Battle of Nuremberg 1561

Battle of Nuremberg 1561

​In this article we will be taking a look at the Hanns Glaser woodcut and Nuremberg Gazette report that covers the battle of Nuremberg 1561…

The Wooden Journalist

Hanns Glaser was a journalist of sorts back in the 1500’s – he created versions of history by etching depictions into wood cuts.

His most famous piece of carpentry has caused many a debate for nearly 500 years and seems to cover some sort of ancient UFO incident.

The Nuremberg Gazette also got wind of this strange occurrence and decided to publish this piece on Glaser’s experiences…

Nuremberg Gazette 1

Nuremberg report 2

Nuremberg report 3


After reading the Gazette’s report above it’s easy to jump onto the Extraterrestrial bandwagon – was this a skyline battle between two alien races?

Many experts on the subject believe that the descriptions of the aircraft are key to what really happened. They conclude that the incident was a result of a time-travel paradox from the Second World War.

Instead of pointing the finger at UFO’s they instead point towards a Allied forces and Nazi dogfight…slipped through time!

The skies of Nuremberg were infested with military battles during the 1940’s – could the Nuremberg residents of 1561 somehow manged to witness one of them?


Due to the age of the incident the idea of a hoax has been thrown right out of the window. Besides, the battle of Nuremberg 1561 was not a one-off occurrence…

In 1566 an almost identical sighting was made in the skies of the Swiss city of Basel. This Swiss incident lasted over a much longer period of time and involved dark circular shapes colliding with one another on route to the sun.

The dark balls that managed to avoid collisions eventually seemed to turn a reddish color and ‘transport’ themselves elsewhere.

Is it possible that these two historical UFO incidents are linked in some way? Were the witnesses of 1561 and 1566 witnessing different battles from the same alien war?

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4 comments on “Battle of Nuremberg 1561

  1. HOW would it be a hoax if it was
    wrote to share an event to the world during their time. It was published wasn’t it? Therefore it gotta be truth for that reason and no one deny that didn’t happen. Too much details of the events for someone to write this up and easily this can be verified because it was published with a big name company. If someone was to make this up even later in life they wouldn’t describe it like this.

  2. Fascinating stuff! I hadn’t heard of this before – so thanks for sharing. To be honest, I didn’t even know that newspapers like the Nuremberg Gazette were in existence that early!

    It’s difficult to think of some atmospheric event that could cause such an event. The second world war dogfight theory is certainly an interesting one.

    Also interesting that something similar happened in Basel fairly soon afterwards. I think I’d like to read more about that one to compare the two.

    1. Hi Jim,

      I was actually taken aback myself when we were researching this one – I was also surprised by how far back journalism stretched.

      The sort of time-stretch of the second World War dogfight is really interesting isn’t it – would make a pretty awesome plot line for a modern Hollywood movie!

      Thanks for stopping by and reading our article Jim – nice to speak with you!

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