Awesome Documentaries

Well we’ve been toying with the idea for quite some time now and at last we’ve finally come to a conclusion – we need to include a separate documentary section to this site!

So here it is!!!

The truth of the matter is that we cannot possibly include ALL of the awesome article-related documentaries in each and every post we publish – each piece of content would become completely diluted and a little messy at best.

But YouTube is pretty much a geek heaven at the end of the day – there are hundreds of thousands of new documentaries on the unexplained being released EVERY day!

What’s more – the uploaders WANT people to spread the word on their videos (that’s what that little ’embed’ function is for in the YouTube share section!).

Pretty cool right?

So we cover just about every topic related to the unexplained here – cryptozoology, the paranormal, the occult, UFO’s, conspiracy theories…the list goes on and on!

So sit back and find a topic that interests you!

By simply hovering over this page tab at the top of this site a subsection should appear with all the relevant documentary topics (fingers crossed – I’m a self-taught web designer!).

Don’t forget to click through to YouTube if you enjoy what you’ve watched and give the original uploaders a ‘thumbs up’ – I’m sure they’ll be grateful.