Unsolved Mysteries Parents Can’t Figure Out

Any horror enthusiast understands that innocence in a horror scenario drives the story. When a young child is able to see the ghosts lingering in the hallway, or feel the presence of something other-worldly. But there are a few scary situations that seem fictitious, but are known to have happened in real life. If you’re a parent, you dread the day you realize that you have been given the wrong baby or perhaps an eerie moment where your child speaks to you about a relative they shouldn’t know about. What is scarier, however, is the moment you, too, are able to hear or see what your children were referring to.

Switched At Birth

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In maternal wards when babies are born, they are tagged and placed in a unit for close monitoring with other babies. The doctors and nurses have a thorough way of tagging the babies so that each baby goes to their respective parents, however incidents of taking the wrong baby home are more common than you think. In 1978, this happened to Robert May. His wife, Barbara May gave birth to a daughter they called Kimberly. Unfortunately, Barbara passed on two years later. Robert May remarried a woman named Mary, however after a rough relationship they parted ways as divorcees. 

A year later, it was discovered that a different baby named Arlene Twigg had passed on due to heart issues. Medical tests indicated that she was not the biological daughter of the parents who had been raising her. Kimberly May was ten years old when The Twiggs found out that she was their biological daughter. The nurse who had been in the delivery of Kimberly May later confessed that the doctor had ordered the switch to give Barbara a chance to have a healthy baby before she died. However, no action was taken and the truth of what happened the day of Kimberly May’s birth still remains a mystery. 

Kids Seeing Spirits

Numerous horror movies use themes of innocence, purity and children to propel a story and enhance the fear factor. Children are, in some fables and cultures, known as the gatekeepers to the spirit world– they have access to the real world and the mysterious Other Side. When children claim to see ghosts and spirits, parents often brush it off as an overactive imagination. But the number of his cases are enough to have you wondering what it is that children see when they say such.

The story told by an anonymous mum goes that her son woke up and told her and her husband that grandfather was doing well. When asked to describe his grandfather, her son was able to paint out an unmistakable description of him, despite never seeing a photo of him or having talked about him. His grandfather had died years ago and had never been brought up in conversations, so it was a mystery that he knew him.

Voices Over Baby Monitors

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When purchasing new items from a landed baby store or an online baby store Malaysia, parents often ensure that they are functioning well; without any glitches. This is not only to ensure that the product is long-lasting and durable, it is also for the baby’s safety. Gadgets that are wired wrong can easily spark into flames. Rocking beds that aren’t built properly can fall. Similarly with baby monitors, the range is taken note of, as well as the make and the functionalities it possesses.

Many mothers have reported eerie occurrences happening over visual and audio baby monitors. Sometimes, wires do get crossed, resulting in signals from nearby frequencies interrupting that of the baby monitor. But other times, there are no explanations for the weird things heard or seen. In one instance, a three year old had been complaining about the ‘scary man’ in his room. The parents had no clue what he was referring to until one day, they heard the voice of a grown man on the monitor addressing them. When they rushed to the room they found it empty.

The Disappearance Of The Kris Kremer And Lisanne Froon

In 2014, the two friends were hiking El Pianista trail in Panama when they were reported missing. The two women of Dutch origin were celebrating their graduation with a planned trip to the South Americas as a reward. After saved up for months the two were in Panama, but they were never heard from once they went on the hike. Their bodies were found later on, and while the police suspected the deaths had been accidental, many suspect that there was foul play involved. Books like Lost In The Jungle and documentaries have been made about two who suddenly went missing. The case rose to global attention and the whole world tuned in to the case of their missing report as well as the finding of their remains. There have been no further investigations.

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