Spine-Chilling Malaysian Urban Myths

In conjunction with the enlightenment of modernity where superstitions and religions are not the most important of facets in human lives as compared to the past, the majority of the society has since intellectually evolved. Rather than putting in uttermost faith in something science has little to no clarification on, we count on ourselves to welcome whatever undertakings fate holds for us in open hands. At the very end of the day, we are the ones deciding how things can work out for ourselves. Many of whom are religiously driven are ironically the ones who take opportunities for granted; rather than making full use of the resources available around them, they take things lightly and pray to the divine for greater outcomes. How in the world is that sensible? 

Notwithstanding how evidence-driven our lives are right now, there exists one part deeply rooted inside of ourselves that is petrified of the commonplace old wives’ tales we tried to abandon but perpetually remains at the back of our head. Whether they have been factually verified or not, we have the tendency to continue to circulate these tales of caution and potentially pass them down to the upcoming generations as a cultural heirloom. 

Similar to many other nations of the globe, Malaysia possesses a good number of urban legends which continues to keep the locals awake through the moonlight.

Here are some of the most commonly-known tall tales across Malaysia you must not miss out. Bear in mind that you need not believe any of these stories in order for you to read through them. Read and decipher with an opened mind. 

Mystifying Taxi Passenger 

If you happen to commute in taxis on your way to any designated destinations, ask the drivers about this legend and I assure you that most of them have far been familiar; especially those who operate in night shifts. 

The story started off with a taxi driver driving through roads of silence who sighted a beautiful young lady standing adjacent to a traffic light junction. Her hair was dark and long, and a flowy white dress was what she wore.

To his natural instinct as a taxi driver, he felt the necessity to offer her a cab service. She turned and looked at him slowly while she entered the automobile without uttering a single word. That moment when she entered the car, the taxi driver encountered an intense jasmine flowers scent. Despite his curiosity, he asked her where she was headed to instead. In response, she passed him a paper with a number and her intended destination on it. 

Finally upon discovering, he found out that the road was too narrow to which the space was just sufficient for a car to pass through, and not to mention that it was pitch-dark. He slowly made his way through in hope they could reach the destination as soon as possible. 

To his horror, he was tapped on his shoulder. He did not dare to turn his head but instead, he stopped the car while being handed cash. He quickly drew off in terror after the girl got off without glancing behind whatsoever. 

The morning after when curiosity killed him like it killed the cat, he decided to return to the place they went to last night, only to find out the spot was actually a graveyard. The lot number she was given by the girl last night led him to discover her tombstone. He rushed back to his cab as he recalled the money he was handed over. To his very horror once and for all, it was all Chinese hell banknotes. He hurled the stack out of the cab and drove off immediately. 

Shortly afterward, he stumbled upon the truth behind that very mysterious passenger of his. She had passed on the week prior in a horrifying accident exactly at the junction they crossed path with that very night. It was a hit-and-run case, unfortunately, causing her soul to loiter around that area till justice is served. 

A Strange Bulge In The Hotel Bed

A group of boon companions embarked on their short vacation to a nation-renowned highland resort during their semester break. To reduce their budget, they booked merely one twin sharing room for their group of four. Their plan was to pull down the mattresses and join them together rather than spending extra dimes for a bigger room. 

After enjoying themselves in the resort’s attractions, they returned to their hotel room for a quick nap just before they set off to dinner. 

When it was about time for dinner, they took turns to shower where those waiting for their turns continued staying in bed. One of them complained about a peculiar lump about the bed they were laying on, but decided not to complain to the management because they were already overcrowding the room. 

They proceeded to check out the amusement park that night and returned to the hotel room when they decided to rest. Upon getting ready for bed, they wanted to pull down the mattresses to conjoin them, and when doing so, they were horror-stricken. 

They regretfully discovered a woman’s corpse stuck in between the mattress and the divan of either one of the beds. As anybody would, they hollered the hotel management for further guidance. Rather than taking proper procedures to find out whether it was a case of murder, they bribed the petrified group of college students to avoid spreading the words which may potentially jeopardize their hotel’s image and reputation. 

What Are Your Stance In These Urban Legends

Years and decades passed, these myths continue circulating the community as though they just took place the night before. Whether you believe it or not, they surely hold their respective elements of horror that keep you awake at night.

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