public to question its authenticity. Many defended the skepticism stressing how massive the world population is thereby leaving the possibility for resemblance. Nonetheless, it remains as mysteries seemingly engrossing to merit a degree of attention. 

Whether you have heard of it or not, this article aims to list down a few notable celebrities whose “death” shocked the world, yet are rumored to be alive in another dimension of the world-leading a modest life compared to that of their “past life”. 

Michael Jackson

You are no music enthusiast if you do not get goosebumps listening to MJ’s masterpieces. There exist countless conspiracy theories revolving around this precise singer dubbed the King Of Pop, one most prominent being his hoaxed death. There is this circulating footage of him getting off an ambulance, most especially when he was reported by the news to have passed on at home. One reason backing this theory up being his befalling legal consequences, bringing immense catastrophe to his image and reputation. Perhaps with that, he chose to give up on his hard-earned luxury and exclusivity by fabricating the globe with his death so he can move on with his life in more humble methods rather than presenting himself in front of the eyes of millions. While this sounds fairly convincing, there is no evidence proving it otherwise, yet surely a mystery interesting to be explored more on. 

Tupac Shakur

If you are fond of rap-related music, Tupac must not be a stranger to you. The majority of his fans believed their idol to be involved in a gang attack which is the cause of his death; at least what is being reported by the mainstream media. With that being said, there are plenty of witnesses who stood out and proved the truth otherwise. They stated to have seen him loitering by the streets amidst rallies. There are those who believe he is still creating music and mingling with his celebrity companions; one most noteworthy being Rihanna. Nevertheless, it was evident that these alleged “conspiracies” were indeed a scheme initiated by netizens who took the time to edit his pictures and distribute them via the internet to manipulate people into thinking that Tupac is still alive. 

Bruce Lee

Supposedly you are a big fan of Ip Man, you must grant equivalent credits to Bruce Lee for they correspond in a traineeship. The former was the master of the latter when they were both alive. Bruce’s death led the entire world in such a tear-breaking state of affairs for he is one of the most-favored martial artists followed by Ip Man and Jacky Chan. He was reported by the news to encounter a deadly allergic reaction due to one particular medicine he had just consumed. Nevertheless, many believed he was looking forward to leading a modest livelihood. As bizarre as it may sound, there are those who think he had since shifted to a rather deserted island or within a cave. If that being the case, how do you think he could survive off in such wilderness? 

Paul Walker

Calling out all car-enthusiasts! Have you ever doubted the death of your favorite Fast and Furious actor who was reported dead of a car accident back in 2013? While pictures and footage of the case distributed online seemed pretty legitimate and definitely heartbreaking, there exist many intrigued fans who believed the entire case to be a complete scheme. They pinpointed his death as entirely planned when they sighted two entities making their way out of the scene and one of them was claimed to be wearing a heat-protective suit, of whom were probably Paul to protect himself from actual injuries. Whether this is factual, remains questionable. If this being the case, what was his objective behind his course of action? Was it because he was exhausted from the never-ending filming of the FAF? 

Princess Diana

Most loved royalty ever of whom were known to be very benevolent and compassionate. She significantly earned admiration from many when she was alive for her kindness and courage despite her betraying husband, she remained as sturdy as oak till she was murdered, at least what has been reported by the media. The majority perceived her death as completely staged and the motive was to cover up ugly rumors regarding her personal life to somewhat protect Prince Charles from unnecessary exposure causing a bad name to the British royalty. What a kind lady to have to think for the sake of her evil husband especially after what he has done to her. 

Bottom Line

There is no science-backed evidence proving the above-stated theories thus you may join the boat if you find it fits. Regardless, celebrities’ deaths are surely one of the most interesting phenomena for us to remain skeptical of.

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