Alien Moon Base Evidence

Alien Moon Base Evidence

Ufologists are continuously on the lookout for new alien moon base evidence – why is this?

Well, when you consider that since 1972 man has not physically set foot on the moon alarm bells start ringing.

Many respected experts firmly believe that man was chased off the moon by aliens and told never to return. Are aliens on the moon?

Does any of this moon base evidence make sense?

Lets take a closer look…

Are Aliens On The Moon?

Whilst NASA has always been pretty much tight lipped on the subject various employees have not followed suit.

A large number of NASA employees from the space missions confirm that the moon is apparently crawling with UFOs and aliens.

For years now the Clavius Crater and the Plato Crater have given off strange beams of light. As well as these strange beams astronomers have reported strange orb-like vessels in both craters.

These strange discoveries by astronomers stretch back as far as 1540 and there are thought to be over 600 documented cases.

NASA’s Response

These reports prompted NASA to launch Operation Moon Blink in 1965. The operation was said to be put in place to keep an eye on the moon without having to send astronauts into space – the equipment was unmanned.

This equipment was set up to collect information including the possible UFO or alien activity – this included alien moon base evidence!

Alien Moon Base Evidence
The Near & Far Sides of The Moon

These unmanned satellites have been very active since their introduction. Many different UFO’s have been spotted and they have even unearthed structures on the moon that look very artificial ( the Shard and The Tower ).

Then there’s the information that Otto Binder provided the world with. Otto is an Ex-NASA employee who admitted the Apollo astronaut’s radio conversations with NASA were censored so that the public could not hear what was going on.

He went on to explain that the Apollo astronauts informed mission control that there were massive UFO spacecrafts parked on the moon. They were thought to have been positioned near the landing area of Apollo 11.

NASA Aliens

Another ex-NASA employee named Maurice Chatelain seemed to agree with Otto Binder’s claims.

He was informed that the famous moonwalk by Neil Armstrong was observed by two UFO’s near the edge of a crater and another two over the Sea of Tranquility.

Maurice Chatelain was the chief of NASA communication systems – he was well respected and everybody knew he was exceptional at his job. Is there any reason why Maurice Chatelain would make these sort of claims up?

The Warning

As we mentioned in the introduction these same aliens are thought to have eventually chased NASA off the moon. Whatever they said worked a treat – NASA has not set a physical foot on the moon since.

It’s a safe bet to think that these beings are a lot more advanced than us and could easily throw their weight about if necessary.

Aliens are thought to have eventually chased NASA off the moon

Was it the threat of superior technology that caused NASA to retreat with it’s tail between it’s legs?

Are these threats examples of alien moon base evidence?

Please leave any opinions on the subject in the comment section below:


14 comments on “Alien Moon Base Evidence

  1. This is sad, NASA hasn’t set foot on the moon because what would we do? its a rock that fluctuates temperatures of -387F to 253F. We couldn’t live there. And we’ve taken rock samples, what else do you want? If you were really interested in space you would have the brain to get a telescope and observe the moon yourself instead of spreading BS on the internet. This is the reason everyone is so dumb nowadays, they believe crackpot theories like this.

    1. We could easily of deleted this response to the information we have provided but comments like this do our job for us. Do you really think none of us here at have any experience in astronomy? Are you really that green?
      Thankfully we encounter a lot of people like you who will always disregard the information in front of them and that only makes us more determined to provide the truth through our research.
      You are right in one respect – some people are dumb these days!
      Thanks for your comment and for stopping by. Good luck with your telescope 🙂

  2. the united states and world nations were banned from the moon due to nixon and his errors.they dont want us up there they have enough problems,the human ufo civilazations there now.if the conventional world were to go back to the moon we’d be the main power up there and the conventional world is too corrupt.they banned us and are blocking us from going there for good reasons.Bush jr. tried to get back to the moon but he wasnt able to do so.

    1. Hi Nick thanks for contributing. Can I ask by ‘they’ were you referring to alien lifeforms on the moon? Maybe the human UFO civilizations you mentioned? If so I agree – it’s certainly a possibility! An interesting response thanks!

  3. im possitive there are earthly human bases all over the solar system and beyond.that a higher power had crashed ufo’s into various parts of the earth in order to upgrade our technology throught the last century or so.they did this so we can counter a once higher development of technology on the earth then knowing a high age of technology would be coming upon the earth.this so we can protect ourselves.its why we have a good measure of security today.all of the aliens in the ufo crashes were maniacle.these type two earth originating civilizations are very high technologically.things that seem impossible are really possible,like matter transport and many other high technologys.

    1. ( Hello again Nick! ) Ah I see what you’re saying now mate! I like the idea of purposely trying to upgrade our technology – makes a lot of sense in some respects. We certainly are at a much higher level/age of security than even a couple of decades ago. Thanks for commenting Nick. Hope to hear from you again!

    1. Nope we did not ( and how could we? ). China’s Chang’e 3 moon lander successfully arrived there on Dec 14th at about 8:11 a.m. EST. I’m afraid that this vessel was completely UNMANNED mate – nothing more than a hulk of metal going through the process of a soft landing on the moon.

  4. the reason why the earth origonating ufo people from ubove the atmosphere were mutulating cattle was a warning to the conventional governments to be careful with them.anything can happen to the earth from space was the ambiguious sighn of that.

    1. Hi Nick thanks for stopping by and chipping in! It appears the governments have been warned in various ways to keep their noses out of the activity above – good point!

  5. I’m not much of a scientist but I totally agree to this theory aliens has been coming to earth from starting but the thing we don’t know is how many species are there. I’m just a 16 year old teenager but I really like to work with NASA it doesn’t matter if I die but I want to show the world all the things that NASA is hiding.

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