Alien in The Sky – Boyle Heights UFO


Alien in The Sky

A recent UFO sighting reported some sort of bizarre alien in the sky over a quiet California neighborhood. Witnesses claim that when the craft displayed it’s side view it looked more like a mysterious creature floating across the evening skyline.

Tentacles in The Sky

On January 7, 2015, a California family were relaxing in their Boyle Heights neighborhood when the father decided to take a walk to the other side of the front yard/garden.

As he crossed the driveway he looked up and spotted something strange in the distance of the early evening skyline. It was very dark in shape and extremely large – it looked like a boomerang that was stood on it’s two points ( facing upwards ).

It was nothing at all like the traditional disc-shaped flying objects reported. When he caught a side view of the strange craft he was astonished to see it moved much like an aquatic creature with some sort of tentacle-like arms.

The following is the description the father gave to the local authorities that night:

“It had a wispy tail-like and wispy wings, but not wings – slow moving tentacles/arms – very hard to describe, but it is not like anything I’ve ever seen.”

The astonished father called over to one of his sons and asked him to grab the binoculars from inside the house. He was then joined by the rest of the family as he took a closer look at the strange object in the sky.

It was about 5 p.m. so the natural light was getting thin but he could still make out two passenger planes in the sky nearby the object. This gave him a scale to work off and indicated that the strange craft must of been at least as big as the passing planes.

This sighting was reported to the network that keeps track of UFO sightings. It was marked as case number 62515 with the Mutual UFO Network ( MUFON ).


This is not the first alien in the sky report to have been logged over the years. Whilst sightings of creatures in the sky are rare they are reported from time to time in Ufology circles.

What was this strange craft that hovered over Boyle Heights that evening? Was it a new kind of aircraft halfway through a maiden test voyage or was it something a little more sinister?

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10 comments on “Alien in The Sky – Boyle Heights UFO

      1. Hi Dana, you can contact us by using the email address on the ‘contact’ page of this site 🙂
        We would love to see your photo!

  1. I just saw this over covina, ca. On my way back home from work, So I decided look it up on google. Wtf was that thing. It was like a big ads black jellyfish slowly moving in the sky.

  2. I saw something similar but much smaller. Only it appeared to be cloaked or something. It was maybe 10pm and I was looking at the sky and I saw what I thought was a moving star, upon closer inspection it was very low, 50 feet maybe. When it would move just right in the moonlight I could see what look like an out line of tentacles.
    It had a shimmer to like the the predator in the movies. I know it sounds crazy, but I don’t know how else to explain it. The light I noticed first that I thought was a star was the top portion and I think it may have been and was the only part that wasn’t shimmering. It seemed to swim in the night sky and I swear I felt like it knew I was watching it..and that it was watching me as well.. It even seemed to come lower when I was looking. Has anyone seen anything similar.

    1. Wow heavy experience Timothy! Hopefully one of our visitors can help you out with what you witnessed…
      Thanks so much for including your experience here!

  3. Back in 2012 I had a similar encounter 4am in the morning when I was leaving my house to work. Over in ontario california I looked up while I was walking to my car I seen this mass huge black wavy tentacle looking object floating (crusing) over the trees the moon was bright that night. I ran back in the house spooked the shit out of me. I’ve told the story before back than I had a flip phone I wasn’t able to take picture to back my story up. It was spooky it seem like it was as big as 2 suv combine. Almost look like oil in water on the reflection it had. Some things out not sure what it is. But different alien like never seen that technology before.

    1. Very interesting Jae. Did you ever ask about to see if any of the other locals witnessed a similar sight?

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