Albert Fish The Cannibal

Albert Fish The Cannibal

This article will be covering the rather disturbing case of Albert Fish the cannibal, serial killer and child rapist. Was insanity really the driving force behind the actions of this evil, twisted man?

Let’s take a closer look…

The Kidnapping

This frightening case starts in May, 1928, when Fish noticed a newspaper advert posted by a young man, (18-year-old Edward Budd) looking for work.

On the 28th of May, Fish knocked the door of the Manhattan household of the Budd family under the false personality of Frank Howard. He managed to convince them that he was a farmer from New York.

At the time Fish was 58 years old, and he had little problem in playing the kind old grandfather role…which convinced the Budd family.

Edward Budd was informed that he had a job waiting for him, and he could even bring along a friend to work as well.

Fish returned to the Budd Household several days later to have another meeting with his new ’employee’…but he came face to face with Edward’s ten-year-old sister, Grace.

albert fish children

Fish joined the family for lunch and they all had a pretty good time together. After food was finished, Fish informed the Budd parents that he was a little late for his niece’s birthday party, and would have to leave in a hurry.

He also suggested taking Grace with him, as she was around about the same age as his niece.

He told Grace’s parents that he would have their daughter home late in the afternoon, and he would then take Edward to his new job on the farm.

The time for their daughter to be home came and went.

Edward was sent down the police station the following day to report Grace missing. After a short conversation with the police, he realized that there was no record of a Frank Howard or the farm…

The Awful Letter

It didn’t take the police long to link the kidnapping to numerous other similar cases. One of these cases involved a three-year-old child who witnessed his brother being snatched by ‘The Grey Man’.

They then uncovered several other cases involving this ‘Grey Man’.

Six years after Grace Budd’s disappearance, and with the case having gone cold, no one was expecting a break in the mystery.

But in November 1934, Edward and Grace’s mother, Delia Budd, received an awful letter.

The albert fish story

I was toying with the idea of covering the whole letter in this article, but it’s contents are pretty disturbing at the best of times.

Long story short – the letter was from Fish and it explained how he had killed, dismembered, cooked and devoured Grace Budd.


Fish didn’t realize that this letter would be his downfall – the police eventually manged to track him down after looking into it’s content.

He went on trial for Grace Budd’s murder, and during the time of his apprehension, confessed to numerous other child murders.

Fish attempted to convince the authorities that he was insane – apparently god had told him to kill all of the children. If god did not want the children dead – then why hadn’t he sent angels to stop him?

Numerous psychiatrists examined Fish and came to the conclusion that he was a psychiatric phenomenon – he lived for just about every sexual fetish known to man!

Fish then explained to them that he loved to hurt himself as he tortured his victims – these actions were so horrendous, the authorities did not believe him…until they x-rayed his pelvic region…

Here they found several pins and needles that Fish had inserted into his own body, to enjoy the self inflicted pain.


The jury came to the conclusion that Fish was indeed insane…but they recommended execution anyway.

After his execution, Fish’s lawyer, James Dempsey, admitted that he held a statement penned by Fish…

When questioned about this statement he simply replied “I will never show it to anyone. It was the most filthy string of obscenities that I have ever read.”

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