Astronauts Who Have Seen UFOs

Astronauts Who Have Seen UFOS

Sounds like a great science fiction film or made for SyFy Network TV movie! Sighting of UFOs by government and private pilots is certainly not a new phenomenon.

I am not a Ufologist, but rather a strong UFO enthusiast. I have read and watched most of the literature and documentaries out there on the subject.

This area of Ufology is specifically fascinating due to the witnesses in question.

What is Credibility?

When we talk about someone who witnesses a crime or large event, this word holds great gravitas. In the time given, I would not be able to cover the thousands of eyewitness accounts of UFOs.

In the minds of these witnesses, they are no less credible than those we will discuss here. These are separate accounts of individuals who have particular credentials.

Astronauts, for the lack of better words, who have seen other astronauts. Professionals in their particular field who have spent years, if not decades, studying and training for space flight.

UFO sightings by military pilots go back as far as World War II. Foo-Fighters, a term coined by the 415th Night Fighter Squadron, were first sighted over the skies of the European War Theater in 1944.

These UFO’s were described as highly maneuverable and seemed to be under intelligent control. To the pilots, they appeared as red or orange balls of light.

There are reports of similar sighting by U.S. Military pilots over the Pacific Theater of Operations as well as accounts from RAF (Royal Air Force) pilots.

Major Leroy Gordon “Gordo” Cooper, Jr.

Major Cooper was the last U.S. Astronaut to conduct a solo space mission. On Wednesday May 15th, 1963 Major Cooper, on the last of 22 Earth orbits, radioed to the Muchea tracking station near Perth, Australia.

He described a greenish glowing object that appeared to be approaching his capsule. The object in question was solid, as the tracking station in Australia picked it up on radar.

Major Cooper was a believer in the UFO phenomenon and this was not his first encounter. In 1951, Major Cooper, while piloting a fighter jet over Western Germany, witnessed a saucer-shaped metallic disc with high maneuverability.

So strong was Major Cooper’s belief in the existence of UFOs, that he sent a letter to the United Nations on November 9th, 1978 to address the issue. Major Cooper died of heart failure in his Ventura, California home on October 4, 2004.

James Lovell And Frank Borman

In December, 1965, during the second orbit of their Gemini 7 mission, James Lovell and Frank Borman reported the sighting of an unidentified space craft in the distance.

Gemini Control in Cape Canaveral assured the astronauts that what they were seeing was the final stage of the Titan booster rocket from their own aircraft.

The astronauts informed ground control they could, indeed, see the booster rocket as well as the unidentified object.

Neil Armstrong And Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin

This account occurred on July 11, 1969, shortly after the landing of the lunar module on the moon. The astronauts witnessed a large light in or on a crater near the landing site.

According to an unconfirmed report from former NASA employee, Otto Binder, ham radio operators overheard transmissions between mission control and the astronauts confirming the sighting.

Vladimir Kovalenok And Alexander Ivanchenko

Salyut-6 Soviet Orbital Space Station. This event occurred on the June 17, 1978. In transcripts uncovered in the early 1990’s, there is a conversation between the two Cosmonauts aboard the space station.

During the conversation the two Cosmonauts discuss what appears to be a glowing-ball type object flying below their craft.

STS-115 Space Shuttle Atlantis

(Also known as ISS-12A). September 9, 2006. This was a twelve day assembly mission to the International Space Station.

There are accounts that communications with ground control reported three gray circular objects changing position around the Atlantis. This event was so curious that NASA decided to delay the landing of the shuttle by a day.

Astronauts Who Have Seen UFOS

Although there was insufficient time to cover them all, there are many more accounts such as these from astronauts and cosmonauts.

The sightings come from highly trained professional military men and scientists in their respective fields. The best of the best in the world of trained observers.

So whether you are a skeptic or a true believer when it comes to UFOs, it is certainly intriguing food for thought.

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  1. This is a fascinating post. Personally I believe that we are not the only sentient life in the universe. I remain skeptical about UFO sightings though, because I can’t fathom why a more advanced species would want to visit Earth which to them would likely seem like a very primitive world.
    Or maybe it is because of the nature of man that they don’t reveal themselves to everyone. The fact that astronauts saw these things with their own eyes while in space intrigues me.

  2. I tend to agree with Ian. While I have no doubt that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe, I’m skeptical about UFO sightings. That said, many who’ve reported their encounters with unexplained phenomena are far from being “kooks”. Like the astronauts you mention.
    Clearly there are things that we don’t understand. If the “U” in “UFO” stands for “unidentified”, then we don’t know if this is alien life, or just some other aspect of the physical universe that we don’t yet understand.

    1. No problem Joe – all opinions are welcome here (that’s why we set this site up in the first place!). Great to have you here reading our articles and great to have your comment here – take care mate! 🙂

  3. This is an interesting website. I love following conspiracies so I would love to revisit this site. I was wondering how often subscribers get emails, like daily or weekly? I was also wondering what subjects are the emails about because I’m interested in following specific conspiracies. It would be cool if we get an email update on newly recorded UFO sitings.

    1. Hi Corrie,

      To be honest with you – we don’t harvest emails off our visitors as we’ve never had any need to! The site is successful by itself. The subscribe system just lets the subscribers know when we’ve released new articles. We would love to have the updates system you are suggesting but the workload from running the site alone is just way too much! (it’s a very popular site!).

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