Unresolved Gruesome Murders In Malaysia

Imagine being failed by humanity so dreadfully it took a toll on your life that even after years or decades passed, the justice you deserve has yet to be served. Malaysia, apart from its magnificent sandy beaches, palette-satisfying local delicacies, colorful heterogeneity, and many other captivating attributes, similar to many other nations of the globe, surely holds countless dark tales of devilry left unexplained till the present day. 

Today we bring back some atrocious murder cases predominating local and international (some) headlines in which concrete evidence is still unobtainable; mysteries that have been leaving the entire nation puzzled. 

Nurin Jazlin

Children have deemed the future pillars of society thus our utmost responsibility to protect their wellbeing. Humanity continued to fail us nevertheless. An 8-year-old girl Nurin Jazlin Binti Jazimin was reported missing on 20 August 2007 after venturing out from home in Wangsa Maju all by herself to purchase some hair clips. While being informed of her leave, her mother was at that time, busy entertaining guests thus not alert enough to ensure her being accompanied by her younger sister. 

The night market she intended to approach was located merely 100m away from their apartment. Upon disappearance, her petrified parents lodged a report followed by a search that was conducted in the succeeding weeks by multiple bodies which comprise media agencies and benevolent NGOs. 

Few weeks later on 17 September 2007, a large black and blue duffle bag was sighted in a premise situated in Petaling Jaya. Horror-stricken passer-by discovered a child’s naked body inside the bag, which was suspected to be Nurin’s. 

The corpse’s original facial features were terribly ruined by the trauma, causing the victim’s parents to deny her very identity. They remained optimistic till a DNA test confirmed the body as Nurin’s. 

Till the present day, the culprit has yet to be arrested and we genuinely hope for justice to be served. 

Audrey Melissa Bathinathan 

A regular 17-year-old would have been fortunate enough to spend their time thinking about degree programs they wish to pursue post-secondary school education, but Audrey’s seemingly happy teenage life was jeopardized by sickos who were believed to have abducted, raped, and strangled her to death. The incident took place amidst her journey back home from school – the Methodist Girls’ School situated by Jalan Cenderasari, Kuala Lumpur on 17 May 1999. Tear-breakingly, she was at that time the only child to her single mother Margaret Francis. 

At that particular time frame, Audrey was using her regular route back home with her friend in which they had to go through an underground tunnel. After they parted ways in Dayabumi Complex, Audrey was last discovered walking past the British Council, and then to Bukit Aman. 

In the afternoon upon her being unreachable, her mother anxiously hollered her till finding out she was actually missing. The mother and a few other relatives embarked on a search and reached out to multiple of Audrey’s friends in hope of knowing her whereabouts. The only information they received was her absence in school which was peculiar as she was supposed to sit for an examination that very day. 

A police report was lodged and a search was subsequently conducted, only to find out that her daughter’s body was sighted next to a substation by a nearby worker. 

Forensic results clarified that Audrey passed on between 4:30am to 7:00am the day her body was discovered because of strangulation causing a lack of oxygen. Not only that, a significant amount of bruises and scratches were also found on her body. 

Almost 22 years went by and this case is still left unresolved. If Audrey were to be alive, she would have already been 39 years old. To date, her mother remains persistent to find justice for her one and only child. 

Xu Jian Huang 

Just as every regular teenager fearlessly enjoys life at its best, another 14-year-old boy Xu Jian Huang was discovered lifeless in a swimming pool at his uncle’s house. Jian Huang along with his elder brother were sent to reside with their uncle in 2002 at his bungalow situated in Ampang Hilir. A year later nonetheless, the eldest of the duo Jian Fei decided to return to his homeland in China, leaving Jian Fei with his uncle behind. 

To many’s horror, the poor 14-year-old was found with his limbs restrained and bruises visible. Local authorities arrested the 50-year-old uncle, Datuk Seri Koh Kim Teck, his Sabahan descent bodyguard Resty Agpalo, together with his driver Mohd Najib Zulkifli. Following that, Koh’s “Datuk Seri” title was revoked.

Prior to Jian Huang’s death, it was revealed by his father that the subject sounded petrified when they were on a phone call saying something along the lines with “Papa, I am genuinely frightened. They are going to hit me.” 

Regrettably, a year after the trial ended, the court claimed that the prosecution had failed to clarify several doubts. Thus a case that has never been solved till the present day. Koh then vanished in 2012 upon his acquittal. 

Hasleza Ishak 

Rewind to October 2002, Datuk Seri Raja Jaafar Raja Muda Musa, Raja Dihilir Perak’s second wife was discovered strangled to death and was presumed to be thrown off the bridge adjacent to Japan Sumpitan, Taiping. 

Actress and model Hasleza Ishak was last discovered being coerced into a brown Proton Saga where a police sticker was seen on the windscreen of the automobile. 

Amidst investigation, clues revealed that the first wife of Raja Dihilir Perak, Raja Nor Mahani was assisted by a sorceress to destroy the spell casted on her husband that had him reacting cold towards her. Mahani also came clean that she began getting rashes, throwing up crystals, and multiple other peculiar occurrences that eventuated in the palace they were residing in. 

While five suspects including two shamans were brought to the police station, they claimed that Mahani was the actual mastermind behind the atrocity but was denied by her. She escaped the charges when one of the shamans alongside a palace aide was put to jail. They were nevertheless released not long after due to evidence being insufficient.

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