Black Cat of Washington DC – The Omen


Black Cat of Washington DC

​The case of the black cat of Washington DC has plagued employees of this great building over the last couple of centuries. It has been given the nickname ‘DC’ by workers at the US Capitol building and it always seems to be an omen for tragedy…

Washington’s Demon Cat

Building workers and security guards are now used to this strange creature appearing in the building. It has got to the point where it is considered part of the furniture – part of Washington’s history.

Many reports claim that the strange animal first appears in the form of a jet-black cat that looks no different to any other stray cat.

Whenever the cat is approached or near human contact it’s eyes suddenly take on a paranormal glare that shines so brightly people have to look away.

At times the cat has been known to shift it’s appearance and size, expanding upwards to the build of a small lion.

The security firm that works the great halls has often tried to rid the building of this strange apparition. On more than one occasion the guards have actually tried shooting at the animal in panic only to find it disappear into thin air.

When they replay incident through the wall cameras they always find that they have been shooting at nothing at all.

The Origins of The Cat

The ghostly cat was first spotted a few weeks after the capitol building was completed.

Washington DC had something of a rat problem and cats were brought into the building to get rid of them.

Washington's Demon Cat

The cats did a wonderful job and within a fortnight the building was completely clear of the vermin that had infested it’s corridors.

The workers there took pity on the stray animals and one by one started adopting them and taking them home. One cat however refused to leave the building and was not interested in any sort of human contact.

The Omen

The black cat of Washington DC seems to be some sort of harbinger of doom as tragedy often follows it. Reportedly he has been spotted before:

  • The assassinations of both Lincoln and Garfield
  • Before the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor
  • The death of ​Roosevelt
  • The shooting of Kennedy
  • The attempted murder of Regan
  • The 9/11 take out of the World Trade Center

Fact or Tall Tales

With no clear proof to go on it’s hard to tell whether this mysterious paranormal spirit is based on fact or tall tales developed through Chinese whispers over the centuries.

But the reports remain and many of the witnesses swear blind that the black cat of Washington DC is a VERY real entity.

What are your thoughts on Washington’s demon cat?

5 comments on “Black Cat of Washington DC – The Omen

  1. My friend and I saw this large jet black cat, almost the size of a small black Panther, in Sunday in Petworth, NW DC. Hopefully nothing tragic is about to happen – although it feels like it already is..

    1. Well thanks for informing us about your sighting Evy – what do you mean by ‘although it feels like it already is’? Sounds worrying…

      1. I think Evy was hinting at the current POTUS. It would seem fit to witness the demon cat just after his inauguration…

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