Alien Buried in Texas

Alien Buried in Texas

Texas 1897, in the tiny Northern town of Aurora, something strange occurred early in the morning on Saturday, April the 17th. In this article we will be taking a look at the claims of a alien buried in Texas at the turn of the century…

The Texas UFO Crash 1897

At 6 o’clock in the morning, a metallic-colored cigar-shaped UFO was spotted in the skies above Aurora. It was traveling in a south to north line.

At first, the locals who were awake, mistook the object for a balloon airship…but this vessel seemed to be made out of some sort of metal.

It’s worth noting that at this point in history, numerous strange ships were being reported across the US skylines. Therefore, an amateur reporter/writer named S. E. Haydon chose to label the UFO a ‘airship’ in his later article to the Dallas Morning News.

The Article

Haydon told the Dallas Morning News that the flying vessel seemed to be having some sort of mechanical issues. It was traveling at a decent speed before suddenly slowing right down and heading towards the ground.

The UFO Crashes

The town was transfixed as they watched this strange craft float over the town square before crashing straight into a windmill on the property of Judge J. S. Proctor, and exploding in dramatic fashion.

It managed to take out the windmill, a water tank and the whole flower garden.

The Pilot

The locals ran as fast as they could to the scene and managed to pull the pilot’s body out of the wreckage. This is when the report got really weird…

Witnesses claimed that the pilot was not a human being.

Haydon commented that the body was badly burned, but it was still obvious to everyone that it was not an inhabitant of our planet.

Another witness, named Mr. T. J. Weems, an officer in the U.S. Signal Service, went around telling everyone that the strange pilot was a visitor from Mars.

Some of the pilot’s clothing was still in tact, and when he was searched they found papers written in an unknown language made up of hieroglyphics.

The Funeral

On the 18th of April, newspaper reports suggest that the pilot was given a proper Christian burial at the Aurora Cemetery.

The Texas UFO Crash 1897

In 1973, newspaper reporter Bill Case went to visit this unique grave and found the headstone looking very much like a flying saucer with portholes included.

Case went on to write a whole article on the incident, and even included the real location of the grave…but the article was mysteriously stolen…and the location of the grave seems to have disappeared with it.

The TV show UFO Hunters managed to locate an unmarked grave at the Aurora Cemetery in 2008. The producers were sure that this was the lost alien grave…but the owners of the cemetery would not let anyone dig up the area.

The Alien Buried in Texas

Many researchers believe that this report was nothing more than a ‘story’ made up by local residents. They claim that at the time, the area was desperate to boost tourism.

On the flip side of the coin – numerous ufologists believe the report to be true.

What are your thoughts on the subject?

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8 comments on “Alien Buried in Texas

  1. There’s been far too many sightings of extra-terrestrial flying vehicles which are obviously under intelligent control, by too many very credible people, for the whole thing to be just be mass imagination. Why shouldn’t this story be true?

    1. Agreed. I grew up in the corner of the Broadhaven Triangle in Wales – more UFO sightings over a yearly period than anywhere else in the world (there is also a large Army base over the estuary!). Hundreds of credible people from the area have come forward over the years – some I know quite well.

    1. That’s a great link Fred – I only had the chance to read it today!
      Yeah I covered the Broadhaven triangle on the ‘sister website’ linked to this one – I haven’t managed to get around to it here yet (I have an excellent book on it from when I was a kid!)

  2. What makes this story a bit more credible than others is that the individuals involved did not make a big to-do about it. And they gave the little Alien a proper burial. I understand that Judge Proctor put the remains of the wreckage down a well on the property and had it permanently sealed. However, whatever material the craft was made of leached into the ground water and began making people very sick and created physical deformities. As for digging the little sky-pilot up, it’s been 121 years, leave him to rest in peace. Some mysteries do not need to be solved.

    1. That’s very interesting Janet (sorry about the delay by the way!). I did not realize that the material caused so much hassle to the area – thank you for including it with our article.

  3. I grew up in Llanstadwell, near Neyland Pembrokeshire and we definitely saw something in the sky one night. It shot off so fast!! I’ve never forgotten it. Me and 2 friends watched it together. Definite hot spot.

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