Are Grey Aliens Friendly?

Are Grey Aliens Friendly?

Grey aliens have been with us for quite some time now but the real reason why they are here was not very clear until recently.

They are part of a larger intergalactic federation of different alien races that have been visiting earth for centuries with different intentions.

Some people are afraid of them; some think the Greys are just misunderstood, while the rest are totally oblivious of their existence.

But are grey aliens friendly?

Many professionals in the ET arena have tried to come up with different theories as to why the Greys are among us but one thing has stood out from all their research; the Greys seem to be incapable of having or showing emotions.

They lack that element of uniqueness and “personality” exhibited by the human race.

According to Danielle Silverman (publicist & reporter plus ET expert), the Greys are more of robotic entities running on a highly advanced encoded artificial intelligence program than “real life” beings.

This has clearly been the center of discussion surrounding the Greys’ agenda and the hypothesis as to why they are really here.

So, what do we know about these Greys so far?

What do they really want from us…?

Greys 101: What or Who Are They?

The Greys, also known as Reticulans, or Roswells…come from a faraway place called Zeta Reticulum. A lot of confusion has clouded the issue of their species categorization though.

While some may classify them as a reptilian alien race, a larger group of ET experts tend to associate them more with insects.

Greys 101: What or Who Are They?This is largely because they operate in what you would call a “hive mindset” or “colony mentality” which is driven by an instinctive insect-like collective purpose to better the “whole” as opposed to the selfish self-gratification or individualistic greed exhibited by us humans.

Although much of their race is actually grey skinned, the Reticulans also have some sort of different races among them with some exhibiting browner skin.

The average grey has an elongated slim body with an extremely out of proportion large head that shows characteristics opposite to what the Zika virus is currently doing to new borns.

Wonder if this is all part of their experiments to reduce the size of their heads in their century old quest to look like us…?? Who knows?

Or who can explain why mosquitoes just graduated to dishing out the Zika virus… just like that?

Their upper limbs are also longer (in proportion…) compared to their lower limbs. They however are known to be fast movers albeit in jerky motions.

What about facial features?

They are bug-eyed…very large eyes without lids, a small nose that is basically just two tiny nostrils on an almost unnoticeable bump over a small slit that is the mouth.

So what do these Greys want from us? Why is Earth and the human race important to them? Let’s take a closer look at their actual reason for coming to earth…

The True Purpose of The Greys’ Visit to Earth

ET studies dating back a couple of decades have come up with different theories as to why the Greys are here; some of which sound completely absurd and just plain obnoxious.

But one thing is for sure…their agendas don’t seem to include the “present human race” in their future plans!

The main reason that the Greys stand out from all the other aliens visiting earth is the small fact with abductions and possible cattle mutilations.

Greys are the only aliens known to be actively involved in direct interruption of “the normal order of things”.

Although Greys are thought to be highly advanced, they are a dying race, and they are on a mission to save their own existence from definite extinction.

This has forced them into direct contact with humans on numerous occasions throughout history.

The other alien races avoid human contact at all costs and they don’t come out very much unless on very special occasions…like right after the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki when the ‘human-like’ blonde Telosians quickly came down to see what new way man had come up with to kill the Earth.

The True Purpose of The Greys’ Visit to Earth

According to accounts from one admiral Richard Byrd’s memoir, the Telosians have expressed their disapproval of man’s tampering with things he can’t even begin to understand the implications of; in this case, our meddling with atomic energy and all that goes with nuclear science.

Anyway, it’s obvious that the conditions on Earth would not favor the immediate hostile takeover of the Greys right?

And of course wiping us out to takeover as the next inhabitants of Earth would actually not serve their ultimate goals in any way…

So what do the Greys do? Try to harvest our DNA and fuse it with their own so as to create a breed of hybrids (closely related to the or possibly the Essassani) that would eventually inherit the future of both races?

Our violence has taught them that we can’t possibly sustain human life on Earth for long and thus, this is kind of a way for them to save both our races.

However, we cannot afford to ignore the claims of one ET big name, writer and adept follower of the ET events of the world, Nigel Kerner, who seems to think that the Greys’ agenda is more than getting to look like us or forcefully “inheriting our genes”…they want more…they want the very thing that makes us…well, us!

They want our souls!

And they have been around for all this time, not very eager to wipe us out but to learn more about the human soul.

That part that continues to live after our physical bodies die away. This really explains a lot about their abductions and the reason why they have kept us around for hundreds of years.

The Greys’ Agenda Misconception

So yes, the Greys are running all over our planet and flying through our airspace and using us as guinea pigs at their pleasure but let’s not forget, if it were us, we’d probably be doing the same or worse!

The Greys are on a noble cause (according to them…) to save their hairless skins, and we cannot blame them for not wanting to share in our empathic nature or giving a “goat’s ass” about our constant complaints about the abductions…

They have watched us throughout our history, do worse to our own captives (human or animals)…and it was not for the good of science or saving an entire race either!!

So can you blame them?

This is purely a case of perception. What you see or how you choose to interpret it.

Of course we believe that they should maybe open up a recruiting center and have guys volunteer for experiments but how many would show up for painful probing and God knows what else?

So yes, it goes without saying that the Greys will just take you in your sleep, or while driving on the highway, or while out in the woods, and they will not ask for your approval.

They are running out of time and they really want to have a successful fusion of the two races to ensure their survival…or at least their alien DNA.

It is believed that the mutilated cattle also have something to with this combining of alien and human DNA. Oh, and you can be sure the cows receive far much worse treatment.

They want to impregnate our women and harvest the fetuses after a few weeks for further research, they will continue to take our sperm, and do all that serves their agenda which is to survive.

And this is without any care whether we humans approve or not.

Rumors say that the deal between the Greys and humans has already been signed by top governments around the world in exchange for a few lessons in advanced “Greylien” technology.

So, are Grey aliens friendly or not?

We just provide the facts, maybe you can let us know what you think!


17 comments on “Are Grey Aliens Friendly?

  1. Wow, what an interesting read!

    I myself, believe that we are not alone in the universe and aliens have always been something that has highly fascinated me.

    In general, of course, I thought if so, there would be different types like how we have different races but I thought they would be more human than bug like and as for their mentality, well I reckon that they certainly would be friendly/accepting.

    A lot of people think I am crazy for thinking that aliens may exist but there have been many happenings throughout history that just don’t add up, Roswell being one of them.

    I will definitely be back to check out more.

    1. Ah you’re not crazy Cherilyn – you’ll fit right in here with the rest of us geeks!!! 🙂

      Look forward to seeing you here again some time in the future, thanks for visiting.

    2. Aliens exist 100% and even Jesus said he was not of this world which makes him alien to this world, there is much mystery but we are definitely not alone in this universe, hint if you stare at a spot in the universe at night long enough you will see something flash at you letting you know it knows you are looking in their direction try it one night, look for flashing orbs, another way to see aliens is in the clouds they can control cloud formation to tell you things to, so I tell you seek and you shall find.

    3. Next time someone accuses you of being “crazy” because you believe aliens exist, tell them that *they’re* the crazy ones for thinking that in the entire expanse of the universe, the only intelligent lifeforms are humans on planet Earth.

  2. A very interesting read indeed. I find Mr. Kerner’s theory about the greys wanting our souls interesting. It would make sense in a way. Them tryng to find out why we are “special” and have souls.

    1. Hi Jeff,

      Yeah Mr. Kerner’s theory certainly does make sense when you think about it (although a little creepy at the same time!)

  3. So what about that new grey race from Orion
    I found in search named Ataracu the real grey alien race? What’s up with that? seems legit.

  4. I dont know much about grey aliens or have ever seen one, I have seen what looks like a man sitting in the sky upon a throne like chair and an older person with thick white hair holding a lamb in his right arm they were next to each other in the sky, the older one was more bigger than the other but looked like men.

    I remember this day clearly as it was in a small town and I was Standing in my driveway looking at this strange cloud coming closer to me and almost above my house, as I was looking at these 2 men like beings I saw myself in the slim mans hand it was amazing and frightening at the same time I thought something was going to happen to me “phew” I later realized it was Jesus and his father. I’ve seen Jesus many times telling me things too
    by using clouds to shape to his will, so yeah they are the only aliens that I’ve ever seen and can describe to you but I have not seen others yet but will let you know if i do, I am only here as a witness to such alien existence.

    1. Wow that’s quite an experience you’ve had there Lightsource – thanks for taking the time to share it with us here in this comment!

    2. Thanks so much for your lost Lightsource. Fascinating and enlightening.
      Have you always been able to read the clouds? Or did it happen after some sort of event?

  5. There is a race of grey aliens called the Ataracu. They come from Orion and have visited this planet many times for milions of years. They are benevolent and have helped humanity often in the past. They once could walk free among us because we were less armored and eager to please the “gods from the skies.” The weapons we did possess were no match to their technological defences, which they never had to employ. Nowadays, to land here in any visible groupings, even as peaceful visitors, would be suicidal. We would not hesitate to blast them first, then try to ask the survivors who they are and what they want, no doubt under some torturous interrogation scenario. That is human nature. We can’t even resist killing our own, so no way we will ever accept the little grey race.

    1. That’s a very good point Cinta – human nature is directed at ‘shoot first – ask questions later’. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us!

  6. I’m curious as to how you seem to know so much about them. Surely if such information was so public then it would be all over the media? You write as though it’s a confirmed thing, aren’t all of these theories about aliens just that so far – theories? Don’t get me wrong, I believe completely that there are other beings out there, but I don’t think they’ve actually found any bold hard evidence yet that scientists have admitted is authentic.

    1. Simply research Elvina – it’s what makes this site the most popular mysteries-related website online and it’s the key to our success. We actually sit on the fence with all the topics posted here (although my beliefs should be plainly obvious).
      If I go around saying ‘aliens are real’ etc. the articles would never work – it’s up to you to take what you want from the articles we publish here (besides you can always do your own research into what we post here!) 🙂

        1. No problems! 🙂
          Myself and the contributors try to write from a level perspective but we obviously lean towards a lot of the subjects that are covered here…even though we try not to!!!! (which is pretty hard!)

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