Black Knight Satellite Signal

Black Knight Satellite Signal

Ever since 1960 the Black Knight satellite signal has been causing quite a stir. Media interest in the subject has made the satellite one of the most talked about issues in space.

Initially the Black Knight satellite was thought to have been down to the Russians creating a new sort of spy device but that theory didn’t hold. Let’s take a deeper look into the black knight satellite mystery and see what we can find…

Tesla And The Signal

The Black Knight satellite signal could quite possibly be traced back to 1899 when Tesla developed a high-voltage, radio transmission equipment.

Tesla’s signal was clearly repeated periodically which indicated some sort of order. He sat down for many days studying the signal and came to the conclusion that it was extraterrestrial communication.

Through his calculations he claimed to have narrowed down the signal to the planet of Mars. This didn’t stick though and before long he announced he had go it wrong – the signal was originating from somewhere else in space!

The Discovery

In the late 50’s a strange satellite was discovered making it’s way around Earth. At first suspicions were raised towards the Russian nation but it soon became apparent that this vessel was neither Russian or American.

Through calculations they managed to conclude that the object was much to heavy to be launched from Earth. It also travelled twice as fast as any known satellite at the time.

When our top astronomers started to study this strange object they realized the schedule of the satellite seemed to be all over the place. There was no regular pattern to the orbit of the satellite – it just seemed to come and go as it pleased!

The Black Knight Satellite Mystery

For a conspiracy to be taken seriously it often helps to get someone of power or stature to agree with you – enter Gordon Cooper.

Mercury astronaut Gordon Cooper (1927-2004) claimed that he experienced the Black Knight satellite signal whilst on the Mercury flight. He also claimed that his ground control contact also picked up something strange.

It’s worth noting that at some point after the flight Cooper also signed off on transcripts claiming he never witnessed anything like a signal. I guess we’ll never really know why he came out with two different versions of events.

The Black Knight Satellite Mystery

Recent Events

The most recent incident involving the Black Knight satellite mystery dates from 1998. Members of the astronaut team aboard the Space Shuttle Orbiter Endeavour managed to snap a few shots of the strange satellite.

At first many experts claimed that this was the most important piece of Black Knight evidence to date but other experts weren’t so sure.

These experts believe the black object to be nothing more than a thermal blanket that had become dislodged during construction of the International Space Station.

The purpose of the Black Knight satellite signal is still a complete mystery. Is it really an alien message like Tesla claims or is it something even more mind blowing than that?

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