Antarctica Alien Base – The Nazi Stronghold?

Antarctica Alien Base - The Nazi Stronghold?

Well apparently nobody reads the first post of a new website so if you are reading this cheers for your effort! In this post we will be covering the Antarctica alien base I keep on hearing so much about.

I’m one of those guys who subscribes to the idea that there is no smoke without fire so I refuse to pass over this subject. Lets take a look….

Google Earth

UPDATE: The original video I posted here was taken down by YouTube – I think the channel got done for some sort of copyright issues! Anyway, the video above’s a new release on the same subject – enjoy. 

Well it all started off with that Google application I never use – Google Earth! Through messing about with this program someone has come across what appears to be two separate entrances to some sort of base in the snow.

As well as this there appears to be a large disc (or saucer!) shaped object burrowed into the ice.

They’ve also taken the time to include a awesome creepy soundtrack on the video (which I’m led to believe is from the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey).

Now, there have been many different theories relating to a Antarctica secret base stretching way back to Nazi Germany in the second world war…

The Admiral

The US took this threat serious enough to launch an invasion of Antarctica called Operation Highjump in 1947.

It was led by a admiral named Richard E. Byrd and was made up of soldiers from Britain, Australia and the US.

The funny thing is there is not much in the way of a report on Operation Highjump – we are aware it happened but nobody knows what the outcome was.

The Nazi Admiral

It was left to the conspiracy theorists to assume that Byrd and his forces had been penned back by the alien resistance and returned with their tales between their legs.

Others believe that admiral Byrd did indeed find a Nazi operation there and spent hours in ‘peaceful’ meetings with them before returning to his superiors.

Making Your Mind up!

So you’ve watched the video and you now know the background on the theory – is this a Antarctica alien base?

Did the Nazis have anything to do with this Antarctica secret base?

Why did Google Earth try to censor this area?

It’s all sounds pretty cloak and dagger to me but then again I’d find a conspiracy in potato chips if I looked hard enough!

What do you think?

2 comments on “Antarctica Alien Base – The Nazi Stronghold?

  1. The disk in ice looks super fake, I don’t believe the features would be that distinguishable from that angle in that dark hole. It also has that sort of quality that an image gets when it’s skewed in photoshop. The entrances look real enough.

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