Borley Rectory Hauntings


Borley Rectory Hauntings

In this article we will be taking a look at what was referred to as the most haunted house in the United Kingdom – the Borley Rectory hauntings…

The Borley Rectory

The building was built in 1863 on land that previously housed some sort of monastery. The first owner of the property was Reverend Henry Bull and his family which included 14 children.

Within a matter of weeks the family experienced quite low key paranormal activity. This consisted of very quiet whispering voices and the odd footsteps along the corridors at night.

The Reverend was not that worried about the ghostly goings on but he was slightly interested – he approached the locals to get some sort of historic background on the property.

The Monk & His Lover

He discovered that centuries before a monk had fallen deeply in love with a nun in the monastery that was built on the grounds.

They decided to elope but unfortunately were caught out by their superiors. This kind of thing was not excepted in those days and the monk was killed for his actions.

The nun was placed in a room in the monastery which was then bricked up and left to starve to death.

The locals firmly believed that the spirits of these two religious lovers had walked the area at night ever since.

The Change

Without warning the hauntings suddenly took on a much more physical form. The family were often terrorized by a nun looking in through the Rectory windows at night.

She then began to turn up in the daylight hours – standing there staring at the family then disappearing when she was approached.

The phantom lovers were soon joined by the apparently unrelated apparition of a coach with horses galloping up the drive.

Reverend Guy Smith

In 1928 the Reverend Guy Smith moved into the Rectory with his wife. As soon as they arrived there they witnessed strange paranormal events.

They would often see the ghostly lovers together accompanied by the sound of ringing bells. They also witnessed strange lights glowing through the Rectory’s windows.

Borley Rectory in 1892
Borley Rectory in 1892

In the end the Smith’s decided to bring in paranormal investigator Harry Price to see if they could end the turmoil. When he arrived the paranormal activity got ten times worse with objects being thrown by invisible forces and walls booming as if they were being hit.

They eventually moved out in 1929.

Reverend Lionel Foyster

The Reverend Lionel Foyster, his wife, and his daughter were the next victims of the haunted Rectory. They moved in at the end of 1929.

The paranormal happenings seemed to fixate on his wife, Marianne. The spirits started to leave strange messages addressed to Marianne asking for help and telling her to light religious candles.

Windows would begin to shatter whenever she passed them and stones would be thrown at her. On several occasions she was physically assaulted by an invisible force.

The Foysters left in 1937.

Price Returns

After the Foysters left, paranormal investigator Harry Price decided to take another look into the property. He recruited 48 people to take turns staying at the rectory and to gather information on any strange events.

He also arranged a professional seance that resulted in contact with the ghostly nun. Unfortunately they also managed to contact the angry ghost of a man who threatened to burn down the Rectory.

Turns out this particular spirit was not messing about – the rectory mysteriously burnt down in 1939. Witnesses said they saw ghostly faces in the windows as the fire raged.

Price returned to the ruins and managed to locate a group of human bones underneath the property. They were transported to a nearby cemetery and given a full and proper burial.

This seemed to do the trick – the ghostly activity stopped almost immediately.

In 1944 the final ruins of the haunted Rectory were demolished – there haven’t been any reports of paranormal activity on the site since.

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2 comments on “Borley Rectory Hauntings

  1. Hello all! Borley Rectory has fascinated me since childhood, when I heard about it from a cousin. I found a book at our local library and read more about it. In my teen years, we located to London and I tried in vain to research the alleged monastery and the story of the Monk & Nun. A very old lady on our street told me a young man called Stephan (she did not mention he was actually a monk) and a Sister Eduviges (yes, that’s how she spelled it) did fall for one another however as their loved was doomed from the start, they didn’t have a chance of a life together. Sister Eduviges was bricked up alive because she was found to have been pregnant! Apparently, that’s how wayward girls were dealt with in the 1400’s. There have been several findings of pregnant females inside walls of ancient home undergoing reconstruction throughout Europe. Whether this is all based on truth is unknown, the old lady had gotten this story from her Granny, and was told to me in 1973. The lady was 92 years old at the time. Peace to all!

    1. Hi Janeth,
      Thanks for this awesome information – makes the article much more of a complete piece 🙂
      It’s great to finally have a suspected name to put to the nun in question – Sister Eduviges.

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