Alien Angel Hair – UFO Residue?

Alien Angel Hair

For some reason France had an influx of UFO sightings in the 1950’s. As well as these sightings there was the strange anomaly of alien angel hair spread out across parts of the country…

It Fell From The Sky

It was referred to as alien angel hair due to the fact that it gently fell from the sky. The most famous incident of the strange hair was recorded in October 1952.

It took place at Oloron, France and witnesses claim there was a UFO in the vicinity at the same time. It was cylindrical in shape and hung at a 45 degree angle in the sky.

There seemed to be some sort of cloud beneath the cylinder that gave off some smaller objects. On closer inspection these smaller objects seemed to be red spheres surrounded by a yellow ring.

There were approximately 30 of these strange little objects and their movement was quite amazing. Witnesses reported that they traveled in zigzag motions and they also shot white arc beams between themselves when separating.

It was these smaller UFO’s that dropped the alien angel hair towards the ground. Onlookers raced towards the fallen substance and picked it up to examine it. Once they rolled it about in their hands for a bit it seemed to turn into a jelly and simply disappear into thin air!

This was not a single incident either – about ten days later the same UFO’s were sighted in Gaillac, France. The same strange hair was also reported to be falling from the skies!


In 1954 two men, Gennaro Lucetti and Pietro Lastrucci were visiting a hotel and decided to step out on a balcony to get some fresh air. As they stood there admiring the view around St.Mark’s Square in Venice they noticed something strange in the sky.

St.Mark's Square in Venice
St.Mark’s Square in Venice

As they looked closer they noticed that there were two shining spindles flying across the sky in front of the hotel!

The spindle type crafts seemed to leave some sort of white trail of material behind them but neither man could figure out exactly what it was.

All of a sudden the strange UFO’s changed direction and sped off towards Florence

Later that day a football match ( or soccer match depending on where you are in the world! ) was being played in Florence. About 10,000 spectators were there to witness the same strange craft fly above the stadium and leave cobweb alien angel hair all over the playing pitch.


Professor Danilo Cozzi of Florence University managed to get his hands on some of this strange hair from the football match for examination.

He concluded that it was very strong and resistant until it was subjected to heat. It would then simply melt and evaporate away.

Charles Maney is a Ufologist from the US and he has a theory that I happen to like the best. He claims that…

“The UFO excess energy which materialized, the threads return to their dimension or some other space-time continuum while fading away.”

Pretty awesome theory eh?

A study took place in New Zealand in 1967 and the results showed that it was unlikely the strange substance was created by mother nature.

The more ‘level headed’ scientists out there seem to think that the strange substance is the result of spiders. A certain type of spider named Linyphiidae is thought to carry a similar substance miles and miles and leave trails of it everywhere along the way.

If this is the case and spiders really are responsible for the alien angel hair then why does this strange substance melt?

Spider silk cannot melt because heat does not affect it – but angel hair vanishes without trace. Out of all the reports on angel hair not one of them has included spiders being present or near the area!

What are your thoughts on this strangest of substances that keeps on appearing?

Is it directly linked to UFO activity or is it merely another trick of mother nature we have not yet figured out?

Please leave your opinions below…

2 comments on “Alien Angel Hair – UFO Residue?

  1. I think it evaporates because it’s streams of frozen condensation or steam mixed with some foreign element(s) the UFOs exhaust leaves in it’s wake. I don’t believe it mysteriously transports back to their dimension or homeworld as I’d imagine that would cost substantial energy, I’m sure it just evaporates, especially since it’s change only occurs with heat. That or Space semen

    1. I think ‘space semen’ is the best suggestion we’ve had on here so far today Joseph! Thanks for taking the time to leave your opinion on so many of our articles!

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