Beast of Bray Road Sightings

Beast of Bray Road Sightings

In this article we will be taking a look at the Beast of Bray Road sightings based in southern Wisconsin. It is rumored to be a hairy humanoid with canine features that stalks the area between the towns of Delavan and Elkhorn…

The Beast of Bray Road Legend

There are numerous native American reports of a werewolf-like creature in this area that stretch back centuries. Modern following of the beast came after an initial report in 1936 by Mark Schackelman.

Schackelman worked as a security guard at the Saint Coletta Convent when he was on his way home from a long night shift. He was on a stretch of road east of Jefferson County when he noticed one of the Native American Burial mounds to the west.

He slowed the car down slightly when he caught a glimpse of a shadowy figure standing near the burial site. He realized that the figure was enormous – well over 7 feet tall.

He pulled the car over to take a closer look and a strange rotting smell hit his nostrils. The creature seemed to be digging into the burial mound looking for something.

The sight became too much for Schackelman and he jumped back into the car and drove off as fast as possible.

The Return 

The Beast of Bray Road LegendAfter dwelling on what he had seen for a few days, Schackelman decided to return to the burial site to see if he could find any evidence.

When he got back there he was shocked to see that the creature was still roaming around the area. He got a little closer this time and saw that it had a humanoid body with a wolf’s head.

It’s hands and feet looked human but they had a sort of twisted feature to their digits. It wasn’t able to talk – it only grunted at Schackelman. He bravely stared down the creature for a couple of minutes before it ran off into the nearby wilderness.

The Beast of Bray Road Sightings

Many years past before the next sighting of the Beast. In 1964 the beast was apparently spotted near the same burial ground and in 1972 a woman reported it outside her house. On this occasion she was petrified of it trying to get into her home and harming her family.

On October 31st, 1989, Doristine Gipson was travelling down Bray Road when she heard something slam into the side of her car. She pulled over and got out to examine the damage to her car.

The car seemed in decent enough condition so she had a little walk around to see if she could locate a dead animal. She noticed a large animal about 50 feet away from her location making a mad dash for her. She quickly jumped back into the car and sped of into the distance.

She didn’t get far before this strange creature somehow landed on the back end of her vehicle but fell off due to the speed.

When she arrived home she quickly called upon one of her neighbors to tell them what had happened. They both examined the car and found large gashes to the bodywork around the trunk area.

The Beast of Bray Road Werewolf

Doristine Gipson’s encounter seemed to spark off a tidal wave of sightings and a few weeks later 24-year-old Lorraine Endrizzi reported an incident.

The Beast of Bray Road WerewolfShe was also driving down Bray Road when she noticed a strange animal crouching at the side of the road. She slowed down to get a closer look and was horrified by what she saw.

The beast was covered in brownish grey hair and had long fangs protruding from it’s mouth. It’s head looked like a wolf’s head with large pointed ears sticking out the side of it. She also claimed that it was extremely well built with a heavy muscle tone.

She sped off back home as fast as she could go and explained the incident to her mother. A few days later the pair of them contacted Linda Godfrey – a reporter who became very involved in the legend over the next few years.

Godfrey would end up interviewing numerous witnesses to the beast and eventually published her findings on December 29th, 1991. She then followed this up by publishing several books on the subject of the beast.

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8 comments on “Beast of Bray Road Sightings

  1. I have nothing factual to post here, but as a avid reader of this blog its fun to see one from home! I have heard about the Beast of Bray Road since elementary school. Bray Road and Weary Road (another story you should check out!) are what kids in Southern Wisconsin use as bedtime stories. If I ever see the Beast I will let you know!

    1. Awesome stuff Amy – will have to look into the topic of ‘Weary Road’. Sounds right up our street 🙂
      Thanks for stopping by and leaving your opinion!

  2. I myself have seen a rather wolflike creature but it ran on all fours not two.
    I live in a small town in PA.My boyfriend and I were coming from work when it came from the left side of us and ran across the road on all fours.
    My boyfriend saw it better than me.He described it as a large dog or wolf like creature weighing a out 200 pounds and grey matted fur.
    He still talks about this thing and seems afraid.
    I saw it at a glance and it didn’t appear to be of this world.

    1. Very interesting report (I don’t know your name!)
      If you have the time, we would love for you to send us a full report so that we could feature it here – we will exclude the names of course – if you want us to?
      Anyway, the offer’s there, and I know our readers would love to find out more…

    2. Ack! Where exactly in PA because I live in the state as well myself — in a semi rural suburb of Philadelphia close to the Delaware border by Kenneth Square.

  3. My g,g,g grandparents were Brays who live in Wisconsin from about 1840-42 to somewhere between 1850 and 1858. cant find headstone of the grandmother so who evidently passed sometime between 1850 and 1868. I am def. curious about a road that has name like my ancestors!

  4. After reading all the different stories and reading Godfrey’s book, I wanna visit Elkhorn and drive around bray road at night. GoPro time.. 2020

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