Carole Compton – The Witch


Carole Compton - The Witch

​In 1982 Carole Compton met the love of her life in her hometown of Ayrshire in Scotland. He was an Italian man that was in the middle of his military service so she moved to Italy to be closer to him.

Carole found a job in Italy as a nanny and settled down quickly, she had no idea her life was about to change forever…

The Nanny

Compton first found employment as a nanny for the Ricci family. She settled into their family life quickly and seemed to fit into the job of nanny perfectly.

One day she passed a religious Italian painting in one of the home’s hallways and it fell to the ground. A family maid was close by and she witnessed the incident happening.

This maid just happened to be a heavily religious soul and she voiced her fears to the heads of the family. She claimed that Carole had began to prey as soon as the painting hit the floor.

Just days later Compton accompanied the Ricci family when they went to their home in the Italian Alps. Over the period of the visit three fires broke out in the Alps home.

Authorities were called in and they confirmed that the fires were nothing more than electrical faults. The Ricci’s were not so convinced – Carole was fired from her job just days later.

The Tonti Family

As luck would have it Carole near enough walked into another vacancy for a nanny with the Tonti family. The Tontis lived in their grandparents home on the island of Elba.

Yet again Carole fitted straight into the happy family life and seemed a great fit for the job. This did not last long…

Carole Compton
Carole Compton

Carole began to complain about scratching noises around the house and religious statues were continuously being found smashed on the hallway’s floors.

The grandmother began to suspect Carole was behind the strange paranormal activity and began to call her a “strega” or witch.

Carole brushed these claims off as ridiculous and the rest of the family seemed to agree with her. Surely there was no such thing as witches?

Not long after a severe fire broke out in the bedroom of the Tonti’s three year old child. The police that turned up were fully aware of Carole’s last brush with ‘accidental’ fires and arrested her at once. She was locked up for sixteen months as she waited for her trial to take place – she was up for attempted murder.

Not Guilty

In December of 1983 Carole stood trial and was found not guilty of the attempted murder charges put against her. Unfortunately, she was found guilty of arson and attempted arson and sentenced to two and a half years in prison.

Because of the time she had already served inside her sentence was suspended and she was released at once.

Media outlets all over Europe got hold of the case and Carole became known as the ‘nanny witch’. There was never any sort of evidence to prove she was behind the fires or the strange goings on in the two family homes.

Carole now lives with her husband and children in Yorkshire and rarely talks about the incidents that happened in Italy. Many paranormal experts believe she was the victim of poltergeist activity…what do you think?

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