Argentina Gnome Video – Gnome Terrorizes Town

Argentina Gnome Video - Gnome Terrorizes Town

Throughout the process of the day I normally come across literally thousands of unexplained stories. Trying to pick the best ones to cover on this site becomes quite a task.

But when I’m suddenly confronted by a heading reading gnome terrorizes town and a subheading reading Argentina gnome video my job becomes a little easier…

Not Your Average Story…

Lets not beat around the bush here – ghosts and UFO’s steal the show! The Discovery Channel is loaded with poltergeists, area 51, brilliant psychics and Roswell.

These subjects are covered for a very good reason – people like hearing about this stuff! Just look at that awful vampire saga Twilight or the amount of werewolf films banging about – it’s an effective cash cow!

Then there are the strange stories that have nothing to do with traditional folklore – these are the types of reports that really get people going…

Gnome Terrorizes Town

Before we get to the Argentina gnome video I thought it would be a good idea to look into the story as a whole first.

In 2008 UK newspaper The Sun covered a story from a small town in Argentina named Guemes. The story bore the headline of ‘gnome terrorizes town’ and also insisted there was video evidence on the subject.

The boys that managed to capture this footage were sitting about having a laugh when they suddenly realized someone was throwing rocks at them. Jose Alvarez was one of the members of this group and he was quickly able to pull out his mobile phone.

He pointed the camera at the grassy area where the noise and the rocks seemed to be coming from and was shocked by what he saw through his phone cam.

Here is the Argentina gnome video that Jose managed to shoot with his phone:

The Sun

I just happen to live in the UK and I have a lot of experience with The Sun newspaper. It does a lot of business but at times it is not taken to seriously – apparently it’s the 10th highest circulated paper in the world.

I’m not going to pull any punches here – I don’t like the paper! I cannot forgive them for what they did to the Hillsborough victims and their families (but that’s another story!).

Even though I hate this particular tabloid bunch they are potentially reliable (most of the time).

The Sighting

Jose Alvarez’s group of friends claim that they were simply sitting about talking about a recent fishing trip when the creature started up it’s antics.

He claims that it was about one in the morning so the light was obviously not the best. They heard noises and thought it was nothing more than a stray dog. All of a sudden they were aware of stones being thrown in their direction and that is when they turned to face the culprit.

Gnome Terrorizes Town

He began filming the small creature but he was apparently petrified when doing so. He managed to keep his cool long enough to get a half decent record of accounts through his phone camera.

Alvarez added that other locals had come forward to say they had spotted the gnome.

He claims that this was certainly no joke and the whole group was scared stiff – to afraid to leave their homes for months afterwards. This fear ended up spreading to other parts of the neighborhood and people made sure they were home before nightfall.

“One of my friends was so scared after seeing that thing that we had to take him to the hospital,” Alvarez said.


After many hours of searching online we are still no closer to the truth on this one. It took place way back in 2008 and it still continues to create a stir on YouTube. Alvarez and his ‘crew’ still insist the Argentina gnome video is the real deal. You would of thought that one of them may have cracked by now if it was a fake?

For every site that claims this video is a hoax you will find one that claims otherwise – what do you think?

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