Bennington Triangle Disappearances


Bennington Triangle Disappearances

In this article we will be taking a look at the unexplained Bennington Triangle disappearances that took place between 1920 and 1950…

The Bennington Triangle Cases

The first of the Bennington Triangle disappearances took place on on November 12, 1945. It involved an aging hunter named Middie Rivers who was in the process of guiding a group of four hunters up the mountains.

During this hunting trip Rivers somehow got ahead of the group and was never seen again. Rivers was an extremely experienced hunter and woodsman so the authorities were very concerned when he did not turn up.

An extensive search was carried out and but all that was located was one of his empty shells within a local stream.

Bennington Triangle CasesThe second of the Bennington Triangle cases took place on December 1, 1946, when a 18-year-old student named Paula Welden vanished while taking a walk.

She had decided to take a long stroll to Glastenbury Mountain along a popular trail that many of the locals took. An elderly couple were also taking a walk not far behind Welden and witnessed her disappear.

They claimed that Paula walked around a rocky outcrop and when they followed her around she had disappeared into thin air.

She was never seen again…

The third Bennington Triangle case took place in December of 1949 when a Mr. Tetford vanished whilst sitting upon a full bus.

Tetford was an ex-solider who had been on a trip to Vermont and was returning on a bus along with 14 other passengers.

Every one of the passengers said they noticed the ex-soldier sleeping on his bus seat one minute then completely disappearing the next.

All of his luggage and belongings remained on the bus – Tetford himself was never to be seen again!

Paul Jepson Newspaper report
Paul Jepson Newspaper Report

In mid-October, 1950, a young lad named Paul Jepson vanished from a local farm. At the time his mother worked on the farm as a animal caretaker. Jepson had gone to the farm with his mother and was left to play with the animals for a short time.

His mother returned to the pig sty where he had been playing to find he had completely disappeared. An extensive search of the area by authorities brought up nothing…

The last of the Bennington Triangle cases took place on October 28, 1950 when Freida Langer, 53, and her cousin Herbert Elsner were on a camping trip.

A slight accident caused Langer to fall into a shallow stream and end up soaking wet. She told her cousin to wait when she quickly nipped back to the tent and had a quick change of clothes.

After a while Herbert Elsner became anxious when his cousin did not return so he headed back towards the camp. When he got back there the other campers claimed they had not seen Langer return – something was very wrong!

Over the next two weeks a total of five searches were conducted involving aircraft, helicopters and up to 300 searchers – Langer was nowhere to be found.

Her body was finally located in May of the following year. She was found near Somerset Reservoir – an area that had been covered by the search several months earlier.

No cause of death could be determined…

The Bennington Triangle Disappearances

Freida Langer was the final person to go missing in the Bennington Triangle and the only body found.

There is no sort of proof linking any of the cases together other than the time scale and the location…

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