Bill Ramsey The Werewolf

In this article we will be looking at the strange case of Bill Ramsey the werewolf (also known as The Southend Werewolf).

Did Bill Ramsey suffer from clinical Lycanthropy or demonic possession?

Let’s take a closer look at his story…

Days of Youth

Bill Ramsey was brought up in the seaside town of Southend, in Essex, UK. He had a normal childhood up until the age of nine when he started displaying worrying traits…

He was out playing in his parent’s backyard garden when an icy feeling swept over his body. He broke out in a strange perspiration that covered his body from head to toe…and a strange smell surrounded him.

He later confessed that during this incident, he could think of nothing other than a pack of wolves and the ocean waves crashing against the sand.

Confused and scared, he cried out to his mother for help.

Both his mother and father ran into the garden in time to witness their nine-year-old son ripping a fence post, along with the garden fence, out of the ground.

They then watched horrified as he swung this battered fence above his head then started chewing on the wire mesh!

When he started growling uncontrollably, both his parents retreated to the safety of their house.

They did not leave the house until this strange ‘fit’ had subsided.


At first this incident seemed to be a one-off – Bill grew up, got married and had children with his partner.

During the first two years of his marriage, Bill experienced terrible nightmares every night, resulting in him waking up screaming in a cold sweat.

Bill and his wife had no idea what was behind these nightmares – but they were always the same.

In his dreams, Bill would find himself walking peacefully behind his wife down a path. All of a sudden a feeling of dread would sweep over him.

His wife would finally turn around and scream when she saw him, running off into the distance.

This twisted dream carried on most nights until some time in 1967.

The Wolf

A further 15 years passed without incident, until Bill went out with some friends to a local pub in 1983.

Without warning, he suddenly experienced the same strange chills he had when he was a nine-year-old boy – he quickly excused himself and went to the gent’s toilets.

As he gripped the toilet sink he looked up suddenly to find a wolf staring back at him from the mirror!

He left the toilets in a bit of a shaky mess and his friends decided to drive him home.

Halfway through their return journey, Bill started howling uncontrollably…then he suddenly attacked the friend sitting next to him by biting at his leg.

The driver of the car slammed on the brakes and attempted to get Bill out of the car.

By this point Bill was latched onto his friend’s leg and his hands were twisted into a claw-like clamp.

It took the passengers of the car several minutes to get him out onto the curb and calm him down.

Christmas 1983

Shortly before Christmas 1983, Bill was rushed into hospital by his family after complaining about severe chest pains.

During a blood test, Bill turned in a frenzy and bit the nurse who was attending to him.

He eventually let her arm go and ran through the emergency ward howling and growling. Whenever anyone attempted to tackle him they were tossed out of the way by Bill’s inhuman strength.

Witnesses to the event claim that his shoulders were unnaturally hunched over and his hands had turned into claws – he was also bearing wolf-like teeth!

The on-duty police eventually manged to wrestle him into handcuffs before one of the doctors injected him with a powerful tranquilizer.

January 1984

Bill had been advised to stay in hospital after the Christmas 1983 incident, but he eventually checked himself out.

In January 1984, Bill had just finished a visit to his mother when he began to feel the strange wolf sensations returning. He quickly made his way back to the familiar hospital.

Once again he attacked numerous workers inside the hospital but was eventually brought down by four policemen. He was arrested and a police surgeon was immediately summoned.

He was advised to check into a local mental institution but decided against it – he didn’t want to be labeled a ‘crazy person’ for the remainder of his life.

The Bill Ramsey Werewolf Mystery

After numerous wolf-like incidents, Ramsey eventually ended up in Ed and Lorraine Warren’s church in Connecticut (they were very famous Demonologists) in 1989.

Once there, he underwent an exorcism with the Warren’s own specialist, Bishop Robert McKenna.

McKenna was eventually able to confront the wolf inside Bill and banish him – the entire exorcism was captured on film.

Bill has reported no further incidents since this exorcism…

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