3 Year Old Boy Reincarnation

3 Year Old Boy Reincarnation

​I was amazed when I first encountered the 3 year old boy reincarnation incident that originated from a region near the border of Syria and Israel. This boy claims that he was murdered in a previous life and then proceeded to show village elders where his body was buried…

3 Year Old Reincarnation Story

The boy originates from Golan Heights which is located near the border of Syria and Israel. He claimed that in his past life he was murdered by and axe and he was able to remember where his body was buried.

He then proceeded to lead the village elders to the place where his body laid and the location of the murder weapon. The resulting digs revealed skeleton remains and a buried axe…

Dr. Eli Lasch

Dr. Eli Lasch was a well known medical professional in this region due to his input into developing the medical system in Gaza. Lasch was present to witness the 3 year old boy reincarnation story as it developed.

Dr. Eli Lasch was an acquaintance of German therapist Trutz Hardo and he recounted the whole incident to him. Hardo then took the story and published it in a book he was writing on the subject of children’s past lives.

The Druze

This particular boy belonged to the Druze ethnic group and they accept reincarnation as an everyday occurrence.

Members of the Druze faith believe that Al-Hakim bi-Amr Allah was God incarnate
Members of the Druze faith believe that Al-Hakim bi-Amr Allah was God incarnate

When he was born he ended up with a rather strange looking birthmark on his head that was red in color. The Druze religion believe that birthmarks are an indication of what happens during past life deaths.

When the boy was finally old enough to speak he managed to inform his horrified family that he had been killed by an axe blow to the head (where the birthmark sits!).

The Druze elders decided to take the boy to the village he claimed that he lived in his past life. When they arrived there the boy instantly remembered his old name so the elders questioned the locals about this name. They claimed that a man with that name had disappeared from the village four years earlier never to be seen again.

The Killer

Attentions then turned to the subject of the boy’s killer in his previous life – he remembered his full name! They managed to track this man down and when the boy confronted him the shock on his face was there for all to see.

He immediately turned a ghostly white as the blood drained from his face but he was still adamant that he was not a murderer.

This was the point where the boy informed the elders he would be able to take them to his body and to the weapon used to kill him. They dragged the accused along and dug up the two spots the boy had chosen.

They found the skeleton remains with a cracked skull and the murder weapon – the wound to the skull corresponded to the young lad’s birthmark.

The accused broke down in visible despair as he knew the game was up – Dr. Lasch, the only non-Druze, witnessed the whole story unfold.

So what is to be made of this 3 year old boy reincarnation incident? Is it the first recorded crime solved by the forces of reincarnation?

The fact that Dr. Lasch was present throughout this whole process and the fact the boy was only three years old certainly gives the story some solid substance…

10 comments on “3 Year Old Boy Reincarnation

  1. its common thing. im surprised why you americans consider this as miracle.
    We Asians know about this for a loong time and reincarnation is common thing.

    Ever heard of Dalai Lama? Do a little reading on how his reincarnation is chosen to continue his deeds. Funny how you all deny everything that is common to the rest of the world.

    1. Well first things first – I ain’t American! Secondly I think we were actually backing up this account by including it on the site in the first place! I firmly believe in reincarnation and always have ( without the help or opinions of the Dalai Lama! ).

  2. Wow I love this story. Though I suppose I am biased as I like to believe in reincarnation. I think it is nature’s way of recycling the soul. Not that a soul can be destroyed but can probably exist in nothingness. I just feel like religion is ultimately created out of fear of mortality. Reincarnation is not the answer to our prayers though. You may come back in a war torn country or a starving nation or an abusive family and be murdered in childhood. There’s no saying that just because you have survived a death doesn’t mean that you have not or will not suffer.

    1. I really like that Michelle – “nature’s way of recycling the soul”

      It would make a great title for a new article! 🙂

  3. Totally agree, it would make such an intriguing article. If you wanted I’d be happy to put something together for your perusal?

    Awesome, I love this stuff. 😊

  4. Hi Chris. I suppose everything in nature recycles when it dies. In a physical sense that involves matter decomposing and becoming food or fertile ground. Ultimately supporting life.
    If nature recycles the body, does it recycle the soul? And does it recycle in a similar way? Could our souls become the nutrition for new born souls or is the soul recycled straight up? From body to body?
    Another way of thinking about this from a somewhat scientific p.o.v.
    Apparently energy always transfers in to more energy. We eat food we use the energy etc. Is the soul energy ? If so then physics says that it is definitely recycled does it not? Think solar panels.

    I could put something together if you would like me to. It may take me a couple of nights as it is children permitting. 🙂

    1. Hi Michelle

      Sorry, only just saw this comment! Yes of course – we welcome all contributors to the site (and publish them here) if they have some angle they would like to cover on the subjects we cover.

      This comment ended up in the wrong folder which is why I saw it so late (site security playing up again!)

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