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Anne Boleyn Hauntings

In this article we will be taking a look at the various ​Anne Boleyn hauntings that have occurred around the British Isles.

Most famous UK hauntings are stuck to certain localities but there have been many different Anne Boleyn ghost sightings throughout the country…

Anne Boleyn

Anne Boleyn was king Henry VIII second wife and their marriage had a profound effect on British History. When the king decided to marry Boleyn he was already married to Catherine of Aragon.

The church refused to grant him permission to divorce Catherine so he decided to set up his own version of religion.

anne boleyn ghost sightings
King Henry and Anne Boleyn Deer shooting in Windsor Forest

He became the head of this new religion and in turn become a direct threat to the ‘real’ Roman Catholic pope at the time.

The king craved a son to take over his mantle when he died but Anne eventually fell pregnant with a girl ( Elizabeth, who was later to become Queen Elizabeth I ).

This was the beginning of the end for the new marriage as the king became more and more frustrated at the lack of a male heir. Anne Boleyn did eventually fall pregnant again but tragedy struck and the child was stillborn.

This was the final straw – king Henry had Boleyn charged with treason and she was sent to the Tower of London. Her execution had been scheduled for 18 May 1536 but took place the next day.

The Anne Boleyn Hauntings

Anne Boleyn’s spirit has been spotted in the Tower of London many times since her execution. Every sighting has taken place in the same area of the Tower – she is spotted standing near the chapel’s altar where Queen Anne is buried.

She is also thought to be the spectral character who rides a ghostly carriage through Bickering Hall. This carriage is drawn by a pack of headless horses and the carriage driver is also said to be without a head.

When the carriage comes to a stop outside the hall Anne steps out with her head in her hands. The carriage and driver disappear and she enters the hall where she roams the corridors and rooms until daybreak.

She is thought to haunt Bickering Hall because it was built upon the ruins of the old Boleyn family property. Inside the hall there is actually a portrait of Anne with the inscription – “Anna Bolena born here 1507”.

Anne Boleyn’s brother, Lord Rochford, also appears on the same night but his journey is a slightly more sinister nightmare. His spectral body has been seen dragged across the surrounding moors by four headless horses.

Sir Thomas Boleyn, who stated his belief of Anne’s guilt at her trial has not found peace in death. His penance consists of him driving his own spectral coach and horses over twelve bridges that lie between Wroxham and Blickling. This penance will not be lifted until a thousand years have passed…

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