Bruno Facchini – Varese UFO


Bruno Facchini - Varese UFO

​On the 24th day of April 1950, Bruno Facchini experienced something he would never forget during a long factory night shift.

The 42 year old worker was feeling a little lethargic on the job so he decided to step outside for a breath of fresh air. His home city of Varese in Italy had just been through a traumatic thunderstorm…

The Bright Light

As he stood outside he thought it would make good sense to check the electrical equipment due to the storm being so severe.

As he moved away from the factory doors he spotted something quite amazing floating not far from the factory building.

At first he thought it was nothing more than a new works machine he had not seen before but on closer inspection he noticed a ladder running off it’s base. The object itself glowed brightly and had a strange circular design to it.

Without warning a greenish light appeared at the top of the object and a peculiar light-skinned being came into view – he seemed to be carrying out repairs on the strange object.

Suddenly several more beings appeared from inside the craft to help out with repairs. When they were finished they all started to re-enter the craft through the ladder system.

This is when the panic hit Bruno Facchini – he screamed and started to run back towards the factory doors!

He had obviously given himself away and the creatures noticed his mad dash back towards the factory. He turned in time to see one of them point a tool at him that gave off a strange ‘beehive’ sound.

He was knocked to the ground with an extreme force with a strange pain taking over his body. The pain kept him pinned to the ground but he was still able to watch the proceedings.

He lay there rigid until the beings had all taken position in their craft and taken off into the night sky.

The Report

The next day a frightened Bruno Facchini made a full report to the local police. They decided to take him seriously and visited the factory for more evidence.

They located strange burn marks on the ground outside the factory along with indentation marks of an extremely heavy object. They also came across several pieces of a peculiar greenish metal.

Bruno told the police about the repairs he saw the beings carry out and claimed that this metal must be from the craft that was floating there.

The metal was examined by experts and they concluded that it was an “anti-friction” material, containing several types of metal along with a lubricant. The metal was then passed on to UFO experts who examined it further.

The Ufologists concluded that the strange metal was made up of 74% copper, 19% tin, and other trace elements. All the metals it contained could easily be found on Earth.

Facchini would not except this conclusion and claimed these fragments of metal were indeed from another planet. He was a well respected man who was well liked in the area – all of his family and friends stood by him and believed in what he saw that night.

He gained nothing from the report or the story – he only wanted the truth to be told.

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