Aluminium Wedge of Aiud – Extraterrestrial Origins?


Aluminium Wedge of Aiud

I wish I could locate more information on the topic we are going to cover today but unfortunately it’s mystery runs deep. The Aluminium Wedge of Aiud was discovered in Romania in the 70’s and has had scientists guessing to it’s origins ever since…

East of Aiud

This particular artifact was discovered in Romania, East of Aiud, in 1974 by a group of workers. At the time they were concentrating their efforts on the banks of the river Mures.

They had dug down deep into a sand trench and discovered two sets of Mastodon bones. They were thrilled with the discovery and decided to investigate further – this is when they stumbled upon the strange aluminium artifact.

It appeared to be wedge-shaped block of metal similar in some respects to the head of an ancient hammer.

The Aluminium Wedge of Aiud

The object was dug out and sent off to the archeological institute of Cluj-Napoca where it was fully examined.

It’s weight turned out to be at 5lbs and it measured approximately 8″ x 5″ x 3″. The experts noted that there were two strange holes of different size along with a pair of arms.

It looked like the aluminium wedge had been used as a working instrument at one point in time due to tool marks on it’s lower section.

The object was then sent on to metallic experts in Magurele, Romania, where it ended up in the hands of a certain Dr. Niederkorn.

His extensive research revealed that the object was made up of the following:

  • ​89% aluminum
  • 6.2% copper
  • 2.84% silicon
  • 1.81% zinc
  • 0.41% lead
  • 0.33% tin
  • 0.2% zirconium
  • 0.11% cadmium
  • 0.0024% nickel
  • 0.0023% cobalt
  • 0.0003% bismuth
  • Small traces of galium

​Dr. Niederkorn also pointed out that the object was covered in a thick layer of aluminum oxide which shows it is indeed an antique.

This aluminum oxide indicated to the scientist that the wedge was at least 400 years old.


The object obviously caused a heated debate within the scientific community – why was it found next to these animal bones and what was it used for?

Pure aluminum was not readily obtainable until the middle of the 19th century so how was it actually made?

Manufacturing aluminium requires 1,000 degrees of heat and the processes used for this have only been available in the last 100 years. What strange technology managed to produce this item centuries ahead of it’s time?

There have been certain specialists that believe the object is actually as old as the bones it was found next to. This would make it about 20,000 years old in the latter part of the Pleistocene.

Many Ufologists believe that the item fell off some sort of flying vessel into the river. They are certain that it has extraterrestrial origins.

Your Views

So where did the Aluminium Wedge of Aiud come from and what was it’s purpose? Is it extraterrestrial in origin or was it somehow manufactured before it’s time on Earth?

Please leave your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below.

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  1. This alloy content is very close to Quasicrystal type ? been reading on this for a few days. There is similarity. Finally putting some answers within range of my life’s questions. Anyone else look at TAW-50, Aurora ? Getting closer.

    1. Sorry for the delay in posting this Daniel – had a huge backlog of comments to get through over the last fortnight or so! Hopefully you’ll now get the answer you are looking for.

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