Unsolved Supernatural Mysteries In Malaysia

Asians love horror stories more so than others because it is strongly incorporated in our culture through the influence of various stories shared by people that have claimed to have experienced supernatural encounters. That is why we can see that it is common when people are interested in a particular property like at Setia Eco Park, they will first try to investigate if any supernatural encounters had occurred before the construction of new properties. However, we are not sure about to what extent these stories are true because who does not like the attention they get when they share stories about something usual. We are sure that each one of you has heard stories about supernatural creatures or evil spirits haunting several places in Malaysia, including at Denai Alam. Some individuals even claim that they had encountered strange creatures or experienced strange behaviours due to the possessions of ghosts at these places. These kinds of stories have spawned several urban legends about these places and instilled fear in many as they are afraid of being a victim of evil spirits. 

From ghost hunting documentaries to interviews with victims of supernatural encounters, we are exposed to many chilling tales regarding certain places in Malaysia daily. If you are a thrill-seeker that would like to investigate further on supernatural mysteries, then this article is the right one for you as it shares some of the most popular unsolved supernatural mysteries in Malaysia. 

Unexplainable Sounds At Bukit Larut Taiping

Setia Eco Park

Who does not love a good mystery when hills or mountains are portrayed in it? From Fraser’s Hill in Pahang to Mount Kinabalu at Sabah, there is a story that speaks of supernatural creatures or strange happenings occurring there. One of the most famous supernatural mysteries that are still popular among the natives in Perak happened at Bukit Larut, Taiping. Bukit Larut is a popular location among hikers and isolated retreats away from their busy lifestyles. The story goes back to the Second World War. It is said that prisoners were transported to Taiping to work on the construction of buildings and roads at Bukit Larut. Nevertheless, due to the torture, they endured at the hands of their supervisors, many of the prisoners lost their lives while working there. That is why the hikers that had gone either for a hike or had stayed overnight on the hill had shared their experience of hearing loud footsteps or being touched by something invincible to them. 

Roaming Spirits At Kellie’s Castle, Perak

Denai Alam

From Castle Freak to The Haunting Of The Hill House, whenever we hear a horror movie that shows huge mansions or castles, it will automatically pique our interest in it. We will be more excited to watch it. It could be because there are not many castles or mansions in Malaysia which are popular for any supernatural encounters. There is a famous castle in Malaysia that is frequently reported by either the tourist or the management for many occurrences of spirits encounters. That castle is the ever-popular Kellie’s Castle that is located at Perak, which was opened for tourism in the early 2000s. Although Kellie’s Castle is open for tourism, there are still many reported cases of tourists claiming that they had encountered the spirits of the original owners of the castle roaming around. The story goes back to the original owner of the castle, Scotsman William Kellie Smith whose dream was to build the castle as a gift for his wife for giving birth to his son. However, due to the workers being infected with Spanish flu during the construction, there was a delay in finishing the castle on time. Not only that but it was also said that Scotsman William Kellie Smith died on his trip back to Scotland, which devastated his wife, causing her to move back to her homeland with her kids. This has caused the construction of the castle to stop and then it was abandoned for almost more than 80 years. Many believe and claim that the spirit of Scotsman William Kellie Smith is still found lingering at the castle, as he was not satisfied with leaving his incomplete castle behind. On top of that, some even said that his daughter also died in the castle due to the Spanish Flu so her spirit can be seen roaming the corridors searching for her mom. 

To sum it up, these are the top two most popular places in Malaysia that pique the curiosity of many tourists in visiting them in hopes of capturing supernatural creatures or spirits in action. Nonetheless, the stories that are shared around these places are still yet to be proven with any solid evidence. Let us just enjoy reading supernatural mysteries until the day we encounter them ourselves.

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