Billy Meier and The Pleiadians

Truth be told, I’ve been searching for this documentary for the last couple of weeks and finally, I managed to locate it on the YouTube channel run by Truth Disclosure.

As most of you already know – I enjoy a wide range of ‘mysteries-related’ documentaries but the subject of the Pleiadian message has managed to take front seat with me over the last 12 months or so…

Billy Meier

You’ve probably ended up on this video today because you’ve heard snippets online about Billy Meier and the Pleiadians.

Nothing wrong with this – up until about 3 years ago I had not heard much on this subject myself!

The case surrounding Billy Meier is one of the most famous, and most controversial, UFO contact incidents in modern UFOlogy.

Eduard Albert “Billy” Meier (born in Bülach, Switzerland on February 3, 1937) is convinced that he has actually been in contact with alien beings since the tender age of five. He is now in old age (80 at the time of writing this) and he still claims to be in contact with these extra-terrestrial humans.

He is able to communicate with these beings through a series of physical and telepathic routes. They are thought to originate from the Plejares star cluster (Pleiadians).

After his first contact (at the age of five) Billy was ‘primed’ for a life’s work through the teachings of Sfath (a male teacher from Plejares).

Asket, Billy’s second contact person, continued his education for another eleven years, guiding him through many lands on Earth to learn about terrestrial beliefs and cultures.

Contacts With Semjase

January 28, 1975, saw the beginning of over 100 contacts with a female Pleiadian/Plejaran named Semjase. During these ground-breaking meetings Billy was given permission to take snapshots of her “beamship” during it’s flight maneuvers.

In the end he produced over 1000 of the most talked about UFO pictures ever taken. He also recorded all of the conversations he had with the Pleiadian guides.

These conversation records contain many interesting facts on Earth history, humanities, sciences and spiritual topics.

If that’s not enough to get you interested in the documentary above…I give up! 🙂

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