The Mysterious Mandela Effect And How It Came To Be

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It is not unknown if a person misinterprets information when most people remember it differently. However, when the masses remember information the same, but it turns out that the truth is different, how is it even possible? This particular and strange occurrence is called the Mandela effect, and it will question your entire memory and existence. Some would say that the occurrence is explainable in terms of science, but others believe that a glitch in the system is involved, since how is it even possible that most of the public remember things differently when it is not? Today, we will uncover what exactly is the Mandela effect and how it came to be. 

The Origin

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The Mandela effect is when an individual or a group of people has a false recollection of an event. Fiona Broome originated the name “Mandela Effect” in 2009 when she built a website to document her observations of the phenomena. Broome was speaking at a seminar with others on how she recalled former South African president Nelson Mandela’s death in a South African jail in the 1980s.

Nelson Mandela, on the other hand, did not die in a jail in the 1980s; he died in 2013. Broome discovered that she was not alone when she began to speak with others about her recollections. Others recalled witnessing footage of his death on the news, as well as a speech delivered by his wife. Broome was taken aback by the fact that so many individuals could recall the same exact incident in such vivid detail, despite the fact that it had never occurred. Her publisher urged her to start a website to explore the Mandela Effect and other such instances.

Alternate Universes?

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One explanation concerning the Mandela effect’s origins comes from quantum physics, and it suggests that, rather than one chronology of events, alternative realities or universes may be occurring and merging with our timeline. Since the timeline has been manipulated as we shift between all of these different realities, this should result in groups of individuals having the same recollections. If this seems a little implausible to you, you’re not alone. Regrettably, the concept of other worlds is impossible to disprove, which means that there is no method to show that they do not exist. This is why the Mandela effect groups continue to believe in such a far-fetched hypothesis. Because you can’t actually prove it’s not true, you can’t rule it out completely. For many individuals, the thrill of a little mystery in their daily lives is also influential.

False Memories?

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One possible explanation for the Mandela effect is the idea of false memories. False memories are inaccurate or distorted accounts of events. Some false memories are based on facts and are quite similar to genuine event. Others, on the other hand, are completely bogus. Although the concept of false memories may make some people uncomfortable, memory errors are fairly prevalent. Memory isn’t like a camera in that it doesn’t objectively store sights, events, or utterances in their purest form. Memories may be influenced by both emotions and personal prejudice. However, since Broome mentioned that a group of her participants was able to recollect the speech in excruciatingly clear detail, many are still wary of whether false memories can be the reason how many individuals have the same exact memory of something that never happened before. 

Other Possibilities

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Since many experts and scientists still cannot uncover how the Mandela effect can be happening to many people from around the world, conspiracy theorists still believe that other unexplained methods are at play. Some even believe that the world we used to know was back before 2012. Since the crazy news of 2012 being the year when the world will end, people are speculating that the world indeed ended in that year. However, humanity was reincarnated in a new world where everything stays the same, except a few things, which they called a glitch in the system. This is why we remember things differently, since the world we used to know was destroyed, another alternate world was given to us with a few changes on the things that have been engraved in our memories. 

Some best examples of the Mandela effect.

There are many examples of Mandela effect that can be seen and known by the public. Rest assured, if you are shocked by these examples, you are not alone. How would you spell the product Febreeze? With two E’s? Well, unfortunately, the real spelling is actually Febreze, only with one E. Not only that, the Warner Brothers cartoon, Looney Toons, is actually spelt Looney Tunes. It is quite peculiar to find ourselves questioning these brands but somehow, this is actually a good digital marketing strategy in Malaysia and other parts of the world. Any press is good press, which also includes conspiracies like these. 

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