Area 51 Conspiracy Facts


Area 51 Conspiracy Facts

Area 51 is one of the most mysterious locations in the world, especially for those people who believe in extraterrestrial forms of life. Area 51 is located in the Nevada desert in a restricted area and is patrolled by security guards who man the perimeter wall that surround the area. The guards help ensure that there is no breach of security whatsoever.

Area 51 is a military base owned by the Unites States Government. It is operated by the US Air force. In the center of area 51 is a large air field which is a base for testing and developing aircraft and weapons for use by the US military.

Area 51 is located inside the Nevada Test and Training Range. The military personnel refer to it as the Air Force Flight test Center- Detachment 3.

To give it additional protection from people who would be interested in spying on any activity within Area 51, it shares its border with a section of Nevada Test Site, which is reserved by the US Department of Energy for Testing. The Nevada Test Site was developed in 1951 for the purpose of testing nuclear weapons.

Area 51 Conspiracy Facts

The most significant factor that makes area 51 the subject of intrigue is the secrecy that surrounds it. It is because of this that many people think there is something extraterrestrial and strange that goes inside this military base.

Area 51 Map

However, what leads to much speculation is the fact that the US government had for a long time refused to acknowledge the existence as well as the knowledge of the base. Finally, on the 15th of August, 2013 the CIA acknowledged the existence of Area 51 for the first time ever. In addition, President Obama made an offhand comment on December the 8th, 2013 concerning area 51, becoming the first president to ever do so. The following are some of the Area 51 Conspiracy facts:

  1. Most of the conspiracy theories surrounding Area 51 emanate from the fact that there is frequent presence of mysterious lights that appear in the sky over this area. Conspiracy theorists believe that these lights do not come from aircraft or human related activity. They believe that the lights result from the activities of extraterrestrial beings.
  2. That the base is used by the US government to develop a means of weather control
  3. The base is used to develop time travel technology by the US government
  4. The base is used by the US government in the development of teleportation technology
  5. It is also thought that the US government is using the base for storage of alien UFOs and their reversal engineering
  6. Another conspiracy theory has it that the base is used for examination of the dead and living extraterrestrials, which are recovered from crashed UFOs
  7. Some say it could also be used as a collaboration base between the US government and extraterrestrial beings
  8. Other conspiracy theorists believe that the base is being used for creating and supporting a one world government
  9. The Base is used by the US government for the creation of advanced energy weapons
  10. It is being used for genetic engineering of extraterrestrial – human hybrids using alien specimens which are recovered within Area 51
  11. Still other conspiracy theorists believe that the base is being used by the US government in the creation and expansion of chameleon and camouflage technology that disappears to the normal human eye
  12. The US government could also be using the base to develop an underground railroad that runs across North America.

Area 51 Alien Sightings

The existence of aliens and UFOs was revealed by Boyd Bushman, a former Area 51 scientist in his last days on earth. Before his death, Mr. Boyd spoke to Mark Q. Patterson, an aerospace engineer, about his work and experience in Area 51 over the years.

Mr. Boyd was able to share his photos of aliens with Patterson and made claims to the effect that certain people working in the US government are actually aliens.

  • Mr. Boyd disclosed in his video interview about his work in Area 51, which involved reverse-engineering for the military, alien UFO technology. He also disclosed that some aliens had actually worked in the military base located in Area 51 and that some of them died there.
  • He also informed Mr. Patterson that the aliens found in the military base in Area 51 came from Quintumnia, which is a planet that is located some 68 light years from the earth. He claimed that these aliens used aircraft that were saucer-shaped and which measured 38 feet in diameter.
  • Mr. Boyd also claimed that most of the aliens that he had encountered were very friendly, but there were some others who were hostile. In addition, he also claimed that 19 people died while defending themselves from aliens. He had nicknames for both the bad and the good aliens, calling them ‘’wrangler’’ and ”rustlers’’ respectively.

Mr. Boyd claimed that the aliens were not more than 5 feet tall, and were humanoid in size and shape. However, their eyes and noses were different to ours.

In addition, he claimed that the aliens had five fingers and five toes and they do not need to talk in order to communicate. Instead, Boyd claimed the aliens relied on telepathy to communicate with each other. Sometimes they could float while working but it was easy to grab them because they were dressed in dungarees.

Area 51 Alien Sightings

Another piece of evidence that shows aliens and UFOs in Area 51 was provided by a tourist who filmed from a bus window as she was traveling through Nevada in July, 2014. The tourist name is Sandra and she has a video of the sighting.

She claims that as she was filming out of the window of the bus she was in, she saw something fly past her really fast. She first thought it was a bird or some debris. According to her, the object flew past her at a very high speed so she did not have time to react – she only tried to film in the direction the object was heading. Later on, she reviewed the tape and to her amazement, she realized that she had indeed filmed a real UFO.

Jason MCClellan is a scientist who used to work at Lockheed Martin Scientists who also claims to have evidence of UFOs and aliens within Area 51. He claims that he has some photos in his custody to back up his claims.

There is also another gentleman by the name Bob Lazer, who says he used to work at Area 51. This gentleman was interviewed by George Knapp exactly 25 years after he gave his first interview. Bob Lazer is said to have changed what Americans used to know concerning Area 51 and the strange things that went on there.

If you have any thoughts on the Area 51 alien sightings please leave them in the comment section below.

21 comments on “Area 51 Conspiracy Facts

  1. Hi Chris, it was interesting reading all that as I was unaware of most of it. I have heard about a lot of conspiracy story all over the world and my question is: Do you think that government could be creating those controversial subject just to hide the truth, so they can do their stuff without us disturbing them because we try to figure out false conspiracy subject?

    1. Well Phil, more often than not people do believe that the government(s) are deflecting certain matters by causing controversy to hide behind – good call 🙂

  2. Hey Chris, that was an interesting article! I’m a big sci-fi fan and was always intrigued by Area-51. Think I heard about it back in the nineties, when The X-Files were on tv 🙂 I was young and pretty blown away by all those alien conspiracy theories. Didn’t know it was visible on Google though. Will check that out myself 🙂

  3. Hi Chris.

    I used to be obsessed with Area 51 and buy the UFO Magazine that was on sale in the 90’s. I used to love reading interviews from M.O.D’s Nick Pope & fascinated with accounts from the Rendlesham forest incident.

    I wonder why this magazine bit the dust? After all, It had a large following and big subscriber list.

    But one thing that’s close to home for me is the Bonsall UFO in 2000. This gave the area the title of Britains UFO’s top hotspot for the aerial activity that couldn’t be explained.

    I lived in the neighbouring village where the footage was filmed. The film itself was locked in a bank vault and then sold on for $20.000.

    I do believe there is something going on out there in Area 51. The infamous Hangar 18? Whether or not it’s a smokescreen, advanced military weaponry or something far more sinister, Area 51 will always spark theories.

    I’ve tried to shut my mind off from thinking bad thoughts but I always still scan the night sky for aerial activity.

    I always like keep an open mind on the subject.


    I’m not sure if we’re all really ready for the truth, anyone?

    Thanks again, Chris,

    Regards. Pete.

    1. Hey Pete, thanks for stopping by and reading the article!
      I also live near a UFO hot spot in the UK – the Broad Haven Triangle. At one point during the 80’s there were more UFO sightings in this area than anywhere else on the planet! I’ve had a love of the subject ever since I read about this neighboring area as a kid.
      Look forward to speaking to you again soon 🙂

  4. I love the Area 51 conspiracy theories out there. I actually had just watched a documentary on in on Netflix I thought your write up was pretty good. You had a lot of good information here and added a couple of things that the show I recently watched never brought up.

  5. I love the alien conspiracy stories. This is an awesome post! I noticed that the first nuclear testing was done around Area 51, as the atomic blast craters can be seen on Google earth. In fact you can spy on area 51 using Google earth, but mysteriously there is nothing to see, except landing strips and hangers. No people, or machines? Have you looked to see area 51 with Google Earth?

    1. I certainly do Brianna yes! 🙂
      Thanks for taking the time to stop by and read the article – look forward to seeing you again soon!!!!!

  6. I believe that we will someday find other forms of life or a form of life, if not in our solar system then in some of the other solar systems – the billions of solar systems in the universe. We know that there are literally thousands, if not millions of other planets, many of which may be very similar to our own earth. So we’re going to find evidence that there is life elsewhere in the universe at some point in the future. Area 51 clearly exists but I imagine the US government isn’t hiding alien life there. It’s probably just a normal research and development place. I think because of the secrecy of the aeronautics research that goes on there it’s ripe for people to talk about aliens being there.

  7. Hey Chris,
    I too believe something is going on there. But have anyone of you ever thought that the government keeps a secret because they want to protect us. Im not a fan being kept in the dark. but its called “Secret or Classified” for a reason. I know (by unfortunate experiences) how secrets can be harmful to you when its not time for you to hear it.


  8. Im a currently studying ufo student and need as much information anyone has you can email me at any information is appreciated and i will do my best to explain any questions you have. If anyone is interested in starting a study group with me where we each find out different information and piece it together it would be great! Just contact me!

  9. This is a great article. I too used to live near Broad Haven and I definitely saw something crazy in the sky one night back in the early 2000’s.

    1. Hi Kelly – great to have you here! Could I ask whereabouts you used to live? (near Broad Haven)

      I’m just being nosy now as I’m from nearby that area 🙂

  10. Area 51 is real but the information behind it is still blurred and nobody could say what is really the truth behind the secret place.


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