Channeling Automatic Writing – Psychic Automatic Writing


Channeling Automatic Writing - Psychic Automatic Writing

Many psychics provide readings by channeling automatic writing to get to their answers. Psychic automatic writing does not come from the conscious thoughts of the writer – the writer is actually unaware of what is being penned.

Psychic Automatic Writing

Automatic writing is not just a concept that psychics and spiritualists throw about – it has it’s place in Freudian psychology as well.

Freudian’s have referred to it as Self Knowledge and used it to gain insight into the mind of the automatic writer. Many of them believe that it is a very effective type of therapy for highlighting subconscious word choices.

One of the most famous psychics who excelled at channeling automatic writing was a writer named Helene Smith.

She had many experiences with it in the earlier part of the 20th century and claimed that alien lifeforms were trying to communicate with her through it. It got to the point that she was so confident with her results she believed she was able to translate this space language into her native French.

Of course there were many skeptics who ridiculed Helene’s theories but some corners took notice. Andre Breton, leader of the Surrealist Movement took great interest in her findings and implemented them in his group’s journey.

Before long the movement had produced very important psychic automatic writing and hailed Helene as The Muse of Automatic Writing ( she is also referred to as the Genius of Knowledge within a Surrealist deck of cards )

Points to Consider When Channeling Automatic Writing

  • The simple Doodles we drew as children are considered a form of automatic writing. These Doodle’s we drew when bored at school are not consciously focused writing.
  • There are two main functions of this psychic power – to gain answers to questions from our personal life and to confirm something with the deceased
  • It is not a psychic ability that you can play about with. Much like a Ouija Board it commands a great deal of respect and caution
  • People with emotional problems may well end up with the type of answers they didn’t want. These emotional problems effect the frequency of your consciousness thus attracting darker entities
  • These days the most popular way of channeling automatic writing seems to be through the use of a computer. People feel more comfortable just tapping away at a keyboard and even typing errors can prove to be something interesting
  • An element of control is very important with this form of psychic communication. You must be able to hand over control to an unknown for them to respond
  • The writing may often appear illegible with little to no grammar – in some cases it can appear in a foreign language and even signed by something/someone
  • Within the text, pictures and even symbols will sometimes appear
  • If you ever experience a feeling of discomfort or something not quite right then it is best to stop straight away. Disregard the information and the entity

The Process of Channeling Automatic Writing

First and foremost you MUST BE comfortable with where you are sitting with no distractions. For this method we will be using a computer as this technique tends to work best for beginners.

  1. Begin by causally typing the date at the top of your document
  2. In your mind call upon a guide and let him/her know that you are wanting to communicate with them through the PC
  3. Initially you need to get to know this guide so ask/type “who are you?” or “what is your name?”. Follow this with questions relating to why this guide is linked to you
  4. Always start with relatively simple questions ( yes and no questions ) and let your fingers answer without stopping to think
  5. After a short time you will notice yourself typing a lot more frantically with many errors and typos. Do not worry about this as the text can be sorted out later – just keep up with the questions and answers!
  6. You can use this technique as often as you want – practice makes perfect!
  7. Don’t try to go into overload with the first few sessions – build it up gradually as you go along.

Always remember to save the notes on each conversation you have through channeling automatic writing. You must also remember to only ask personal questions once – psychic automatic writing will provide you with answers you may not like but asking the question again will not change the answer.

Good luck!

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