Alien Abduction Quality Control – The Albert Burtoo Case


The Albert Burtoo Case

The 1983 Albert Burtoo case is an alien abduction with a​ twist due to him apparently failing the alien’s strict quality control. Below is the account of this extremely weird and unique case.

A Spot of Night Fishing

Night fishingBack on August 12, 1983, 77 year old Albert decided to go for a spot of night fishing on the Basingstoke Canal. He was sitting enjoying the peace in the early hours of the morning when a bright light covered the area and descended onto a nearby path.

There was a military base nearby the canal so Albert put it down to the light being nothing more than one of their helicopters.

He sat back down and poured himself a cup of tea from his flask and all of a sudden his dog, Tiny, started barking out of control.

Albert turned to see what he was barking at and noticed a pair of figures emerging from the undergrowth. This was the description of the men Albert gave reporters:

“They were about four foot high, dressed in pale green coveralls from head to foot and they had helmets of the same color with a visor that was blacked out.”

The two men didn’t seem that dangerous and simply gestured to the pensioner to get up and follow them. Albert didn’t really feel any fear and decided to go along with their commands.

He followed the two strangers along a towpath until they reached a saucer shaped spacecraft nestling on the ground.

The Abduction

He followed the two visitors inside the saucer shaped craft but he had to stoop right down low to actually fit in there. The main room they had entered was a very strange smelling octagonal shape with metal walls.

As Albert looked around the room he noticed there were no joins in the walls or furnishings. Everything had somehow been fused together without the use of nuts or bolts.

There was a single shaft in the middle of the room that seemed to be attached from the floor to the ceiling. Next to this shaft another two characters stood waiting.

One of these men stood forward and commanded Albert to stand below an orange light that had suddenly appeared. He did as he was asked and the orange light seemed to scan his whole body.

The Rejection

When the scan was over one of the men approached Albert and asked him how old he was. He spoke in a very strange voice that seemed almost musical with a slight European twinge to it.

Albert told the man that he was a pensioner of 77 and was then informed that he was to infirm for what they were looking for.

Albert took no offense from this comment and simply left the craft and returned to his fishing spot to finish his tea.

As he enjoyed the remainder of his hot drink he heard a whirring of an engine start and turned to see the metallic saucer lift off into the air. It floated for a second before shooting off into deep space at an amazing speed.

One would think that this sort of encounter would freak an old age pensioner right out but Albert later explained that he had nothing to lose. He was at an age when nothing really surprised him and he had gone through many experiences in life.

The Conclusions

For some reason certain aliens seem to have a quality control effecting the humans they abduct. American abductee Carl Higdon believed that he had been rejected as a guinea pig for a hybrid breeding program. He firmly believes that the vasectomy he had done years before made him worthless to the aliens that had targeted him.

There is also a 1979 report of a Brazilian lady named Luis Oswald being rejected by aliens and being told she was of no use.

What are your views on the strange case of Albert Burtoo? Do you believe certain alien races have some sort of quality control in place that determines who they can abduct?

Please leave your opinions in the comment section below.

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