Atlantis Was on Mars – The Martian Traders

Atlantis Was on Mars - The Martian Traders

In 2009 a group of Swiss scientists claimed that they had proof that Atlantis was on Mars before it sunk into the depths of our oceans. Here is the full story…

The Claims

The scientist group that claim Atlantis was on Mars also claims that it’s trader astronauts frequently did business with Egyptian officials.

If that’s not shocking enough for you get this – they even went on to admit they had proof that King Tut met his end through a UFO crash!

Dr. Stephan Weisz was the head of this group of scientists and he claims that:

“The Martian Civilization destroyed itself or was destroyed by a meteor while Egypt was still in its prime”

Weisz says that this Martian Civilization left it’s mark on ancient Egypt and on Mars itself. Recent images beamed back by America’s Martian Probes seem to show the ruins or remains of ancient temples and buildings.

He believes that the advanced Egyptian civilization can be explained by the intervention of these alien beings:

Atlantis Was on Mars
Dr. Stephan Weisz

Atlantis Was on Mars

Dr. Weisz and a colleague had a Egyptologist within his group named Conrad Vetsch. The two of them studied information regarding a recently deciphered Egyptian scroll and came to the conclusion that Atlantis was once on Mars.

The scroll seems to provide information on a civilization from deep space that was way more technologically advanced than us. It also covers vessels that could well be deemed as spaceships that transport this civilization to and from Earth.

Mars Earth Comparison
Mars Earth Comparison

Weisz proceeded to explain that we have been aware the ancient Egyptians were exposed to flight because an elaborate model of what they called a ‘glider’. This so called ‘glider’ diagram was found when they opened King Tut’s tomb.

He now believes that the glider is in fact a UFO similar to the one that crash landed into Earth with King Tut on board.

Dr. Seth Rausch

These claims were obviously going to be met with a degree of skepticism at some point. A German historian named Dr. Seth Rausch tends to think the group’s information is interesting but a little bit far fetched in certain areas.

He admitted that he to believed the Egyptians were in constant contact with alien lifeforms but added that the Atlantis claim was a little ‘over the top’.

He knows that until the strange remains on Mars are investigated further there is no way of knowing if they have any link to Atlantis. He firmly believes that if the mythical Atlantis did exist then it was a product of Earth – NOT Mars.

A well known Norwegian astronomer named Elling Gade backs up Dr. Seth Rausch’s claims. He believes there is a good chance Atlantis did once house alien lifeforms but it was built and located here on Earth.

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