Aliens Called Pleiadians – Nordic Alien Encounters

Aliens Called Pleiadians - Nordic Alien Encounters

In this article we will be taking a look at the aliens called Pleiadians who originate from the Pleiades star cluster. 

They have always fascinated me due to the fact they are a humanoid race who visits Earth often and whom we share a common ancestry.

The Pleiades System

The Pleiades star cluster is made up of seven reasonably small stars in the in the Constellation of Taurus the Bull.

In terms of distance it is around 500 light years from Earth. The seven stars are as follows:

  • Taygeta
  • ​Maya
  • Colea
  • Atlas
  • Merope
  • Electra
  • Alcoyne

It’s impossible to ​provide an explanation on these aliens without introducing you to another race of aliens known as the Lyra.

The Lyrans

The Lyrans originate from the planet Lyra and are thought to be our common ancestors. The planet of Lyra suffered greatly from constant wars causing many of it’s more peaceful inhabitants to leave for good.

They traveled around the stars for many centuries before eventually coming across the seven cluster stars in Pleiades. They liked the look of this area so they settled on a planet named Erra near the star Taygeta.

Erra was what they had been searching for and in 228,000 B.C they officially started up their new civilization there.

The Pleiadians

The Pleiadians are thought to be a very intelligent and ancient form on humanoid. They have apparently been following Earth’s history and our evolution from the beginning.

Aliens Called Pleiadians
Artist’s Sketch of a Pleiadian

They claim to know the exact age of our planet Earth – 626 billion years old.

The Pleiadians did not discover Earth until 225,000 B.C. when they spotted our sun system. The arranged a scouting mission and landed on Earth to find out more about the planet.

They found three separate and under-developed civilizations on Earth. The largest civilization seemed to have a paler skin color than the rest and were direct descendants of the Lyran alien race.

The Lyrans had discovered Earth long before the Pleiadians but had been very unkind to Earth’s natives. This led to them being forced to stay on Earth due to the Karma they received through this evil treatment to the darker skinned natives.

The Pleiadians realized they had a lot to offer the three civilizations on Earth and decided to stay and lend a helping hand with society.

The Incarnational Cycle

So the Pleiadians entered into a incarnational cycle with humans on Earth. The locations they were allowed to inhabit were:

  • ​Bali
  • Hawaii
  • Samoa
  • India

The Earth’s civilizations went through many changes between 196,000 B.C. and 10 A.D. Many civilizations were built and many civilizations fell. It seemed no matter what the Pleiadians tried war would always rear it’s ugly head.

The Pleiadians tried their hardest to change humanity right up until 10 A.D. They centered in on the Lemuria, Maya, Inca and a civilzation at Machu Picchu as their best hope.

Machu Picchu
Machu Picchu

They were constantly trying to guide us to a more positive and natural spiritual path – by the looks of things, they failed!

In 10 A.D. there was only one Pleiadian leader left on Earth named Plejas and he decided they should leave the planet for good.

He felt the human race should now be allowed to find it’s own way and he had also heard news that his home planet had ended it’s own wars.

They decided to leave one of their spiritual leaders behind on Earth just to make sure we stayed on the correct path. His name was Jmmanuel.

Jmmanuel later became known to Jesus by his followers and was a highly evolved and spiritual being. His father was Gabriel of the Pleiades system and his mother was Mary from the Lyran race.

Earth was left to evolve it’s own natural way without the aliens called Pleiadians till our present time.

Will they ever return to lead our planet to bigger and better things?

Please leave your answers or opinions in the comment section below…

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  1. They don’t have to return. Because they are already here on planet Earth. And Pleiadians are not the only species there are more.

      1. Dude seriously , you just agreed with the biggest lie of all time .

        The reason why Jesus is so important is cause he claims to be the son of god. Now we are all sons and daughters of god, but Jesus is all god and all human at the same time .

        Now if Jesus we not Divine , he could not atone for our Sin that prevents freedom in communication with the father of us all .

        Personally I am convinced that the pleadians are genetically enhanced reptiles who want to eat us.

        There are many good races though, but the pleadians are not them .

        You judge a tree buy it’s fruit, says Jesus.

        The paladins are mind F##king us I promise.

        1. Okay that’s a pretty strong opinion – one which you are entitled to of course…but maybe you could back up these claims with something that makes them sound a little stronger?

      2. I have come into into the knowledge that Pleiadians are not as benign as they seem. With the research that I gather after years of studying I have discerning that they have intentions that are not conducive to human development and are in many ways just as hegemonizing as the Greys and their other forebears. The research that I gathered suggests that the known mind of these entities is a front. We only know them from what they themselves have stated but if you look at human mythology you can see the damning evidence against them. If they were by their own admission the “Gods” or part of the “Gods” like the sirians, lyrans and so on then when you analyze the interactions of them between humans you find several ahuman elements. Let’s think about it…this is the real world here and I think that it was primarily for economic exploitation of the possession of the Earth that they came, not to help some to them inferior monkeys. The purpose of human inception on the earth was to serve as a slave race to the gods i.e. the various humanoid race whom may be in some kind of loose association or forum of humanlike races in the galaxy. I am not sure how these races would view peoples who have a different body type like the insectoid peoples, the reptilians, races who look like octopi or whales. I think that the success of the human form in biological survival may have engendered within these races an arrogance, an intense ego and a patronizing view of peoples they deem lesser than themselves. The conceit of the Pleiadians comes from their delusion that they are spiritually perfect. Beware! If we are to judge these entities by analyzing the relationships between man and the gods we see striking and disheartening parallels like that of imperial colonialism where white and Arab empires hegemonized and exploited the black Africans in centuries of slavery and economic depredations, where the native aborigines of the Americas were exterminated and exploited by the European settlers and how throughout the world this paradigm of foreign invaders taking away lands from the indigenous peoples has been the norm. The empires of Europe despite competing with each other where in the same club…they had vehicles through they despite their bickering could coalign for goals that were beneficial for their exploitation if you look at the Scramble for Africa as an example. Britain didn’t fight Spain for the sake of the Native Americans, it was in their economic interest to hinder the progress of the Spanish and Portuguese competition. America, France and Germany never fought on the behalf of the blacks in Africa against other white powers…they fought for themselves because they had a forum of interaction through they competed and cooperated. If such as a club exists among the humanoid races intended for them to exploit peoples like insectoids, cetaceans, and other forms of mindkind, to create empires and steal from other races, to exterminate nonhumanoids and races that don’t comply and take possession of their worlds and technology, and if the earth is one such possession if can we really trust the Pleiadians to be telling the truth about the entirety of their inception on the earth. How do they view nonhumanoids, how do they view races that can compete with them? How do a race with their vanity and ego views humans a hodgepodge abomination of alien genetics and a lesser animal. I am not sure that they view us very well and they are fighting a war to possess the earth for its resources, the slaves, and it’s genetic riches. Empires don’t do charity

        1. Very interesting angle on the topic we have covered above Joey – if you ever feel like doing an article on this subject just give us a shout (will fit well with the work we do here!).

    1. I had a dream last night. I was contacted by a Nordic female named Annka telling me there were thousands of ship in the Milky Way galaxy. I met her leader and he was like 7’ Plus tall and confirmed what she told me.

      All these purple light anomalies being seen are them. Something big is about to happen. I felt they were here to help in some way.

      All I felt in my dreams was calm and love. Am I not with it or did something Devine happen?

  2. I think it’s great that people are open minded enough these days to explore the possibility of alien’s. And like Einstein said, Anything is possible. I love hearing new information about the Nordics. I hope they are doing great!

    1. Hi Kat,
      Thanks for stopping by!
      Glad you enjoyed the article and the Nordic alien subject – look forward to hearing from you again 🙂

  3. Meg,
    please tell me what else is going on here on earth.
    is Earth of any significance? Is earth a important place to these other aliens or are they just hiding out?
    people always say the reptilians and the greys are evil and bad,
    so can the Pleiadians help keep the peace?

  4. Hello, I am the artist who drew the image of the pleiadian you have here on this page. I appreciate the distribution my artwork. To all those interested you may view my other works at winter


        i made that drawing of a pleiadian also. I have this almost compelling desire to draw them. I can’t quite understand it: and i have also seen them in dreams. I suppose they communicate with me on a subconscious level, though i know it sounds crazy. To all the skeptics out there i would say: don’t rule out the possibility of their existence. Whoever they are, they are much older than humans and not made of the same stuff as us. We should not deny their existence, but something tells me that we should not completely trust them either. but what do i know?

        1. That’s another awesome image of a Pleiadian Melanie – if it’s royalty free we’d love to use it in an upcoming article on this site ( along with your other similar images ). Thanks for stopping by and showcasing your awesome work 🙂

        2. Melanie. My name is Fred and I had an experience. In a dream. I met them in a dream. I don’t remember much but I remember they were beautiful. And blue. I don’t know if they were blue Or if their “aura” was blue because its really fuzzy. I remember I had an overwhelming feeling of love coming from them. im looking for answers. Why did they take me? Will they take me again? How can I contact them? What does it all mean? Am I crazy? It happened when I was sleeping but I swear on my soul it was not a dream. Has anyone else had this happen? If so please reply and share your experience. Thank you

  5. All this is bullshit. They are useless to mankind. If they are betwen us they must be very snob elitist indiferent kind of aliens. For we are scumbags low living species for them. Fuck them. I don’t trust them. They are not the “spiritual beings” they want us to believe. They don’t care the mankind. They are liars. They are not beneficial to humanity and I don’t want them here. I will shot the hell of them with my shotgun. But if they are able to benefit me they would be welcome. They don’t give us the cancer cure. They not show their faces. They hiden. They don’t present themselves before ONU under tv cameras. They have not messages for mankind. They are bullshit. Fuck everyone of them!

    1. Lol ,why u so angry ?! They don’t come because u gonna shoot them , use slang to prove ur point or maybe call them a lier :p no offense though.
      Jokes apart , i wanna say that the earth don’t end because spiritual people still exist. They have managed to keep people good ,for them to show we will too have to try to be spiritual and b’live in them . They are not stupid ,this is just not the right time . If they appear people will just capture and experiment on them or will not listen to them . Besides there are so many cures already for so many diseases ,where do u think it comes from,who is helping them . And they are highly spiritual and so can heal through mind ,thats y they want us to be spiritual as well in that way we too can cure cancer for ourselves .

  6. I recently found out this year that I’m the daughter of one, directly, hit and run kind of thing, that may have been born here a hundred years ago. (time is fluid and all that)

    There’s quite a lot I still have to figure out, since as always, the ‘wake up call’ came with an abundance of answers shrouded in more questions, some hard to deal with. But here’s a picture of myself from the summer for biological reference purpose.

    I’m going through another painful growth spurt as well, and at 25 i don’t feel that’s particularly human lol!

    I thought i could do it on my own but I’m really in need of some help down here, the telepathic contact with beings of higher consciousness and my supposed father is super great, and often times hilarious, but I really need to do more research. And I like the vibe that you give off! 🙂

    Hope to hear back and i’ll definitely be sticking around!

    1. By the sounds of things you really know more about me on the subject! Could you maybe go into a bit more detail on how you found out about all this regarding your father? We would love to hear more ( as I’m sure our readers would! ).

    2. J. Crawford im going through the EXACT same thing you are, i know so much and am expanding and putting things together so fast and learning so fast its just so….intense, especially emotionally, the wake up is intense and i feel im just at the beginning! Lol its nuts, im male 26 and even look like you, long, blond hair grey blue eyes with a touch of green, our eyes look very similair as well, if u get this would u please email me or look me up on google plus,
      Namaste -jonathan

      1. It’s great to see so many visitors being able to get in contact with one another through one of our articles – thanks for your input ( all of you! )

  7. Im from denmark and i have personally meet a pleadian girl in sweden last summer… on a campingtrip in the rocky mountains… We still have contact but she is forbidden to meet with me again … but she told me some incredible things, far far out of this stupid world of humanity..

    I have learned to meditate and quantum heal just by her instructions and are at level 3 now (she is at level 26, which is pretty damn cool…)

    I dont wont to tell alot more… its useless anyway with the fucked up US controlling all communication with the ETs… thank god for Steven and his team, which has finally made progress with the french department of defense so we can get this world changed for good… so im just sitting tight and waiting for disclousure to finally happen somehow…

    Anyway, i have some vacation videos and also some rocksolid proff (Given to me by the nordic girl… jarmosi is her name, actually… )… Some pictures, and a very cool collection of what should i call it… crystal communication electronics?!… i will show and share this only with people i know and trust though


    1. Brian Petersen I’m from Denmark too. Do you have any pictures of this ET girl? If so, why not share it? Just curious and interested. I understand that you don’t dare trust anyone, but sometimes trust can open many doors. I have seen many UFOs in my life. Have never seen an ET…at least not to my knowledge. But I’m very interested in all the accounts of human looking ETs, and they are not all Pleiadians. I don’t doubt for a moment that they are real. They are our older brothers and sisters. We come from some of them. I find that extremely exciting. If you read this, you can find me on a facebook group called UK UFO Disclosure (I’m just a member there, it’s not restricted to Brits). A pretty decent site, although it’s not without its nonsense about evil reptilians and such. If you don’t want to, that’s fine. Take care

      1. This was the funniest comment we’ve had to deal with so far today!

        ‘although it’s not without its nonsense about evil reptilians and such’ – apparently this is nonsense yet you are a member of UK UFO Disclosure? Keeping an open mind is key to discovery mate. Hopefully this Brian will respond as we (the website) would love to see some pictures of this girl…

      2. That’s so crazy because I had an abusive grandpa that was a high level mason. Have been seeing orbs, all sorts of ufos, and have been seeing repeating number sequences of 11:11, 12:12, and 33 very often. I feel like something is happening and can’t relate to many about this. Glad I’m not the only one. 🙂

    2. be careful of your emotions, especially anger. this will hinder and block telepathic communication. only when you have mastered your emotions. can remain calm in any situation, master your left and right sides. will the new door open. and once you can raise your frequency to a higher level of love and laughter. will you begin to communicate.

  8. Hi I am a lumerian pleaidian incarnation I am one of the indigo children ad I have a couple other pleaiden friends also. I found this very interesting as many of the starseeds are currently awakening.

  9. Wow, Iv only recently woken up and discovered and researched all of this. I find it so interesting and amazed it took me this long. But I guess there is many more of us yet to discover. Would love to meet a pleaiden a person. Would be great if some could share their life experiences on here

  10. Hi all, I recently had an awakening, for no apparent reason I began to see signs of bad things happening all over the world.. I realize the world is so clueless, and naive. I always was my whole life, until recently when my senses began to heighten and I see things very differently than the rest of the world. I for no reason now understand the evil world politics, it is very scary and I have been anxious about the planet for a long time. I now feel like I have an obligation here. And I never would expect what to happen next. I recently had an encounter with what I believe was a nordic, or pleaidian, I’m not sure. I had never even heard of them before my dream, i assumed he was an angel, until I researched. He came to me in a dream, the most emotional happy and vivid dream I have ever had, it felt too real to just be a dream. He was blonde, beautiful blue eyed man.. I felt extreme compassion and enlightenment by him, he told me I was very special to earth and he had been watching and protecting me my whole life. I knew he was being honest, when I was young I almost died and it was a miracle I lived, and I always have felt protected in a way. I’m not sure how to explain.. I don’t know if I am related to these ancestors in any way, but I feel I am by my intuition, why did they reach out to me? Why am I obsessing over the world for no reason? Why are my senses so heightened all of a sudden? I am confused!!! Am I important to them or was it only just an extremely weird “dream” that can’t be explained? I am of Aryan descent and most consider me very attractive, I have bright blue eyes, blonde hair and am very built genetically, i look like them! I also have close famiky descendants to feeemasons and illuminati which I dont like tbe idea of! All of this is so new and overwhelming to me, if anyone has any input I would appreciate it!

    1. you’re on the right track I too am blonde hair blue-green eyes and had a dream of a long haired blue eyed man but he didn’t speak to me
      …but I felt the same feeling of love and security and now I’ve become crazed with wanting contact again…I too feel a special purpose I cant explain…stay safe…they try to keep people from waking up…

  11. Lol what always kills me is there’s never 100% evidence of anything don’t get me wrong I believe in aliens,pleidians and all that but if a pleidians can email you on a fucking computer site why not show up at one of our houses I wouldn’t tell anyone about my encounter because our generation and the next will never see us earthlings join the intergalactic race t he responded just to many of us that are closed minded and ready to kill anything that we don’t understand…TO ALL THE REAL PLEIDIAND,ALIENS,NORDICS, MY NAME IS DOMINIC BRITTEN PLEASE DONT SHUT OUT THE BELIEVERS JUST CAUSE THE REST OF THE WORLD WON’T ACCEPT WHAT IS ALREADY HAPPENING

  12. Ive recently been going throught a shift in consciousness like many are and ive been informed that those who are channeling entities like Bashar and Abraham are not here for our highest good, im not saying that these channeled beings are evil but there are some that are and its not as easy as you would think to tell. Funny enough these new spiritual movements resemble religion (control). I have been force to question ALL of my old beliefs and what i have been drawn to known as “New Age Spirituality”. Going through this awakening has taught me to look within myself were all the power really exists rather than out and ive also realised how powerful intuition is and following ones own heart, once you start listening to your own heart you will gain access to the living library. Lastly ive started to see the number 22 EVERYWHERE which is communication from the spirits making me aware that its time for my life mission to start being a light worker. This really is an amazing time for us on this planet and we are the talk of the town by the rest of the galactic civilisations.

  13. Hi all, I’ve started my spiritual transformation a few months ago and my kundalini seems to be activating. I have many symptoms. Orbs, flashes of light in my head etc, feeling sick (I’m a filthy smoker and on medication). I don’t feel like myself anymore and it’s quite frightening at times. If I blink fast I can see the shapes, outlines of people/things/shapes. I have some dark history from my past and my abusive grandfather was a free mason. I keep seeing 33 everywhere. I hope I’m not going insane but I really need answers from something that’s out there. I dunno. Anyway, to everyone who’s actively searching, I wish you all the best. Cheers, Jordan

  14. Speaking in terms of the Pleiadian race there are ones that are Nordic looking :Blonde hair blue eyes etc. They are also slender and tall in stature. But, whats interesting is that is just one example of their many traits. There is a secondary group which is lesser known that are shorter in stature hair ranges from brown to red and eyes can range from green to gold. Pleiadian hybrids are on Earth. Also shedding light on why they do not get involved with the human race at this time, which they left earth in 1977. They had been actively participating up til that point from the first time they set foot on Earth which was thousands upon thousands of years ago. It was a choice made because of the conflict with other participating Alien Races. As well as letting the human race find their own way. IF the Pleiadians chose to help in the development of the human species it would have ended in conflict and resentment. That is the course of human history. As for the hybrids there are around 1000 on earth give or take a few. The exact number at this time is still unknown since not many of the hybrids have yet come forward. But, then again they are so close to human that its hard to differentiate.

  15. I am from india and would like to share that there are mythological references to pleidians in the Sanskrit language and in the scriptures here . The star system pleidies is referred to as karthik in India . There is a ‘ God ‘ called karthikeya , subrahmanya or Skanda ( after whom I am named ) . There are several temples built for him and he is worshipped in India . He is believed to be the son of Lord Shiva who is one ofvthe holy Trinity here . Just wanted to share this interesting connection to thr same star system .

  16. My sister has bright blonde hair and blue eyes. Not sure if she is pleiadian. I don’t know, but thatd be cool. She’s never mentioned anything reguarding Pleiades or if she knows who they are

  17. There are many ordinary Earthlings with blond hair and blue eyes, and that does not make them Pleiadians. There are also other human ETs with blond hair and blue eyes, and they come from many different places, not just the Pleiades. Some of the Pleiadians have brown/black hair, and there are even some blue-skinned Pleaideans.

  18. This world is so very evil at the moment. Children suffering in wars! I truly wish your race could perform a miracle to put a stop to all the suffering!

  19. I know it sounds crazy, I am a well balanced person but this has happened to me. I have meet Nordics they look very similar to us but there face is different. My first comment was you speak English well to which I was told your mind thinks I speak English.
    I also found out that space crafts are only use for short distance travel for long distance they use a dimensional door which was demonstrated to me. I was also told that every race of being is responsible for themselves including us.
    If you do harm to another race of beings you will be held responsible by your race and forcibly returned, I seen this happen to a reptilian who was returned.
    They had technology that they were able to speak in a crowned area to a small group with perfect clarity, it was like a filter.
    Basically the Nordics are like tourists it was surprising what caught their interest, what amused them. I felt safe and warm in their presence, I felt sad when I left them.

    1. This is really cool stuff Graham – love hearing reports like this!

      If you are ever interested in writing down your experiences we would love to publish them here. Our readers would love to hear about them in article format…

      (that goes for all of you who have commented on this subject!)

  20. Hello,

    I was told that I am a descendent of Pleiadians. I’d love to hear more about them and find out if what I was told is true. Do you have anything I could glean information from?

    Thank you in advance,


    1. Hi Kristen,

      The best advice I could give is to keep an eye on the response/comment section of this article – we tend to get a lot of visitors here that are much more clued up on the subject than we are! There are various bits of information online but it is hard to decipher the misinformation from the truth out there.

  21. I’ve been listening to all your letters.
    I only ever learnt of the existence of pleiadians a year or so ago.
    I’ve always been right into meditation and have always felt spiritually gifted.
    And always been a better person than anyone I have known.
    I have become obsessed with pleiadians , having dreams.
    I’m not sure if I have put this in my own head or what, but I felt compelled to write in.
    These feelings are so strong and have pulled me in like and nothing has ever before !!

    1. Hi John,

      Nice to meet you. Could you maybe elaborate on the dreams you are having? How are they linked to Pleiadians? We would love to hear more!

      1. I have had many dreams some of reptilian hands grabbing at me as I’m flying up my stair case at home and very real, also of a girl with a triangular tattoo on her wrist and she fits the description of a pleiadian perfectly, I’m not sure what to make of any of this, but I have always been psychic to some point and am deeply spiritual!!
        I thought I would add my thoughts anyway let me know what you think !!

        1. Well you’ve come to the right place John – this article gets many visits off various experts on this subject so hopefully they can enlighten you on your experiences! 🙂

          Thanks so much for taking the time to share your experiences with us! 🙂

  22. Hi there. My name’s Maxine and I live in South Australia although originating from England. Last December (a week before Christmas) I had this vivid dream. I was on top of a hill that had a windy, old footpath at the edge of a steep drop. Suddenly a car appeared and I saw my son (who is 16 ) get in. Then it drove out of sight – vanished. I couldn’t find him! Suddenly as I walked away, searching I was aware of a 7 foot (I’ll say 7 foot as it was taller than 6 ) androgynous, long, straight, white haired (parted in the centre), almond-eyed being, wearing a blue ‘outfit’. ‘It’ didn’t say a word – just walked over to me, staring at me the whole time. I felt at first fear, but didn’t move as a feeling of curiousity was there. Then to my left I could see 2 more of the exact same ‘beings’. They all walked towards me. I didn’t move. They didn’t utter a sound – just stared. Then the first ‘being’ out his arm around me. I suddenly felt safe. When I woke (which was immediately after that) I could still feel the material of ‘his/hers’ arm. It was a coarse-like material. I went to work and told my colleagues as I couldn’t get it off my mind. Naturally they made jokes. But, to this day, that dream is still so intense and vivid. In the past year I know my senses have heightened and I’ve been feeling detached from the everyday motions of going about daily stuff. I see people in a different way. And I’m so in tune with animals and nature more than I have ever been. I’ve always believed in Aliens after a few incredible experiences, but this dream was something else. So, after googling I found them – Nordic Aliens. These were, without doubt, who were in my dream. Do you think they actually came to visit? And if so, do you think they were trying to send a message? I’d love to hear what you think please x

    1. Hi Maxine,

      We’ve certainly heard a great deal about Nordic Aliens since starting up this site but your experience really is interesting – being in dream form and all that. A message could definitely be their intent – but it’s impossible for us to know for sure.

      Thankfully you’ve come to the right place – we get thousands of visitors to this site that are qualified to answer your question (a lot better than we can!). Have you had any other dreams involving these entities since?

    2. In 1979 I was hiking in some hills. Then some fog rolled in. I couldn’t see 10 feet in front of me. I turned around and there was a very tall being. Over 6′, his hair was whitish (or maybe platinum blond), he was white, he wore a denim blue one piece outfit and he had almond shaped eyes. I was in shock, as I didn’t expect anyone to be around and he sure didn’t look like the local people who were short and brown (I was in South America). I asked him what he was doing there. He did not respond but suddenly it was like I was watching a video on fast forward. There was so much information that I almost fell over. Then he smiled and disappeared. 6 months later I was in a different town and I saw him again. He said I am just keeping tabs on you. Then I saw two of them 5 years later. The amount of stuff they showed me I am still trying to process after all of these years. And YES I BELIEVE YOU! It happened to me. Changed my entire way of thinking.

  23. Hello all, I’m James, and I’m fascinated by all of this. I went to my therapist today and she spoke of the pleiadians. I have trouble connecting with people that I should generally connect with, friends. She said, in multiple sessions now, that I have trouble connecting with people because my frequency is so high and light, and so today she spoke of the fact that I myself have a strong connection to pleidian(s), or may be one, and my creative and emotional and artistic traits come from this – my therapist is spiritual, not overly spiritual as she is a therapist to people who don’t believe in a lot of things, but she says very strongly that the reason I cannot connect to most people is because my frequency is far higher than most peoples’ and that I may unknowingly be one or have a direct connection to one (I supposedly look very similar to one). I believe she is right, I’m spiritual myself and compose music for a living and am quite successful, and so naturally I’m quite emotional and express a lot of emotion, particularly love, through art. I would love to find out more about this, I hadn’t enough time with my therapist to ask (I wouldn’t be frieghtened to ask either, she isn’t crazy, she’s very much a normal person in most ways), I’m intrigued and would love to know more about them. Sorry for the very vague comment, I’m unsure of how to word things. My therapist describes the land on which these beings come from as a very loving land, one with a very different sense of time to us where they live only in the present; one of her own guides is a pleiadian, and she has a beautiful painting of him that her friend painted accurately, which shows his hair as more strands of energy and light, and energy/light beaming from an area of the forehead just between and above the eyes, with beautiful eyes and something golden resting around his neck.

    (I might have posted this comment already under a different email, for some reason the website has glitched and didn’t post the initial comment properly).

    1. No problems James – sometimes the security setup we have on the comment section conflicts with people’s browsers (very annoying). This therapist sounds like quite an interesting professional – male or female?

    2. The pleiadian that I got to know has advanced telepathic skills and an energy eminating from her that made everyone very happy when they stood within a few feet from her. Breathtakingly gorgeous and so full of love. She did speak about going through human suffering such as rape and molestation to experience what a human might go through, but she lacked the emotions that stemmed from horrendous acts done to her. She said she was not phased by the rape, but she did feel compassion for those in simular situations and compassion for those that violated her as well. Hope this helps you figure things out for yourself.

  24. All who are reading this web site is to understand the following please ask your self one question, what is the origin of RH Negative blood type blood, for the best minds in the top university research labs have no confirmed proof or solid answer that would put the result beyond any conceivable doubt . It is the smoking gun evidence that they as a race are out side of the Darwin explanation of human development of this planets biology. This is a true statement of fact who is up to disprove this statement.

  25. I have become aware of these “aliens” and have studied them with mushrooms and meditation. I don’t believe them to be aliens at all. I believe they are symbolic representations of ourselves (different kinds of people, both living and spirits) as presented by the unconscious mind. I think i myself am represented as being a reptilian because I am so cold and analytical without feeling enough love. I also had an understanding that all these “aliens” are lacking awareness of the nature of the universe, that they will eventually realize that while the universe is amazing there is ultimately no higher meaning to it apart from being a outlet for restlessness from a state of pure timeless awareness. It doesn’t really matter what people believe though, as long as they are having a good time. I may be wrong.

    1. Wow – ‘mushrooms and meditation’!!!!
      Sounds like you had one hell of a night mate! 🙂
      Care to elaborate on that – sounds very interesting and we’d love to learn more…

  26. I have recently met a pleiadian woman. She is just like described, tall blonde and blue eyed with highly advanced telepathic skills. She spoke of unconditional love, peace and joy. Upon first meeting this woman, I knew something was beyond this world about her. I poked her in the shoulder and pulled her hair to see if she was real. I said to her, “you’re not human, what are you?” She didn’t answer, but I kept insisting that I knew she wasn’t human and finally before she departed, she smiled and whispered, “You’re right. I’m not human. I’m pleiadian. ” I didn’t know what pleiadian was. Never heard of it before so I went home and Googled it. It described her down to a T! OMG. I met a real alien! I hope there are many more like her. Such a beautiful energy eminating from her. My life is forever changed. No joke. No lie. I promise with every fiber of my being. Pleiadian aliens are real and they are here to help us learn unconditional love.

  27. Where did you find this information? I have newly awoken and have this inner fire inside me burning for truth. I have now been looking at the theories of the matrix saturn moon and all these ideas. I don’t know why but two days before my 26th birthday they lowered a veil for me. Now I am in search of the truth. I would love to speak with you about some things to set me straight because I believe I am 100% a lightworker, Pleadian, or Jesus incarnated- yes I just said that. The nature of my reality in the last two months hs changed 160 degrees, I felt “God”, I was “told” things or more like understood the connection of things, I didn’t do it myself, it wasn’t me realizing something. Some other force showed me the connecting and since then I’ve been on this mission. Please, I could use some clarity.

  28. I don’t know what the fuck I am… lol. The Greys brought me here I remember. I had white hair, and grey eyes… my hair got darker… now I’m blonde, and my eyes can change color from clear glass green, to blue, to yellow… depending.. I choose my mom, and flew out of my body all the time. I swam through space… I would see buildings appear, and disappear… They were taking the neighbors light bodies??? I don’t know, but I just showed up for no reason, picked a flower essence. and gave it to them next thing you know here I am… they brought me back but to the wrong family… They looked like my family, but they weren’t… strange shit ever since. Where do I belong???

    1. Thanks for sharing this with us Poni. Hopefully one of our visitors and commenters here will be able to help you out with this subject!

  29. Ok so I’m not the only one! First I want to apologize for bad grammar and a very long story. I want to reassure you all I’m not crazy and Im sane and have a normal life I work and have a family of my own Hahaha. so ok a little about me, I always have vivid lucid dreams every night this will sound crazy as I still think it is or maybe a just coincidence? Well they are minor things I sometimes dream of like I would dream I found money and a weak later I found some in my old pair of jeans or my passing of my grandma and months later it happened. Most times it’s just small things that only effect me. But about 70% of my dreams are about the after life and I’m in it. It led me to start paranormal investigations to see it myself I was always a skeptic till I seen first hand. I was raised catholic till my teens I stopped believing in it. But so many strange things have happened to be with these paranormal things but I tell all my skeptic friends of you don’t believe me try it yourself! There is definitely something on the other side that I still don’t know what or who they are but it’s definitely something. I tell them just use a simple recorder and I guarantee u will hear Somthing faint. So anyways I have wild vivid dreams about aliens and space too i guess you can say. One dream I had this song from the band “boards of Canada” the song was called triangles and rhombuses was playing idk how I found the song but I did and then somthing from another planet was like channeling my thoughts about human earth life I seen like old black and white images of just us humans and then a guy at nasa wearing a white suit stopped it and I woke up. Another time I dreamt of I was looking at the night sky and I felt like love and home feeling like I miss it? And I also seen millions of space ships up there like the cloak cake off and I seen them all like there was wars up there. So ok about 2 years ago I had this wild dream I still remember every bit of it I will explain in detail to help paint a image for you. I was on this space ship I guess the walls looked like wood paling in this office style part I was in and there was tons of pictures of other life forms in other planets on the wall. This very tall women approached me maybe 8 foot? She was very beautiful and not fat but built like a football player but with the body of a women. She had on a skin tight white suit that looked like leather? with patches on like u would see a veteran here in the states. She had blonde hair and gave a warm inviting vibe peaceful like. She just then said those pictures are of other life forms and was describing each one, she then said she’s part of the galactic federation and then this I guess I can describe as a child like or small maybe 3 foot grey alien it’s skin was of a frogs kind of wet and bumpy it had a white towel covering its private areas and was looking at me. I kept asking why I’m I here on earth she said “to love and be happy” she then show me this big picture when when I asked who made us and this is where my dreamed started to turn on me. What I seen was I was over looking this giant creature the size of planets? And it’s body was big but had a small reptile head and I seen shapes of honey combs with millions a us humans in them going about our life’s his was tending to us very slow like a gain would. His head had a showdown on it as to I can’t see but the best I can describe it looked like a “goomba” from that mario movie from the early 90’s. She then showed my this weird star system through that giant picture window of the ship and said she’s from there it was turquoise in color and that’s when I started to feel that weird feeling of being underwater like ok if you have ever been to an aquarium and look at the fish underwater through the glass that’s the best way to describe my feelings as if we where in some kind of submarine and I could like sense the pressure if that makes sense. I started to panic and said I want to go home. This gets more weird when this song started to play on my dream I found the lyrics easy online it’s by powerman500 and the song is called watch the sky for me. Just have a listen because it really freaked me out. So I then woke up feeling like I had a hang over being relived it was just a dream. I thought about the dream all because it was so vivid my gf thought I was nuts hahaha and so did my family, but I even promised I would take a damn lie detector to prove this is all true in my dream. So I researched everything and found out that the stars she showed me where plasades but in my dream it was turquoise not the color you see in the photos online. I put 2 and 2 together and found out it was a Nordic alien I guess I dreamed about? Like I said this was all in a dream but the back of my mind tells me I was abducted through my dream as I can’t not explain how because I’m not sure how to but I believe dreams and death are all connected some how , I try to study quantum physics but this is all beyond me maybe it was all just a coincidence in a vivid dream but somthing tells me it’s not and I keep it a secrete because it makes me sound nuts and it kind of does when I think about it hahaha 99% of people would say it’s just a dream but there is That weird small gut feeling telling me no So now back to last night a new dream this is why I came to write this all. I had forgotten of the dream I just explained to you all but last night it got weird again in my sleep and I’m starting to believe it’s not just a dream ok so it started where it’s going to be weird and a dirty story and be explicit but I will still explain. This tall blonde women said let’s go into the living room as to not wake my wife I was in my living room and this women started kissing me her lips felt very like plump? Not like I have ever experienced in my life but it felt so right if that’s makes sense? So we proceeded to have intercourse as she was on all fours and it was the best sex of my life and she started to stand up and then I realized in my dream that it was her from my older dream. I’m about 5’11 her ass would of came up to my chest she then said Somthing about my seeds and then I woke up. And my penis was feeling a little sore hahah, Yes I know it all sounds crazy but I just wanted to share my story. But like like I said it’s possible it’s all just dreams and means nothing but you never know! Again Thanks for all of you if you sat through and read all this, maybe someone can shed some light on this? I have so much more dreams and just weird stuff that happens to me to explain feel free to write me back thanks!

    1. Don’t worry about the grammar mate – this is a really cool addition to our article. Thanks for taking the time to share it with us! 🙂

  30. I am
    A Pelaidian being in a HUman body. I have been here since Lemuria. I have read all of these comments and all of the ones who had dreams and got info are all correct. The ones who are mistrusting are still hooked into in the Matrix of Fear. All are where they need to be on their evolutionary path of Ascension. There were Intergalactic Wars. Our Star Wars movies ( Steven Spielberg) are Truth. My Beloved Twin Flame appeared to me in 1995 by my bedside. He only had a few lives on Earth. One being a very important Templar Knight who was burned at the stake. He was very closely tied with the Holy Family. We also were in Avalon together. He was a Knight who invented chivalry. The Pelaidians worship the Divine Mother and all women. Starting in 1989 was when I started having Galactic Dreams and seeing what I call are Lightships. I see ships every time I look at the sky. I am told I and my Twin( or my High Future Self) are Commanders of an entire Fleet within the GFL( Galactic Fed of Light). I am here as Ground Crew. He is my Anchor Home. There are other Twin Galactics Flames like this. We have been on this Earth Mission since Lemuria. It is coming to a close I am told and I will finally get to go home. It has been a hard, lonely journey. Our love story would make the greatest one if all
    Time next to Tristan and Isolde ( very similar) and Jesus and Mary Magdalene. I resonate with the one commenter who went to the therapist and said the frquency was too high so people don’t connect. Where we come from it is all about Loving Community so being on Earth without a tribe or Community has been severely painful. My own family and even Mother who is part of my Soul Tribe hurts me continuously by helping my siblings and not me who has always jumped to her side to heal her when she needs me to. I am a Master Healer. Pleidians just are. But that is my job here to be Healer and Teacher and Awakener as a Light Warrior of Love. I will
    End with I have many magical stories that have happened to me over the years- unfolded really of my past lives, and just wild spaceship experiences and I also take people up onto my healing ships for healing through etheric merkabah lightbody travel ‘meditations’. my Beloved and Star Guides have presented me with many unfolding Truths over the years.
    I keep being told I must write a book of my experiences. It is important to be honored with payment of some sort when sharing. Exchange is a balance and must be done. If the owner of this site would like my stories I am willing to exchange them. In Total Love for the Heart of HUmanity

    1. Hi Ivy!

      I should first start by saying we would love to have some written work of your experiences published here – The subject of Pelaidians is very popular on this site and we quite literally get tens of thousands of visitors through it every single month!

      And thank you for taking the time to leave your comment with us.

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