Cannock Chase Slender Man


Cannock Chase Slender Man

We were toying with the idea of writing an article on the Slender Man Legend at some point this week but during our research we came across a new report.

The Cannock Chase Slender Man sightings have really gathered pace over the last few months and locals are convinced there is an element truth behind the rumors…

The Cannock Chase Slender Man

I love the whole idea of the Slender Man and I love the horror franchise that has followed it. I suppose it was only a matter of time before the ‘legend’ outgrew the internet and became a ‘real’ entity.

Nobody really knows for sure where the legend developed from but there are some whispers about a fictional character being dreamed up by a user on an Internet forum back in 2009.

But his link to Cannock Chase has grabbed attention due to the supernatural qualities of the area. This area of Staffordshire ( UK ) provides hundreds of black-eyed children sightings along with strange reports of poltergeist activity on a regular basis.

What is behind these strange unexplained reports and why are they centered around this scenic part of England?

Real Slender Man Sightings

Real Slender Man SightingsThe first report came from an unnamed local source and it described a terrifying encounter near Castle Ring. The witness was taking an early morning stroll around the area when he noticed a a strange figure in the distance.

This figure somehow managed to hover above the tree line and come to rest on the path the witness was walking. It stood there glaring at the terrified onlooker with large, bright red eyes.

The mysterious figure was also encountered by a resident of nearby Pye Green.

They were awoken from deep sleep by a strange scratching noise around 2am. They sat up in bed and noticed a strange shadow by the wardrobe at the other end of the bedroom.

Suddenly a strange figure emerged from the shadow that stood eight feet tall and had a white face with long sharp teeth/fangs.

Sleep Paralysis

Many of these strange reports have centered around witnesses waking up to find this strange creature in their bedroom. All of these witnesses claimed that they were completely glued to their bed once they had seen the creature – unable to move.

This has led to many paranormal experts claiming the Cannock Chase Slender Man is nothing more than an illusion linked to Sleep Paralysis.

Lee Brickley is one of the experts investigating these reports and he highlights the fact that many of the victims claim to be ‘pinned down’.

For some reason the Slender Man chooses to use a force that feels like he is sitting upon their chest – “That could well be down to sleep paralysis” Lee claims.

But why are so many cases of sleep paralysis occurring in such a small area of Staffordshire over such a short period of time?

Please leave any thoughts and opinions on the subject in the comment section below.

3 comments on “Cannock Chase Slender Man

  1. I have had many paranormal experiences ever since my earliest memories, including both aliens and ghosts, I’m not sure why. I’m not sure if I saw an alien or something resembling Slenderman, but it wasn’t until I was in my 20’s that I experienced my first sleep paralysis and it was pretty terrifying. I fell asleep looking at a green LED on the smoke alarm. I woke up to see the light grow as the whole ceiling opened up like a space craft, it made a loud metallic sound. I wanted to shout but was trapped within my own body, but I knew I was awake, I was not dreaming. Once I was set free the whole thing stopped and I was awake. I have had other different experiences of sleep paralysis since then, and I always have a sense that something watches me at night time, it’s not good, but I’m not sure if it’s bad or just curious.

    1. Hi Julian, I would definitely look further into the subject of sleep paralysis if I was you – there is a lot of information out there regarding it. We will be publishing an article on the subject within the next few weeks so you may want to check that out to 🙂
      Thanks so much for sharing this – very interesting comment!

  2. I have experienced sleep paralysis on quite a few occasions throughout my life but not any regular continuous basis…my semi conscious dreams,which is what they effectively are, have never had anything to do with aliens or anything paranormal…nevertheless its a very real suggestive experience…..perhaps my brain is not attuned to those sort of things. I do not live very far from Cannock Chase but I’ve never heard of Slender Man,Black Eyed Children or anything of the paranormal around the Castle Ring. But who knows..I did hear of an alleged sighting of a Bigfoot in woods near the visitors centre..Yes,well,I think we have to keep our feet firmly on the ground as a starting point before getting carried away.

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